Raven Hollow Elite
10:55:09 rAtTiUs
If you block someone can the post in a forum you made?
10:54:47 When will I Evolve??
-HEE Click-
10:54:12 Ceci / (Call me) AL
RRR, I think he is funny :)
Running R Ranch
10:52:30 RRR (Jo)
Now I want a giant inflatable ducky xD
10:51:01 Ceci / (Call me) AL

I have this song on repeat...
Flying With Eagles
10:48:26 Flingy
Wings Of Glory
10:44:04 O Great Potato Wing
keo i just spent two minutes dying at that photo and now its saved on my laptop forever
Wings Of Glory
10:42:16 O Great Potato Wing
this song is amazing
Nordic Acres
10:42:11 Keo
Nordic Acres
10:42:02 Keo
Oak valley
10:40:41 Just a lonely POTATO
I wouldn't dare bathe our cat Garth
Wings Of Glory
10:40:26 O Great Potato Wing
i dont know what i want to do but anything i do isnt itXD
Empire Eventers
10:40:22 Emp or Empy
I need suggestions... I'm wanting to change my stable name and stable colors, but I can't think of a name and every color combo I come up with for the stable colors remind me of other players' colors... Any ideas or suggestions for either a new stable name or stable colors?
Raven Hollow Elite
10:33:11 rAtTiUs
Rat cat!
Plague Doctor
10:32:18 Green/John
i bathe our cats once a month and loki looks like a 14lb drowned rat
10:28:46 Legion
I swear, even with antibiotics, this sinus thing is refusing to go away
Nordic Acres
10:27:42 Keo
Nordic Acres
10:25:22 Keo
It's more of a joke because she looks goofy as hell when soaked 😂lemme find a pic
Raven Hollow Elite
10:25:12 rAtTiUs
Looks at antlers and laughs mischeviously*
10:25:05 Legion
..oh lawrdy
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Yr 122 - EEE ISH Brood Auction (Ended) August 3, 2019 09:55 PM

Ardelis Estate
Posts: 110
I’m going to be brooding out 2 of my mares for next RO. SBs will be fairly low and ABs are non negotiable. Both will have a breeding requirement of EEE and the stud must be a proven EEE producer.

EEE(#12 SHLB sire)xEEE mare
1/2 foals were EEE
SB: 20k
AB: 60k
HB: WildWillow - 30k

EEE(#15 ISHLB sire)xEEE(#25 ISHLB mare)
SB: 10k
AB: 50k
HB: Franlaren Stud - 10k

To keep things neat please use the given format.

1) Stable Name - Stable Number - Bid
2) Stable Name - Stable Number - Bid

If possible, I would love to know what Stallion you would plan to breed to my mare. :)

Happy bidding!

**Going to be Ending this 08/25 @11:30pm**

Edited at August 26, 2019 05:17 PM by Kettle Creek Ranch
Yr 122 - EEE ISH Brood Auction (Ended) August 5, 2019 09:00 PM

Ardelis Estate
Posts: 110
Yr 122 - EEE ISH Brood Auction (Ended) August 6, 2019 03:09 AM

Franlaren Stud
Posts: 404
1) Franlaren Stud - 179293 - 20k
2) Franlaren Stud - 179293 - 10k
(Stallion still to be decided)
Yr 122 - EEE ISH Brood Auction (Ended) August 9, 2019 06:48 PM

Ardelis Estate
Posts: 110
Yr 122 - EEE ISH Brood Auction (Ended) August 19, 2019 09:47 AM

Posts: 978

Franlaren Stud said:
1) WildWillow - 205049 - 30k
2) Franlaren Stud - 179293 - 10k
(Stallion still to be decided)

Yr 122 - EEE ISH Brood Auction (Ended) August 26, 2019 05:18 PM

Ardelis Estate
Posts: 110
Auction has ended, meant to post yesterday.

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