SweetFire Fields
09:06:19 Flaming Doritos
Does anybody know how to make a stylus without foil?
Wuthering Warmbloods
09:04:13 Jared
Well this is nice. Literally 22 of my 24 horses are in the green
09:01:42 Legion
So, I culled out nearly 100 mares from my dressage program.
09:01:06 puck
read the chat and find out :)
09:00:51 Zane Kai Cole Jay
so what's every one talking about?
09:00:23 puck

nice, wagner!
Wagner Eventing
09:00:06 Wagner
Zippy, I am so sorry.
08:59:49 Zane Kai Cole Jay
hey puck!
Wagner Eventing
08:59:48 Wagner
I am so happy. My mare who we have been trying to sell found a home at Temple farm in illinois!
08:41:51 puck
at least you know to treasure your time with her. i feel like a lot of these things take us by surprise and we never slow down and really enjoy them while they're here <3
Blue moon mountain
08:41:19 Blue
I'm finally at 200k on this account. But I have no matches planned 😂
Zippy Love Equine
Thanks, Timbie. We're all in shock because her last scan was totally clear, but we're doing our best to just make this the best holiday season humanly possible while we still have her. <3
Zippy Love Equine
Urgh I wish you could tell more clearly that she's a snowcap given that's what I was hoping she'd be, but she's still cute.
-HEE Click-
Timber Canyon
08:36:26 Timbie
Love ya'll too though.
Timber Canyon
08:36:19 Timbie
Jeez Zippy, so sorry to hear. I hope you and your family are well.
08:36:16 Legion
I just realized how many pictures of Ripley and Niles I have on my phone x_x
Double C Stables
08:35:29 DC :D
how short does a SH have to be to throw PON typically?
Cando Farm
08:33:51 Lil l Cando l Canlil
Thanks all :)
Though on a happier note. I got a sweatshirt i paid 75 dollars finally came after a month XD
Zippy Love Equine
So sorry, Timbie. My grandmother just got diagnosed with relapsed pancreatic cancer that has now metastisized to her lungs and that's my biggest fear, seeing her like that. </3
Purple Pegasus Farm
08:33:40 Purp/PPF
We love you Timbie. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. <3
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The Little Ones June 27, 2018 10:19 PM

Posts: 968
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────────────── ★ ──────────────


Hi guys! I run a small shetland pony stud in South Australia, I thought I would post here so you can meet the crew and keep updated on their show results, see who is expecting and see what antics the fur kids are up to!

────────────── ★ ──────────────


Next up is Lani (Helenka Neighlani). Lani is a 7 year old 9.1hh chestnut roan APSB mare. She kickstarted my passion for breeding. Not only is she a childs pony, but she is also a broodmare and a successful show pony! Lani has been running with an 8.3hh palomino APSB stallion for a 2020 foal.


This is Strawberry (Ashlow Strawberry Fields Forever). Strawberry is a 9.1hh 4 year old black buckskin APSB mare. We are leasing her until 2022 off of a friend. We have successfully shown Strawberry this year. She gave birth to a chestnut skewbald filly on 13/08/2020.


This strapping lad is Koda (Helenka Nakoda). Koda is a 2 year old blue roan APSB gelding out of Helenka Neighlani. He was born here at Pelamine (before we became an official registered stud). Koda has been very successfully shown since he was born. He is expected to mature at 9.3hh-10hh, I intend on showing him inhand til he turns 3 and then breaking him to harness and then to saddle for my daughter.


The last and most recent pony to join the team is Soraya. Soraya (Pelamine Soraya) is a chestnut skewbald APSB filly out of Ashlow Strawberry Fields Forever and was born on 13/08/2020 around 8.30am. She is a first foal for Strawberry, everything was text book with the delivery. More information will be available about Soraya as she grows!

────────────── ★ ──────────────

Edited at August 22, 2020 02:06 AM by Summer
The Little Ones June 27, 2018 10:27 PM

Hallucination Manor
Posts: 4096
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Aww the ponies are so adorable and your horses are so handsome!! :3 I hope you will have some cute babies!!
The Little Ones July 23, 2018 04:48 PM

Columet Farms
Posts: 1295
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Aww ponies.
The Little Ones August 7, 2018 04:00 AM

Posts: 767
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Oh the Welsh D boy :D A typical Welsh D.
Once they found their human they are like a loyal dog, going through fire for them.

But "finished" with only 3? isn't that a bit early? Those horses are late bloomers.... I wouldn't start riding before the age of 4/5 or even older.
Mostly just ground works.
The Little Ones August 7, 2018 05:45 AM

Posts: 968
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Toskana said:

But "finished" with only 3? isn't that a bit early? Those horses are late bloomers.... I wouldn't start riding before the age of 4/5 or even older.
Mostly just ground works.

I understand that they are late bloomers, this guy in particular is quite big for a cob, but he won't be in regular work for a few years to come (once my husbands horse goes into retirement from competition) and probably won't see a jump until he is 6, if ever. We want him very basically educated so he can be taken out to shows and ridden in different environments for exposure. We want him to be able to go out, have a walk around, a small workout in an arena and then put him back in his yard to take it all in. He was started young but he hasn't been thrashed, he's had about 8 rides in total over a period of 3 months and now he's turned out, we may pull him out for some in-hand classes.
The Little Ones December 21, 2018 03:56 PM

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This gorgeous little colt was born this morning <3 Well done, Summer <3

The Little Ones December 21, 2018 05:38 PM

Stormsong Manor
Game Moderator
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Cremello boy!
The Little Ones December 21, 2018 08:48 PM

Posts: 968
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Palomino tobiano with splash white gene :) can't get cremello from cremello x chestnut, only palomino :D
The Little Ones January 7, 2019 07:40 PM

Forget Me Not Equine
Posts: 972
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so sweet!!!!!
The Little Ones January 15, 2019 04:43 AM

Posts: 968
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The crew are off to their first show as a group next month! This will be exciting!

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