Heaven on Earth
06:20:43 Fishy Salad
Has anyone seen the BBC Pride and Prejudice, like the mini series?
Xenphers Chimeras
Sorry :p
Abstract Dunes
06:16:52 Abs
Please do not ask for/beg for/mention needing a specific amount of EBs in chat.
Zen I got you!
Kiber Stable
06:15:16 Kibbles
Not ny worst purchase
-HEE Click-
Obsidian Sport Horse
Very pretty sniper. I have 3 Badger X on my side account a blood bay, champagne and a black. They are kinda hard to come by :)
Heaven on Earth
06:13:46 Fishy Salad
-HEE Click-
What to do with you?
Square One
06:13:26 Sniper
-HEE Click-
i only have one badger,, has been vv good to me though got my first EEE i've bred off him
Obsidian Sport Horse
Darley Heights
06:12:27 Deelad
Oooh, she's swoon worthy. 0_0
Obsidian Sport Horse
XD -HEE Click- here is my most beautiful Badger blood bay
Darley Heights
06:10:31 Deelad
Obsidian, that's exactly how it is! She fell right under my culling requirements so I was going to FR her but couldn't because she was just too pretty. XD
06:08:33 Romeo, Galaxy, Spice
Have fun Ally!
Obsidian Sport Horse
Deelad same I usually am like nope your staying then I need the space and I'm like goodbye beautiful pixel pony so indecisive lol
Heaven on Earth
06:08:17 Fishy Salad
How hard is it to find an Apricot ratings stallion with a low minimum breeding rating?
Darley Heights
06:08:15 Deelad
Bye Ally, have fun!
Darley Heights
06:07:54 Deelad
Ally, that it does. :( I hope you are able to figure out the problem!
MakeEm Fancy
06:07:19 Ally 🌺
Well im hopping off for a bit! Hanging out with family :)
Darley Heights
06:06:49 Deelad
Obsidian, ooh, that's nice! Yeah, it's funny how I can get so attached to a pixel pony. XD

Like, I had a blood bay filly that looked like she had dapples and was sooty and I had to force myself to sell her. Lol
Obsidian Sport Horse
At yes blood bay another I love. :)
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No clue if this was posted, but there is a glitch in my forum box. It is completely blank, I cant add image links, and I have no tool bars at the top. Just a giant plain box with a title. I have logged out multiple times and it doesnt seem to want to go away, reloaded everything, even shut down my phone.
It just started working, but here is the picture.

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That looks like the old text box. You should try clearing your cookies and catche
Forum message box messed up January 11, 2021 08:45 AM

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Jericho Stables said:
That looks like the old text box. You should try clearing your cookies and catche

Got it, thanks jeri! :D

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