Elysium Opalus
05:52:52 Begone Thoughts
But like everyone that worked there remembers my mom and me because we bring our bird sometimes. So today was rough..
Ebstone Elites
05:52:02 Ebstone | SH
Yep, I would also just go for it! Matching isn't the be all and end all. Some of my best foals came from throwing my AALB mares at the highest ABLB boy I could afford without matching :)
Elysium Opalus
05:51:44 Begone Thoughts
Yeah.. people with "invisible" disabilities do get Weird looks.

I wish I brought my bird with me I just had an anxiety attack then super quick.
Silver Isle Eventing
05:51:44 Silver
Dang, that's two opposing opinions! What do I decide? XD
Holly Hill Farm
05:49:51 Mon / Montova
Honestly, I'd just go for it
Silver Isle Eventing
05:47:56 Silver
Ok, thanks for the advice.
Blitz Farms
05:47:04 TBs hate Blitz :/
I would wait. Don't want a big fat PPP stain on her record :P
Silver Isle Eventing
05:46:17 Silver
Oh, darn. Should I maybe wait then? I"m spending a lot on this match and want it to end up well.
Blitz Farms
05:45:35 TBs hate Blitz :/
Hey, I remember when you captured her! :D but we can't tell since she's at Wk1
Arctic Dusk
05:45:26 AL - mighty RIDs
Impossible to say since the mare isn't on her w4 yet
Holly Hill Farm
05:45:04 Mon / Montova
No matches for me because I didn't have time to save up. Yay.
Silver Isle Eventing
05:44:06 Silver
-HEE Click-
This is my big match for RO. Thoughts?
05:41:14 FIH | Fish
**sorry if this belongs in the sales chat, but I have a question**

Does anyone know how much this guys stud fee usually is?

-HEE Click-
Arctic Dusk
05:40:04 AL - mighty RIDs
You need to copy matchlink then go to a different page
Blitz Farms
05:39:43 TBs hate Blitz :/
Silver, just copy the link, go to your stable page, and then paste link in chat
Arctic Dusk
05:39:43 AL - mighty RIDs
Because you can't post from matchmaker page
Silver Isle Eventing
05:39:36 Silver
Silver Isle Eventing
05:38:59 Silver
How come every time I try to past a match into the chat the broken internet thing comes up?
River Hill Stables
05:36:19 Ringo
Cause some people think people with disabilities aren't People
Elysium Opalus
05:33:57 Begone Thoughts
lol some lady at the food bank barred food from us because my mom was helping me put food in my own bag. Because everyone in the food bank knows I'm disabled but that doesn't ring a bell in this lady. We are one family not two for her.

Why am I crying why do people have to out their disabilities to people.
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