Elysium Opalus
12:16:34 Begone Thoughts
posted it
-HEE Click-
Thank you :)
Amor, sales
Ah, I found out what snake my friend has. It's an eastern king snake. -Click-
12:15:01 Rae | Chicko
Hades- Ikr XD
Heaven on Earth
12:14:51 Fishy Salad
I have 1 horse that, let's say needs a pro rider
12:13:16 Madsie
I have 4 horses and I would loan them to anyone (if they can ride them well enough and are not gonna get hutprt)
misty sky stables
We were on horses and we were rushing to get back home and we unsaddled and everything. Then it didn’t even rain xD
~ Hades ~
12:12:53 Queen Of Ootensils
And if thats for de Rebel Fork I think she'll love it
Moonland Ranch
12:12:39 Moony, Moon.
*I have Dusty(Cat), Salem(Cat), Leo(Betta Fish), Keisha(Dog)
Do I ask for price suggestions here or on sales? :)
~ Hades ~
12:12:29 Queen Of Ootensils
I love how doglike it is Rae xD
12:12:03 Rae | Chicko
When a canine artist tries to draw a cat X'D
The Joker
12:11:53 Knight of Ootensils
Those are cute @Kit
Heaven on Earth
12:11:52 Fishy Salad
😂😂 No, I'm just browsing the internet
Moonland Ranch
12:11:44 Moony, Moon.
I have Dusty(Cat)
The Joker
12:11:18 Knight of Ootensils
Unfortunately I don’t :( but I do pick up and save Garter Snakes from Dogs and cats if they are being hunted
Moonland Ranch
12:11:16 Moony, Moon.
Heaven on Earth, Should i be worried..
~ Hades ~
12:11:08 Queen Of Ootensils
Yup, ones name is Kilde and the other is Comet
12:11:06 Madsie
Good morning everyone or happy midnight or happy evening ever you are
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Fair Attire August 7, 2019 10:02 PM

Posts: 3166
Do you know if the hat is nessesary, because I hate hats in general
Fair Attire August 8, 2019 11:35 AM

SM Stables
Posts: 860
Are you doing showmanship? If you do showmanship, where I live, it is a choice. You can wear a black cowboy hat, or your helmet. But you really don't need the hat for anything else
Fair Attire August 8, 2019 12:11 PM

Posts: 3166
Wait, do you ride in Showmanship
Fair Attire August 8, 2019 12:11 PM

Posts: 3166
What about Fitting and Showing, and Mini Showmanship
Fair Attire August 8, 2019 01:27 PM
Posts: 1585
I show miniatures, and I use the same outfit for all classes. I use plain black yoga pants, and a western show jacket. And for showmanship, I just add in a cowboy hat, and my English riding gloves.
The rules around where I live, is your shoulders must be covered, you have to have a collar on your shirt, and no blue jeans, only dark coloured pants. Boots must been worn, and of neutral colours (black, grey, brown, etc.) except in obstacle and jumping classes (then you can wear black running shoes). For showmanship, you must wear a cowboy hat, and gloves.
So really, you could typically find a show outfit for really cheap! I started with a collared shirt from Walmart, and black jeans.
From what I find, is most miniature judges LOVE the extra dazzle and sparkle! They like something that stands out just enough for them to notice it. So putting on some jewelry, and nice makeup can really make the judge notice you. (Depending on the judge)
Also, try to match everything your horse, so if you have a lighter colour mini, go for a nice dark colour (Purple, or a dark blue, etc.) and if you have a darker mini, go for something bright like red.

Edited at August 8, 2019 01:28 PM by Flying...free
Fair Attire August 8, 2019 01:29 PM

Posts: 3166
Thank you, do you have any links or anything to some of you favorite show shirts
Fair Attire August 8, 2019 01:30 PM

Posts: 3166
Thank you, do you have any links or anything to some of you favorite show shirts
Fair Attire August 8, 2019 01:35 PM
Posts: 1585
This is where I got my show jacket, and I love it!
Edit: Won’t let me share the link, but it’s from Hobby Horse Clothing Company

Edited at August 8, 2019 01:37 PM by Flying...free
Fair Attire August 8, 2019 01:40 PM

Posts: 3166
Fair Attire August 8, 2019 04:23 PM

Posts: 170
Where I'm at, hats aren't an option. They have to be worn. They want everything to match. And showmanship is leading the horse in a pattern. It can include trotting, pivots, and backing. The horse needs to set up easily and stand square. A shirt with a collar and cuffs is best. I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone wear gloves. The horse needs a leather halter. I prefer black leather because it's easier to match, but since my black halter got broken, I'm using a light oil tooled leather halter with a matching lead. It matches my horses fine, so it works. What I think looks best for showmanship is boots with a black bottom, long black jeans that cover them mostly, a black hat, and a black based shirt with some bling. Silver earrings, light makeup, and nearly done hair look good too. Borrowing a hat is always an option and you only have to wear it for a few minutes during the pattern. Also, make sure you don't half way crouch when you jog to have your horse trot. Judges don't like it when you shrink 6 inches at a jog. Make sure you know where they are at all times. When they walk around your horse, keep moving to the best position to show the horse off. YouTube is a great reference. There are many professionals who upload videos demonstrating how to teach and perform different moves in showmanship.

I've noticed in Mini shows that they shave off a weird part of the mane. They also full body clip them. The hooves are painted very shiny and they put something on the area around the eyes and nose to make that shinier. Minis have to stretch out like arabians when they set up as well. They want the head high and back level. I haven't shown minis, but I have a neighbor who does and shows me pictures all the time.

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