Spirtasi Whims
09:45:14 Tasi / RIP Chat
It also comes down to whether or not their practice is actually learning and perfecting versus making the same mistakes over and over and wondering why nothing is changing
Weeping Willow Ranch
09:44:38 Stalker of Chat
I can only do head shots of horses. This is the last one I did
Vixen Creek
09:43:37 Vixie
It might feel that age is related to skill, but it's really just spending a lot of time working on a skill over time that makes you better. An artist that is 16 and practices every day is probably going to be better than an artist who is 30 and only practices once in a while
Hell Raised Arabians
09:43:20 It's me.. Hades
In 5 days... I'm probably gonna get yelled at again :(
Keyhole Stable
09:43:15 Jam
I do art in school... drew a horse in 10 minutes and got 95% on it pfft. Vs my friend who put 3 hours in and got 75
Spirtasi Whims
09:43:05 Tasi / RIP Chat
I adore a good traditional pencil art here and there but digital and paintings are my favorite to see
Etherius Equine
09:42:03 Eth
-HEE Click- Why! Shes so pretty but the ratings...
Spirtasi Whims
09:41:49 Tasi / RIP Chat
Practice is honestly the most important thing, I've been working on drawing pretty much everything but my backgrounds cause screw landscape and Im quite happy with how my horse anatomy is coming along lol
Nueve de Cassa
09:41:37 Just Cassa :)
sorry <.>
Hell Raised Arabians
09:41:36 It's me.. Hades
I.. I do diamond arts, that's my " style "
Nueve de Cassa
09:41:31 Just Cassa :)
Too bad eury, its gorgeous
Nueve de Cassa
09:41:31 Just Cassa :)
Too bad eury, its gorgeous
Weeping Willow Ranch
09:41:07 Stalker of Chat
Sometimes its just finding your style
Mine is definitely not digital xD
I do traditional in plain pencil or watercolor
Hell Raised Arabians
09:39:27 It's me.. Hades
It's just practice. It's all about practice
Hell Raised Arabians
09:39:10 It's me.. Hades
My friend is only 18, but she's goddam good
Spirtasi Whims
09:38:42 Tasi / RIP Chat
I'm young too but I feel like age has nothing to do with how good you are
Weeping Willow Ranch
09:38:33 Stalker of Chat
I kind of wish it was this though: 柳
Silver Isle Eventing
09:38:10 Silver
Well, its only 35k, but I don't remember putting in EB's to store credits. Maybe it's from my upgrade purchase.
Weeping Willow Ranch
09:38:07 Stalker of Chat
Mine is some fancy W
Hell Raised Arabians
09:38:05 It's me.. Hades
* horse. Goddam keyboard
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