Moonrose Mountains
08:24:28 Diva - MooginMoonian
Toothless it's a pretty OK training, I would have wanted her to repeat hers wk4 in wk8 instead of loosing bars
Hawthorne Estates
08:23:19 Hawt - RIDs
My room is Mahogany. Which means it looks like I painted it with blood :D
Courtlee Stables
08:23:06 Court
Be right back. Gotta change a poopy diaper. XD #momlife
08:22:55 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Ideally all up on w9 but she can still do good
Courtlee Stables
08:22:37 Court
I'm so excited to finally get all the painter's tape off the walls. XD haha

Roof issues stink, HG. D: And I agree on the cream. XD The whole house has cream trim and paint, and it's gotta go. O_O
Beartooth Ridge
08:21:39 Toothless
is this good? im still learning the whole training thing.
-HEE Click-
Llama Queen
08:19:35 Working Joe Llama
I am not a fan of cream walls or trim lol
08:19:00 Maine
Yay for finishing the living room! :D
Llama Queen
08:18:24 Working Joe Llama
I'm really hoping to hear from the guy today who is coming to look at my roof.
Courtlee Stables
08:12:13 Court
In other news, I have been nesting and have been working on finishing painting our living room. XD Just the trim is what I've been doing, so it's a little more time consuming. Just finished the fireplace mantle last night. So much prettier white instead of cream.
Courtlee Ranch
08:08:42 Court
Fun. Nothing great on here. One EEE up 3 bars for Wk12, but everything else stunk. ¬.¬ So now to show before heading over to my RIDs/XXs.
Llama Queen
08:07:21 Working Joe Llama
I'm pretty good. Trying to track a few more horses before leaving for work.
Hourglass Warmbloods
08:06:16 Pompeii/Wild Child
Going to the barn in 30 mins!
Courtlee Ranch
08:06:05 Court
Good morning, HG and Scythe! ^_^ How are you?
08:05:39 Maine
Court! <3
Llama Queen
08:05:37 Working Joe Llama
court :D
Courtlee Ranch
08:05:25 Court
Alright... time to see how bad the pixel ponies suck today. XD
Llama Queen
08:04:49 Working Joe Llama
Shiney AND training like a rock star :D -HEE Click-
08:03:47 Medi
The ABLB. Unless you're breeding a specific breed.
Moonlight Stud
08:03:42 Lee
You usually want studs from the ABLB.
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