Spotted Silk for sure thanks for the help
06:48:45 Liv~Otay

Upon My Wishes
In My freckles
In My Spots
Spotted Silk
Lucky Ranch
06:48:12 Lucky
XD yall so many names needed!
-HEE Click-
i am absolutely in love with her pattern and name ideas?
06:45:44 Liv~Otay
-HEE Click-
name suggestions?
Purple Pegasus Farm
06:45:10 Graceful
Nope, still looking to change it. :)
Sporting Chance Farm
06:44:11 SCF/Sport/Gibbsgirl
Did he get a name Purple?
Blood Bay Rescue
06:44:04 BB, Blood Bay,
Anybody want to do a

Greyhound Racing RP
Wolf x Sled dog RP
Stray Cat RP
Stray Dog RP
Scientist x Mythical Creature RP
K-9 Unit RP
Lion RP
Wild Horse RP
Wild Dragon RP
Bear RP

Please PM me
Arabian Eventing
06:43:43 Arabian or AE
-HEE Click-
I'm excited for him. Sad about no W but ill take 4/6
Purple Pegasus Farm
06:42:46 Graceful
-HEE Click-

Name ideas?
Quizzical Quarters
06:37:52 Ari
Captain Marvel!
Moncrief Eventing
06:36:46 Mon
Who made that Ari?
Lucky Ranch
06:33:38 Lucky
Quizzical Quarters
06:32:23 Ari
New stable bio!
Lucky Ranch
06:30:34 Lucky
ya! join silvers rp! its AMAZING!!!
Silver Falls/LL
06:28:01 Rosalie/Rose🌹
-HEE Click-
come and join.
Purple Pegasus Farm
06:28:01 Graceful
It's really starting to kill me that I can't get ducklings this year.
06:27:51 Legion
Well, that's neat. Got all my freshmen bred and I still have W mares left over. Thinking it /might/ be time to start booting the new E fillies.
Dawn Creek Rescue
Purple Pegasus Farm
06:25:07 Graceful
Pretty sure they're both micro usbs.
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