08:15:55 destiny
I hurt my rosy yesterday falling down the stairs lmao
Breezie Rose
08:14:53 Goat Mama
Oh nuuu I’m sorry >.<
I’m alright. Been busy at the shop but I can’t complain. Got to finish a piece yesterday
08:14:50 Bailey
English and western!
What is the show you are going to tomorrow?
Llama Queen
08:14:38 The Hag of HEE
instead we'll spam about spamming rofl.
Misty Streams
08:13:39 Misty
Oh cool! What dicipline? I have one tomorrow :D
California Valley
08:13:38 Cali | Kale | Csli
Breezie not very well. I've been feeling like crap for the past few days >.< How about you?
08:13:28 Ceci / (Call me) AL
What game? It'just plain spam...
River Bend Stables
08:13:05 River
08:12:59 Bailey
I do misty
Breezie Rose
08:12:39 Goat Mama
Hey Calz! How goes it?
08:12:39 destiny
I’m on my phone now 77!!

Lucky Ranch
08:12:27 Licky 🍇
Now that more people are online, I think that the game isnt nessecary xD
Misty Streams
08:12:25 Misty
Change of subject 😜

Anyone here go to horse shows in real life?
08:12:05 destiny
yea gt
California Valley
08:12:02 Cali | Kale | Csli
Spamming the chat is against the rules just saying
Sunset Grove Farm
08:11:43 Sunset | sun
Just stop spamming chat please lol
Diamond C Ranch
08:11:10 Diamond | Cumber Bud
So it's been an hour spamming random numbers
Breezie Rose
08:10:54 Goat Mama
That’s why there’s a number at the top of the screen. There’s no need for this
Lucky Ranch
08:10:24 Licky 🍇
It's been happening since 7 AM GT when I noticed how there were only 59 stables online.
Diamond C Ranch
08:10:06 Diamond | Cumber Bud
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