09:26:22 Disk Jockey
I haven't done much beyond linearts lately
kiwi Mountains
09:26:11 aurora
I just have no motivation at the moment I get to the I get to blending :/
Fox Tail Farms
how do you earn awards?
Nueve de Cassa
09:25:58 Just Cassa :)
You should Eury! I love your work!
09:25:31 Legion
I haven't had the motivation for art in quite some time. If I do anything, it's probably just going to be premade stock backgrounds like I used to do for shits & giggles
Keyhole Stable
09:25:11 Jam
I've been wanting to get into art, but life is too stressful
Nueve de Cassa
09:23:19 Just Cassa :)
And I haven't even done mane/tail or grounding
Vixen Creek
09:23:18 Vixie
I wanted to open again like, 2 weeks ago but I'm already cutting it super close with deadlines for school lol.
09:23:04 ↯ Lib
JM :)

Nueve de Cassa
09:22:36 Just Cassa :)
I should be starting in tier 3 again, but for the amount of time I take on a piece, I just can't. I spent probably 5 hours working on my current piece.
Timber Canyon
09:22:13 Timbie
Yeah it was definitely a mood dampener
Nueve de Cassa
09:21:29 Just Cassa :)
Ugh that would be the worst.
Vixen Creek
09:21:12 Vixie
I'm liking Luxiannas stuff and they're tier 3
Timber Canyon
09:20:50 Timbie
Same. I just lost all motivation, plus was tired of dealing with busting my ass on a piece only for it to be replaced a week later
Nueve de Cassa
09:20:27 Just Cassa :)
Auctions are the best
Nueve de Cassa
09:20:04 Just Cassa :)
I get burnt out really fast, but I do that in real life as well lol
Dark oak forests
I am going t partly skip R this month just to get some tier 1 art lol
09:19:46 puck
I just keep an eye on the auctions, if something is pretty I don't care what tier it's from
Keyhole Stable
09:19:33 Jam
I think I'll go with Nyxs, the art is beautiful
Nueve de Cassa
09:19:23 Just Cassa :)
I'm waiting for my tablet to come in to finish my current piece
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