Double C Stables
08:35:29 DC :D
how short does a SH have to be to throw PON typically?
Cando Farm
08:33:51 Lil l Cando l Canlil
Thanks all :)
Though on a happier note. I got a sweatshirt i paid 75 dollars finally came after a month XD
Zippy Love Equine
So sorry, Timbie. My grandmother just got diagnosed with relapsed pancreatic cancer that has now metastisized to her lungs and that's my biggest fear, seeing her like that. </3
Purple Pegasus Farm
08:33:40 Purp/PPF
We love you Timbie. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. <3
Silver Galaxy Ranch
08:33:21 Sean | Trip | SGR
I’m sorry timbie, you too cando.
Timber Canyon
08:33:08 Timbie
Appreciate it friends - she is no longer is pain/suffering, taking solace in that
Misty Streams
08:32:54 Misty
I'm so sorry Timbie
08:32:50 puck
cando you too. :( so sorry
Timber Canyon
08:32:40 Timbie
Good grief girl. Im also sorry. Hope you're doing as well as you're able to be
08:32:40 Gem
I’m so sorry Timb! Sending lots of love and hugs 😔❤️
White Hills
08:32:28 WH or Hills
That's awful Timbie, I'm so sorry
08:32:25 puck
oh timbie... I'm so sorry </3
Cando Farm
08:32:20 Lil l Cando l Canlil
Aww, Im sorry. That must suck. I lost my mother a few weeks ago also.
Timber Canyon
08:31:21 Timbie
Rough day - grandma just passed away half an hour ago. Saw her earlier and she was totally unresponsive and struggling to breathe.
Cando Farm
08:30:54 Lil l Cando l Canlil
How are ya Timbie?
Timber Canyon
08:28:24 Timbie
Er... ya'll probably shouldn't be talking about horses you are selling or have sold haha.
Circle T Ranch
08:27:59 CTR-Izzy Lou
He is going to a new home now
Obsidian Sport Horse
That's good. I kinda got discouraged so I sold a lot of my near leopards. Got tired of getting leopards lol
Dream Destroyer
08:25:44 DiDi
So I'm searching for a new pen to draw on my iPad with when the towel I have hanging on my door moves 0-0 the air is off and I don't have a fan
Circle T Ranch
08:24:26 CTR-Izzy Lou
He is doing ok, other than throwing me leopards all the time
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Tack Up problems November 13, 2020 05:40 AM

Wild Ocean Stables
Posts: 55
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The Valentine jumping pad put on a WB causes the image to glitch. I don't have problems when it's put on a X or TB horse.
The new chevron (grey & red) wraps do not show up as available in my tack room when I try to tack up my horse. Even though they do show up as unequipped when I go search for them in my supplies ;)
Tack Up problems November 19, 2020 06:56 AM

Wild Ocean Stables
Posts: 55
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Looks like I have the same problem for both new chevron wraps ;)
Edit: OK same is hapening to the rainbow jumping pad :(

Edited at November 19, 2020 07:03 AM by Wild Ocean Stables
Tack Up problems November 19, 2020 10:21 AM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 3371
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Look in the Untacked tab.
Tack Up problems November 19, 2020 10:24 AM

Rushing River Stable
Posts: 210
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The same is happening for me with the rainbow jumping pad- I have it, but it doesn't show up in Tack Up. I also did check the 'untacked' section, and the 'saddle pad' section, but it isn't there.
Tack Up problems November 19, 2020 12:14 PM

Wild Ocean Stables
Posts: 55
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It's not under the untacked section either.
I checked all the different sections just to make sure they're not hiding somewhere else, but I can't find them anywhere.
Tack Up problems November 21, 2020 06:25 PM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 3371
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Are you trying to tack up an adult horse or a foal?
Do you have it up for sale in the used tack store?

Edited at November 21, 2020 06:27 PM by Cadence Farms

Forums > Bugs

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