California Valley
07:02:37 Cali | Kale | Call
Cocker Spaniel x King Charles Cavalier
~ Hades ~
07:02:23 Chat Loner
I swear to gawd
I need to stop getting so excited when I see the mailbox icon
07:02:06 Tangle || Woody
Cockalier? Cocker Spaniel x ?
~ Hades ~
07:01:44 Chat Loner
I've updated my avi to a better photo of my Lynkster
California Valley
06:59:35 Cali | Kale | Call
Hades lol she is only 7 months and she is a Cockalier. But in person she actually isnt that small lmao
06:58:45 Tangle || Woody
He used to be my avvie, but felt like I needed a change.
~ Hades ~
06:58:10 Chat Loner
Tangle I love it
My child is my stable avi
~ Hades ~
06:57:47 Chat Loner
I'm not good at drawing small doggos
06:57:42 Tangle || Woody
My liddle baby :(
~ Hades ~
06:57:34 Chat Loner
and its small..
California Valley
06:57:18 Cali | Kale | Call
Hades my doggo is a cute little demon doggo lmao
06:56:51 Tangle || Woody
Any specific pose you'd like?
~ Hades ~
06:56:20 Chat Loner
Oh my god that doggo
06:56:12 Tangle || Woody
Just let me upload a pic and then I'll post it ;)
California Valley
06:55:58 Cali | Kale | Call
And Hades here is one of my doggos
California Valley
06:55:35 Cali | Kale | Call
Tangle his registered name was St Patrick lol
California Valley
06:54:41 Cali | Kale | Call
Hades oh sure :) gimme a second
~ Hades ~
06:54:23 Chat Loner
Anyone want to share a photo of their dog for me to draw?
06:54:20 Tangle || Woody
Now you gave me the urge to find a RID, name it Paddy and give it some green arts :)
California Valley
06:52:10 Cali | Kale | Call
Tangle I rode and shown a huge Canadian Shire who was born on St Patricks Day names Paddy :D
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