Night Crescent
12:39:16 Rose/Wolf
Very nice, Cali. Im a bit behind.. Ive been playing for 2 years. I bought some straws this year and am hoping for a W.
Paradox Elites
12:39:13 Slim Shady | Lea
When people get snarky about your horses sale prices lol i love that
California Valley
12:38:56 Cali
Oak maybe Rebelde will help you year 128 xD
Star Catcher Estate
12:38:35 Fleur|Snuffly Mess
I dove into the deep end. And made some valuable friendships XD
Tis a very good thing to be in kahoots with the HEE veterans
California Valley
12:38:35 Cali
I bred 2 EEE boys last month. This month I bred 2 EEE girls (sadly they were PON) and an EWE
Oak valley
12:38:27 Just a lonely POTATO
I've bred a fair few EEEs before. I hope I can breed a W soon, though I've only been playing for 6 months
California Valley
12:37:52 Cali
Yes but what Im saying is you had a better start lmao
Night Crescent
12:37:51 Rose/Wolf
Ive only bred 3 EEEs so far.
Star Catcher Estate
12:36:49 Fleur|Snuffly Mess
Cali, I haven't bred an EEE yet lol XD
Hoping my matches won't shit on me this RO!
California Valley
12:36:29 Cali
Alrighty 1 boy has art... Now gotta wait for the second boys art to be finished
Night Crescent
12:35:22 Rose/Wolf
Hmmm... okay. Thanks, Sand.
California Valley
12:35:06 Cali
Fleur way better than me xD It took me almost 2 real life years to breed an EEE
SandWitch Arabians
12:34:14 Witchypoo
Rosie - I'd dump Raven
Star Catcher Estate
12:34:11 Fleur|Snuffly Mess
I knowww. It'll happen someday. I feel like I've wedged myself in pretty well for only playing for 3 months?
River Hill Stables
12:33:48 Ringo
California Valley
12:33:32 Cali
Fleur if I can do it so can you! XD
12:33:24 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Ringo, I come to around 140
12:32:55 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Gorgeous piece Ven
Star Catcher Estate
12:32:46 Fleur|Snuffly Mess
wow Ven <3
*prays to the lords for more ebs... and a worthy horse*
Until the day I can get your art... I shall covet it from afar
Night Crescent
12:32:05 Rose/Wolf
Oh Ven, that is gorgeous
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ᚱ Antithesis straws (retired LB silver frame TB) August 2, 2019 03:09 PM

Rocky Mtn Paints
Posts: 1335
Anyone remember this guy? I thought I'd used him a lot more than I have, so I'm releasing quite a few of his straws.

He's a multi-LB and past eventing TB sire (highest placing: #51). EEE producer and super shiny!

Straws are in the store. Enjoy!
ᚱ Antithesis straws (retired LB silver frame TB) August 2, 2019 03:17 PM

Golden Meadows
Posts: 2154
Would you accept a trade of some sort? I have a golden ticket :3
ᚱ Antithesis straws (retired LB silver frame TB) August 21, 2019 05:22 PM

Rocky Mtn Paints
Posts: 1335
More straws added! He produced a pretty frame EEE this year too :)

Edited at August 21, 2019 05:22 PM by Rocky Mtn Paints

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