Jericho Stables
Suureee. If I get anything good for roll over XD
Fox Haven Farm
10:48:01 Amanduh
You up for an art trade?
Jericho Stables
Yo <3
Fox Haven Farm
10:46:12 Amanduh
Jeri ❤️
The Joker
10:45:52 Knight of Ootensils
Trivia was fun :D
10:34:19 West || Turnip
Jericho Stables
Lumix Estates
10:33:58 Hey, stob it!
oop 1st place twice :O fancy :D
10:32:47 West || Turnip
I'll get sent my trivia prizes correct?
10:28:58 ryry
guys im conflicted on something with one of my colts, can someone help me out here X)
Meritage Farms
10:22:56 RRR/Delta Side
And Jeri :)
Meritage Farms
10:22:46 RRR/Delta Side
Ok that's what I thought. Thanks CM :)
Jericho Stables
Any day
Coldwater Meadows
10:22:25 CM
Any day
Meritage Farms
10:19:08 RRR/Delta Side
Is pasture breeding like horses dying where it only happens on Mondays? Or any day?
Emmas Eventers
Make our Blackbirds look boring lol
Running R Ranch
10:14:22 RRR (Jo)
Lemon jello cake is the best thing ever *.* Just finishing up the rest of it from my dad's birthday
10:10:43 Legion
That's the closest thing I've found via google
Running R Ranch
10:10:31 RRR (Jo)
Yeah I could see that being a red wing black bird... We have a bunch of those running around, too. Or flying, I guess x)
Purple Pegasus Farm
10:10:00 Graceful
Gonna go with Eury's guess.
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