09:20:05 Sierra
Oh my god. I just found a player who bought one of my horses! Total accident too haha.
09:15:59 Kelpie/Peace breaker
Now I will free the other
09:15:31 Kelpie/Peace breaker
Thanks grape
09:12:47 Kelpie/Peace breaker
I think it is freeing time
09:11:36 Kelpie/Peace breaker
Grape thanks for the pm
Firewalker Stables
09:09:21 Fire/Walker
-HEE Click-
I love out it fades. . .
09:08:44 Kelpie/Peace breaker
No it is not goodnight even though it is 3 am and I haven’t slept I will wait for a Pm the. I will go to bed
Hell Raised Grape
09:05:28 Bebbe / Kittack
My laptop hasn't been turned on for 3 weeks.. I think it'll be happy to be charged again 😂
Reese Farm
09:05:15 Reese| Ella
Good night Kelpie!
Crystal Heart Estate
09:04:19 Luxxy :3
Lol xD
09:04:02 Kelpie/Peace breaker
The Bubonic Barn
09:03:32 Bub
-HEE Click-
birthday horse, lol
A (shady) grape
09:02:01 Grape the almighty
Let's say my laptop almost went through my window more times than it should've.
Crystal Heart Estate
09:01:20 Luxxy :3
I couldnt imagine the frustration Garpe xD
The Bubonic Barn
09:00:57 Bub
Aight I'll see what I can get.
A (shady) grape
09:00:12 Grape the almighty
I think it's called for Bub.
The Bubonic Barn
08:59:28 Bub
Do you think I should treat myself to a capture for my birthday?
A (shady) grape
08:58:05 Grape the almighty
I'm not kidding this took almost 2 hours of straight power metal and rage to make. The willpower it took was immeasurable
Crystal Heart Estate
08:55:25 Luxxy :3
Ugh Grape I need you to do me a palette xD
Obsidian Sport Horse
08:50:44 Tyelpë
-HEE Click- just bred this Snowflake Seal
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Year 141 - EEE SH Broods January 14, 2021 03:06 PM

Hideaway HorseCenter
Posts: 215
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All mares have a WEE+ restriction and ABLB or a Breed LB, other restrictions will be cited in their description! These next parts are important no freshman allowed Must be picked up on the first of the month otherwise I will breed or possibly sell them, PM me if this doesn't work for your schedule. I buy back foals for 3k. Must show me your match before I will approve! ALL of my mares are gene tested! At the bottom of this post will be instructions for those who reserve broods.
MI of 2k for each mare
Auction ends on March 31st 11:59pm GT
HHC Whiskey with Gatz
EEE SH mare, needs strength and despite her image is actually just grey! Items welcome but not required. Could easily produce an EEE but was poorly matched in the past before I bought her.
SB: 20k
AB: 60k to encourage bidding
HHC Winters Flames
EEE SH mare, needs movement. Items welcome but not required. Proven EEE producer.
SB: 20k
AB: 60k to encourage bidding
HHC Puddles of Honey
EEE SH mare, tracking training but so far is heart and strength strong. No items required as it's her maiden year. Flashy and I may allow a EEE match if privately contacted.
SB: 10k
AB: 60k to encourage bidding
HHC Gossamer Veil
EEE SH mare, and no your eyes do not deceive you a seal brown EEE is available for your consideration! I am reluctant to auction her brood as she is a personal favorite of mine and a proven EEE producer so the price reflects that but hey if you can afford it and want it don't hesitate. Items are required for her.
SB: 60k
AB: 250k to encourage bidding and due to my reluctance of auctioning her brood
HHC Satin Tears
PEP SH mare but is 1/5! Maiden year and her requirements are as follows, EEE and color rare. Exact rarity has not yet been determined but just shoot me a PM to discuss! She is genetic tested and carries PrlPrl and Lplp amongst much more.
SB: 5k
AB: 15k to encourage bidding
HHC Burning Reality
EEE SH mare who has produced 5 EEE's and 1 EEP all with no items. I suggest using items because she has the ability to produce atleast one W for you! Her requirements are EWW+ combo because of her track record and he HAS to be on ABLB I don't care where on it but somewhere. Lots of heart but needs movement and scope.
SB: 25k
AB: 75k to encourage bidding

Edited at March 4, 2021 12:18 PM by Hideaway HorseCenter
Year 141 - EEE SH Broods March 4, 2021 12:05 PM

Hideaway HorseCenter
Posts: 215
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If you have successfully reserved a brood and gotten a PM from me confirming it then congrats! On the first of the month when I log on at roughly 9am GT I will send you confirmation and when you are online I will shoot you a PM saying you have won the brood and ask if you would like me to put her up for brood. You must be online and paying attention to ensure that you actually get the brood you won! Any broods not picked up by the 2nd are automatically void, you will not receive the brood and will be banned from future auctions of mine unless we have arranged something previously.
I have matches planned for these mares if no one breeds them within their time frame and I will not allow exceptions as you had the ability to contact me earlier and discuss possible problems and solutions. Follow the rules and everything should work fine.

Edited at March 4, 2021 12:20 PM by Hideaway HorseCenter

Forums > Broodmare Ads > SH/X

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