Sunstone Elite
10:25:53 Sun/Sunny
Oooh beautiful Columet!
I've been getting shinies, but in the form of EEE colts xD
Sunstone Elite
10:25:17 Sun/Sunny
I've been mocked by shinies lately, but I won't give up until I get that supershine WWW.

Plus, I'm also sending a maiden who has the exact same coloring so hopefully 1/2? Lol
Arctic Dusk
10:24:45 AL's RID
The curse of the color gods: "no colour for you"
Columet Farms
10:24:43 The Coffee Purist
She's gonna be a pretty thing:
-HEE Click-
Black Dragon Stable
10:24:35 BDS / Black / Stormy
morning yall
10:24:25 ♞ Tosk
I hope that my Appy PONs pass on their Appy genes
Vixen Creek
10:24:11 Vixie
Soooo cute crest!
10:24:01 ♞ Tosk
Baha, Don't forget the color curse
Sunstone Elite
10:23:09 Sun/Sunny
-HEE Click-
Oh this match is going to happen *_* prl Ch To Sb Dd EEE filly pleaaase
Crest Haven
10:22:48 Crest / Hail
-HEE Click-

Do they get any cuter? His adult coat is to die for
Skye's Paradise
10:21:02 Pickle
Grrrr. 7 retired level 9 riders. I just love hiring 7 more and paying them all.
Sunstone Elite
10:19:59 Sun/Sunny
Oh cool!
10:19:33 ♞ Tosk
And guess what ;D RO is a holiday in Germany again
Crest Haven
10:19:31 Crest / Hail
-HEE Click-

I mean his week 8 surprised me. I am getting very excited about him :D
White Crown Stables
10:19:12 Alex
Sunstone Elite
10:18:59 Sun/Sunny
The #1KNN stuf
Sunstone Elite
10:18:39 Sun/Sunny
Me too. He's extremely reasonably priced. I thank Brinley with all of my love.
White Crown Stables
10:18:34 Alex
Who is NT?
10:17:58 ♞ Tosk
The straw price surprised me, to be fair
Sunstone Elite
10:17:31 Sun/Sunny
Hashtag and Starfolly made me mad xD But I love them ❤️
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