Cascade Range Acres
A serious question, are we permitted to altar official game images? Does altering the appearance of official HEE horse art and uploading it as an alternate horse image break the TOS?
Silver Falls/LL
06:13:36 Rosalie/Rose🌹
Who’s gonna make it?
Lucky Ranch
06:11:40 Lucky
XD hello!
Silver Falls/LL
06:11:38 Rosalie/Rose🌹
OMg yes!!!!that would be SOO cool!!!
Dawn Creek Rescue
;-; I'm lazy though XD
Cascade Range Acres
Rosalie, we're talking about a feature to make our horse's manes and tails appear to be braided.
Silver Falls/LL
06:10:44 Rosalie/Rose🌹
Hey dude
Lucky Ranch
06:10:22 Lucky
Canadian TBS
06:10:09 Rosalie/Silver Falls
Cascade Range Acres
Sure you can, Dawn. Any skill can be learned given enough time and effort.
Stormsong Manor
06:09:51 Ven
It's been suggested and I know it's something Jeri wants to do
Canadian TBS
06:09:26 Rosalie/Silver Falls
What’s a petition?im dorry I’m had dance,I’m like so fucking tierd
Cascade Range Acres
That's a cool idea, Blonde Boy Zone. Maybe I'll give that a try.
Dawn Creek Rescue
I can't lol.
Dawn Creek Rescue
Might be hard with the different markings, theyd have to do a lotttt of work
Amhain Dull Liath
06:07:41 Blonde Boy Zone
If you want it so bad, edit it in yourself or pay someone to do it.
Cascade Range Acres
Aww, well. Never mind. Still a cool idea, but I trust they have their reasons. :)
Cascade Range Acres
Emma, I hope it's being considered. Better yet, I hope it's in development. I could see it in the store alongside hair dye and hoof polish.
Dawn Creek Rescue
Awe man.
Idle Lane Farms
06:06:35 Mera
That's been suggested and shot down
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