01:46:23 K

I'm really hoping he does well to get on ABLB his appy ^-^
Epsilon Acres
01:45:39 Eps
Lol Cali.. I rerolled the WWW and proceeded to slap art on her so you cant even see it 😂
Onlander Stables
01:45:30 Veritas
Yep, every WWW I breed is a chestnut or black hahah -HEE Click- but yay!
The Seven Sins
01:45:20 Sveven/Karma
Time to rate
Lightning Runners
Which one of my horses is the best for show jumping?
California Valley
01:44:46 Cali | Kale | Calz
I need to get rerolls eventually. I'd like to reroll Vortex into prettier tobi and sabino patterns lol
RavenClaw Ranch
01:44:28 Raven (she/her)
-HEE Click-

Name ideas?
Shamrock Equines
01:44:17 Grinch/Hadithi/Myth
Anyone wanna match a EEE mare for me?
Epsilon Acres
01:43:55 Eps
Im hoping Mountain Mallow gives whiz a shiny appy boy. Appy is starting to fall off of the ABLB
Emmas Eventers
Yeah way more than one lol
01:42:33 K
Oh I can't wait for next RO to see how she does 😁 -HEE Click-
01:42:31 Tea || Snaink
California Valley
01:42:31 Cali | Kale | Calz
AA and TB
The Seven Sins
01:42:18 Sveven/Karma
What breed should I try to catch? WB, AB, or maybe TB?
Wings Of Glory
01:42:15 O Great Potato Wing
-HEE Click-
i absolutely cant part with him even though theres nothing special about him he only went up 2 on wk 4 and is EEE but i love the way he looks so ive kept him forever
Ice-tea stables

I have multiple of those haha
ShiningStar Stables
01:41:54 Chey / Star
-HEE Click-
Atleast he is colorful
Everglade Equestrian
01:41:42 Evelyn
I've got a pasture full 🤣
01:40:56 Tea || Snaink
-HEE Click- I would just like to ask politely what the fuck
California Valley
01:40:56 Cali | Kale | Calz
That's okay. My WEE frame AA girl? I accidentally bred her to a WWW frame stud. Lethal white foal
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