SandWitch Arabians
11:15:18 Witchypoo
11:15:12 puck
Chocolate chip pancakes 👀
11:14:58 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Pancakes sounds good
Wolf Dancer
11:14:26 Wolf Burger She/Her
Do I make myself
A. Edible Cookie Dough
B. Choclate Chip Cookies
C. Pancakes?
Kuewi! <3
Wildfire Stud
11:09:37 wildfire
My accountant is probably having a heart attack from how much money I am spending on clinics, trail rides and shows
11:09:26 Night
I give up.
I should check up on the foals
FS Sundance Valley
11:07:39 Helia
Ah ok :) i already got in panic mode for a second 😅
Wildfire Stud
11:06:48 wildfire
-me waiting for my message to disappear in the sales chat so I can advertise again-
Gemstone Stable
11:05:48 Snow❆Gem

Just the prizes reset. :D
FS Sundance Valley
11:05:01 Helia
You have logged in 25 days in a row.
You earned: Round Spurs - Free Junior Rider
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This will reset tomorrow.
Wait what-?
11:00:20 K

Yeah I'm gonna do hopefully she improves on her week 7 🙏
10:59:55 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Too early looking at w4 alone
10:59:37 Ceci / (Call me) AL
K, see if she improves to w7/8
10:59:22 K
She might make up for it on her week 7 hopefully
My mom's car is packed to the brim full of stuff for the vacation and like, it's a lot of stuff
10:58:38 Mito/©Mythstake
I'd yeet her
10:57:25 K
Well not happy with you at the moment 🤦‍♀️ -HEE Click-
Wolf Dancer
10:56:51 Wolf Burger She/Her
Al I think the PON AD/Bravery gods of hee are calling me to do that... I already have a almost PON who hopefully has a 4th W and a EEE-E PON as well!
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I'm just putting this guy up for free. I want to see how he does, he's a really pretty stallion. EEW+ combos for mares. I would prefer items but I understand too.
165 | Svenned EWW SH Freshman | Buckskin Lp | 1 of 5 | Free March 4, 2023 08:45 AM

HMH Reality Check
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wk 3: 111111
wk 4: 122121
165 | Svenned EWW SH Freshman | Buckskin Lp | 1 of 5 | Free March 4, 2023 09:00 AM

HMH Reality Check
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**Just please use them, you can always come back and get more, I just don't want straws hoarded, and not used**
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