Jumping life stable
The Family Business
12:01:47 Overlord of Monday
Me too. I want to be a catcher because I know I can throw down for non softball people throw it from home plate to second base
Wolfs Ire
11:59:58 Fawn
Thank you guys :D She's also RnRn and Prlprl so I can't wait to breed her.
Jumping life stable
Overloard-i play all out fild bc i have one hella of arm to get to in
SilverFox Ranch
11:58:57 Silver/Foxxy
-HEE Click-

Woohoo! xD
The Family Business
11:58:15 Overlord of Monday
What position do you play? I play third and outfield
Moon Wolf EQ Center
11:58:03 Wolf // Luna
-HEE Click-
What are you doing with your training shashta?
The Family Business
11:57:36 Overlord of Monday
-HEE Click-
I don’t even breed TB and I won him
Jumping life stable
Bee and overloard-i play both
11:56:50 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Pretty girl Fawn :)
11:56:48 🔥Thunder
Okay, one last photo.
This dog belongs to my cousin's friend.
11:56:42 puck
Name her susan
The Family Business
11:56:32 Overlord of Monday
That’s amazing. People need to buy mustangs because they are a nuisance in some places and it saves them from certain death
Jumping life stable
Names for her -HEE Click-
11:56:05 puck
Fawn omg that's awesome!
Queen Bee Equine
11:55:59 Bee
Overloard, Thats funny! I also play volleyball
Wolfs Ire
11:55:27 Fawn
YES! First EEP combo Dun TB filly I've bred :D
-HEE Click-
The Family Business
11:54:56 Overlord of Monday
I’m sorry. I play softball so I know camps are hard
Wings Of Glory
11:54:54 O Great Potato Wing
im so happy:D me and my mustang have shown that horses from her herd are amazing horses even though theyre a bit small and plain looking and now the wild horse facilities out here are all sold out of muddy creek horses and people are buying more mustangs because word got around about my girly<3
Shadow Moon Stables
11:54:42 Shadow The Wolfie
and @overlord, she my little baby girl :D
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Might be getting another horse? December 1, 2019 05:40 AM

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To clear everything up. (Story sort of...)

I was looking for a horse about two months before posting the original post about breeds. I did have a look through a few websites and I did go out to see four different horses. (three thoroughbreds and one mustang.)

I decided to wait a bit later, because doing more years of college. I wouldn't have much time to like after a horse if I was gone half of the day at college. (I'm on fourth year of it now.)

During a visit to my aunt's during the Christmas time of 2017. My aunt had many health problems so she had to hire someone to look after her 26 year old mare Thoroughbred. Around February 2018, my aunt had very bad money problems because of her health and couldn't look after the horse any longer.

She didn't want her horse to go to someone random, so I decided to look after it and my parents helped out as well. The mare traveled 2 and half hours down the country to be looked after.

My mum loves the mare so much... She has over 100 nicknames for the mare ranging from Honey bee to Sweet Heart...

2019 - My aunt is currently healthy and sorted out her money problems. The mare is also doing good and loves hanging around with joey, my dad's gelded Shetland.

Might be getting another horse? December 2, 2019 08:58 AM

Elites Horse Ranch
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interesting and im glad she got better : )

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