I also have a Ruben, Jack, Sharnaye, Novah and a Skeeba :)
My horses name is Summer
lol my irl name is Summer
Oh my god I really hate "yeet" ... it screams I'm in my pre-20s -_-
yeet! :3
Malikova Grapes
02:11:52 MTFH
A silk pillowcase help my friend with her hair 🤷🏼‍♀️
Jay MacKay's
02:09:15 Jay's Ghost
Style not stretch
Jay MacKay's
02:08:49 Jay's Ghost
Id take advice on how to stretch my hair at night so it doesn't get messy/damages
My hair is super thick so when I've tried a braid/beads its just a lump thats under comfortable to sleep on
Right now I just sleep with it all down & all over the place

Chats pretty slow overnight & I'm going to sleep so please feel free to pm me if you have a suggestion
Malikova Grapes
01:49:03 MTFH
Awe 🥹
Someone said they saw my advert for my business (in real life) and wanted to know if I could do it for them!
Long drive for either of us though 👀
4 and a half hours
oh, sorry
yep, i remember taming ocelots
01:43:26 Lost In Translation
Begging isn't allowed @supersonic
could someone please send me some ebs? i want to get a new stable :)
Malikova Grapes
01:39:12 MTFH
I remember when ocelots turned into cats once tamed 😅 that was a thing right? I'm like 95% sure that was a thing
The Undercity
01:33:09 Sierra (Dory)
-YT Click-
yeah or a cat
Malikova Grapes
01:27:04 MTFH
Try get an ocelot keep the creepers at bay
Sungold Eventing
01:26:04 Mae/Appy lover
-HEE Click-
how does this match look? If it doesn't work, any recommended studs?
creepers and spiders can survive in the sun
01:19:50 Crazy Color Hoarder
But monsters don't really spawn in daylight
So I assume there must be a shadow or dark corner of my house
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