Arctic Dusk
05:56:01 AL (RID/WB)
You could send link on pm
05:42:29 Deku
I would show you her but I put her up for sale and I don't wanna get in trouble for it :'(
Chloes Estates
05:42:19 CE | Chloe
-HEE Click-
only if horses irl could have coats like this lol
05:41:34 Deku
Capricorn Elites
05:41:26 Capri
Mega rip
05:40:53 Deku
you guys get some of the prettiest babs. I messed up my pretty baby cause I kept retooling and I regretted it
Capricorn Elites
05:40:46 Capri
-HEE Click-
I also bred this boy on ro
capricorn her head!!! soo pretty
Capricorn Elites
05:39:46 Capri
Thanks Deku
05:39:10 Deku
@capri woah that's an interesting little filly! pretty none the less but wow
05:38:22 Deku
your welcome uwu
Capricorn Elites
05:38:20 Capri
-HEE Click-
thank you <3
05:37:18 Deku
both are beautiful beans holy heck
05:36:48 Deku
@confederate such a gorgeous bean <3
-HEE Click- i meant to show drooling
05:28:03 Deku
so I kinda asked the person I liked out to go to the school football game he said idk I will think about it :')
FleetFoot Stables
05:14:41 Typical Aussie Bogan
Just finished date night and it was a total failure

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Yr 122: TB mares - make an offer August 19, 2019 02:55 AM

EC Equines
Posts: 53
Good day,
I want honest opinions. Is there a market for EE combo broodmares to be offered for breeding?

If so I have a few mares I'd like to breed in YR 122.
Some are established mares others will be breeding for the first time in Yr 122.
They are not TBLB's but they have decent pedigrees.
Mimimum rating allowed: EEE or good quality EE combos
Offers are welcome.
Mares can be put up for private breeding.

Here are their links:

EC Pandora's Destiny (PEE)

EC Vendetta (PEE)

EC Salvari (EEP)

EC Violet Storm (EEP)

EC Lone Star (PEE)

Edited at August 19, 2019 02:56 AM by EC Equines
Yr 122: TB mares - make an offer August 19, 2019 06:54 PM

Posts: 620
10k offer for Slavari.
Yr 122: TB mares - make an offer August 20, 2019 02:15 PM

EC Equines
Posts: 53

Diamanté said:
10k offer for Slavari.

Accepted. I will reserve her for you. :)

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