Wraithcry Farm
08:29:40 Crazy Cat Lady
I am wanting something with specific breeding and that isn’t incredibly old. And a mare lol. I may want to breed later for number two
08:28:55 Legion
Denali has turned into a bigger money pit than most horses
White Hills
08:28:54 WH or Hills
Sorry, thought that was allowed since it's in the Help guide CM
08:28:30 Legion
I'd recommend researching them very carefully. Health problems, so many health problems
Heritage Hall
08:28:26 Carra / ColorQuality
If you want to jump then I honestly wouldn't recommend a Friesian. Start riding again, develop some skills, and then see where you want to go from there.
Coldwater Meadows
08:28:14 CM
Pricing goes in sales.
Cowboy Rest Ranch
08:28:04 Birdie
No, I don't have access to the futurities
Equine Angel Estates
08:27:23 Cool Beans :P
See friesian is my dream horse.. just wondering what they could accomplish.
Galaxie Equidae
08:26:56 Gala
Birdie, is she entered in the futurities?
Galaxie Equidae
08:26:26 Gala
I showed a Friesian in the open hunter country pleasure on the saddlebred circuit for a client of my trainer. They are mostly pleasure/driving horses to me. They can do quite well at dressage and saddleseat depending on the horse you're working with.
Lone oak estate
Being picky when your horse shopping is definitely a good thing.
White Hills
08:25:33 WH or Hills
Not really Birdie, she still doesn't have much training
Triple A Arabs
08:25:10 Cali | Kale
-HEE Click-
She is pretty cute
Cowboy Rest Ranch
08:25:05 Birdie
Is it odd for a SD filly to be placing 7+ after 2 training sessions?
Wraithcry Farm
08:24:54 Crazy Cat Lady
It hasn’t been so much fun for me. But I am getting there. I know what I want. And I am picky lol. I can only have 1-2 at the moment.
Bye everyone!!
Heritage Hall
08:24:40 Carra / ColorQuality
Any breed of horse can pretty much do anything, but Friesian's typically excel at dressage.
Gotta go!!!
White Hills
08:24:02 WH or Hills
I've always thought of them as dressage horses Angel, but I don't know if that's accurate
White Hills
08:23:30 WH or Hills
I met a farrier/trainer in SD that has a few Akhal-tekes for endurance
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