Shredded Pencil
10:19:02 67Impala | 🌶
-HEE Click-
He’s handsome but he has EGD
10:19:02 puck
Also hi hello good morning
10:18:20 puck
Lmao I have so many people pm me asking to buy horses. I just send them the link to the rulebook and tell them to check out 34
Crimson Tides
10:17:22 Crimson
Crimson Tides
10:16:43 Crimson
I have wayyyy to much colts
Jericho Stables
You can go into the negatives by bidding on horses then spending ebs and the auction ending.
Jericho Stables
Mera, rule #34:Spamming other stables' gamemail is not allowed. This means don't send gamemail to other stables asking them to buy your horses, or breed to your horses, or any other spam type requests
Crimson Tides
10:14:15 Crimson
I breed 2 PEEs and got this.. -HEE Click- reeee
Crimson Tides
10:12:26 Crimson
@TFB np, i would have gave you more but i dont have much either XD
The Family Business
10:11:58 Overlord of Monday
Thank you so much!
The Family Business
10:11:27 Overlord of Monday
Idle Lane Farms
10:10:54 Mera
Well that's news to me. Good to know though.
Crimson Tides
10:10:30 Crimson
@TFB, you can have negative ebs? OwO
The Family Business
10:09:50 Overlord of Monday
I have -69 ebs :(
Jericho Stables
Uh... yeah. Unless you expressed interest in the horse and the seller or offering you first buy rights.
The Family Business
10:09:10 Overlord of Monday
Hi Moon
Idle Lane Farms
10:08:40 Mera
Wait, really Jeri? I have people do that to me all the time....
Artemis Moon
Hi TFB :)
Equestrians dreams
10:08:03 MJ
Ok thanks good thing I asked first lol
Jericho Stables
It is not allowed to randomly message people to join clubs, purchase horses, etc
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