Elysium Opalus
03:54:39 Begone Thoughts
Go buy something in the item section of the store.
03:53:24 Bailey
How do you use store credits?
Fox Clan
03:48:04 Icee I Foxy I Fox
Thanks! I like warrior's Leap
Territory of Ixia
03:44:47 Yelena
Icee, you could name him "Freedom Warrior" "Warrior of Freedom", or "Warrior's Leap"
Fireball Stables
03:42:37 Flicka/Indy
Thanks for the suggestions
Fox Clan
03:42:32 Icee I Foxy I Fox
Name idea for him?
-HEE Click-
Fidler Farms
03:40:42 Fidler/Gibbsgirl
@Fireball... Tonka Tuff
Tonka Very Much
I'm Tonka To You
Tonk if You Love Me
Fox Clan
03:39:04 Icee I Foxy I Fox

Million Memories
28 Tales
Territory of Ixia
03:38:43 Yelena
Flicka, you could name him "high on Neon" or "high in the Sky"
Fireball Stables
03:37:59 Flicka/Indy
-HEE Click-
Need some name ideas for this guy
03:37:10 Lucky
-HEE Click-
03:36:32 Lucky
03:36:26 Lucky
eiii join my RP
03:36:15 Lucky
uno maca dos maca tres macarena!
03:32:06 Pumpkin
Pm please
HillCrest Stables
03:31:22 Roan Addict
I love Sabino
03:25:14 Pumpkin
Too many sabinos
Fidler Farms
03:24:53 Fidler/Gibbsgirl
whats wrong pumkin?
Paceri Sport Horses
03:24:39 Hannah
yes pumpkin?
03:22:03 Pumpkin
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Forums > Broodmare Ads > TB/AA

Yr 127 EEE TB mares January 14, 2020 01:01 PM

Posts: 921
All images are clickable
*Forgot to edd end date: The bidding ends on 31st, 2 PM game time.
* EEE+ matching stud
* Pick them up within 48 hours of RO (they will be whitdrawn afterwards)


Descendant of the great Playboy
SB: 30k
AB: 70k


Wild, 3 up wk 7 training, elite bravery
SB: 30k
AB: 80k


Maiden, please use a nice stud for her :)
* Special requirement: If using a freshman, please ask me first
SB: 20k
AB: 60k

Bid form:
Moondance - Stable number - bid
Melody - Stable number - bid
Arachnophobia - Stable number - bid

Edited at January 19, 2020 04:58 AM by HRS
Yr 127 EEE TB mares January 19, 2020 12:34 AM

Moncrief Eventing
Posts: 96
Melody - Moncrief - 300129
Yr 127 EEE TB mares January 29, 2020 07:40 AM

Posts: 921
Bid scratched via private message. Now all the ladies are at SB again.

Forums > Broodmare Ads > TB/AA

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