After Elites
01:44:22 After/Heda
You've got to have mad skills xD Too bad they aren't EEE+ lol
Highflyer Stud
Look at this dapple grey frame I got -HEE Click-
01:43:09 Jacob
Oh wow i thought this account was newer lol it will be a year in January. And i didnt even listen to my own starter advice lol. I guess i was just super excited to try SDs and man its like they multiply much quicker than AD lol.
Moonrose Mountains
01:42:56 Diva
What are the odds of literally catching twins in same time LOL
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
Creekside Eventing
01:42:54 Oak || Misty
Ooh, he is gorgeous!
-HEE Click-
Spirtasi Whims
01:41:59 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
Llama posted a sign up post and that's how everyone signed up
After Elites
01:41:07 After/Heda
How do you get into the rumble?
Creekside Eventing
01:40:28 Oak || Misty
Oh ok :)
01:40:18 Jacob
Highflyer RID+ ISH
Oak no
Night Shadow Stables
01:40:14 Fen | NSS
I'm excited to see what gorgeous art everyone produced
Spirtasi Whims
01:39:55 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
Ooh we get to see the pieces for this round today!
Creekside Eventing
01:38:41 Oak || Misty
Is this the new grey?

-HEE Click-
Moonrose Mountains
01:38:19 Diva
I know that with the rumble and RO excitement hormones run high, so please all remember that only comissioned pieces can be posted in chat. NO contest entries/future for sale pieces.
01:38:15 Jacob
Fuck i only have 13k on this account XD that upgrade drained me then i had to pay riders. Hope shows will earn something back.
After Elites
01:37:29 After/Heda
Oh my, that makes me look stupid xD I cant remember who told me but I was told that a Commission is when another artist pays you to do art with them *Face Palm*
01:36:52 Willow
-HEE Click-

she’s a bit weird looking-
Spirtasi Whims
01:36:31 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
Thank you John!
Plague Doctor
01:36:01 Green/John
Tasi, I love you palette!
Purple Pegasus Farm
01:35:58 Purp/PPF
That would be a commission lol.
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135: EWE WB Freshman - Champagne September 2, 2020 08:42 AM

Rockrose Eventing
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My EWE Warmblood freshman will be available in 135. He carries champagne and sabino, I'd really love help testing him!

Min breeding restriction: EEE, however potentially willing to lower to EPE if that interests anyone.

Straws must be used next year (135), please don't hoard them. :)


5k per straw.

2k per straw for SSBC and TWS members.


1. Stable Name - Stable # - SSBC/TWS?
2. Stable Name - Stable # - SSBC/TWS?
3. Stable Name - Stable # - SSBC/TWS?
Etc. to 25

Edited at September 2, 2020 08:46 AM by Rockrose Eventing

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