03:50:06 Legion
I lowkey want to get the 20mb package lol. I'm needing it because my rotation has online meetings and it was struggling at times to stream the video.
03:50:00 PNW
Umm... Something's not right. -HEE Click- Is this tack fail a known issue?
03:49:43 Del Rey/ Veggie Burg
I seen the fattest racoon today
New Eagle Equine
03:48:44 Eagle 🎨
Ooh my sister just got in trouble for being lazy. Now shes being forced go on a nice long walk with me XD
Diamond T
03:48:08 Diabu
Ugh, yeah we have a stay at home order here, we are also looking at upping our net here, haven't decided which way we are go, just up to 300 or up to 1gb
03:47:58 Legion
PNW: I'm pretty happy. It's been shifting hard and completely acted up yesterday after getting serviced. Got recommended to a local transmission shop who replaced a lot of the electronics and they pretty much just fixed all the issues
03:46:53 Legion
I'm kinda flailing around a bit lol. Oklahoma /finally/ issues a state wide shelter in place. So, mom's willing to up the internet package so I can do my online rotation and I'm looking at getting my medications transfered to a local pharmacy
03:46:36 PNW
Awesome, Eury!

Diamond T
03:45:21 Diabu
Lol I'm here, just usually quiet
03:44:45 Legion
Hot damn. That's a name I haven't seen in ages
Abstract Dunes
03:44:13 Abs
A lot of things are taken into account when it comes to discipline and cheating - including their past violations.
Secret Meadows
03:44:03 Ruu
Ok thanks
Country Bayou Stable
03:44:00 Bayou
We're on a stay at home order here except emergencies and essentials but we can still go on walks.
Diamond T
03:43:52 Diabu
Hii Eury!
Abstract Dunes
03:43:42 Abs
If it happens, please report it. We aren't going to do the "what if" game.
03:43:36 PNW
Ruu, any time a horse changes hands for any reason at all, it officially belongs to the person you sold it/gave it to. That person has no obligation to return it. So, it is best to never send your horse to a different stable unless you don't mind losing it forever.
Star Catcher Estate
03:43:32 Mother of Amoebas
If he gets it, I get it. Plain as that. But we do stay six feet apart from other people out walking, as per guidelines.
03:43:29 Legion
Wee. SUV is fixed. Transmission is doing beautifully and it drives like new now
Secret Meadows
03:43:17 Ruu
What if after the first time they do it, they do it again then could they get in trouble?
Diamond T
03:43:08 Diabu
Here we have a stay at home order except for essentials like food
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Training Updates and Progress with my yearling January 20, 2020 10:54 AM

Hopeful Hollows
Posts: 540
Hi, this is a page I created to post updates and my progress with my yearling. I own a flaxen chestnut solid appaloosa filly named Echo. This is my first horse but I have been riding for 10 years and have been training horses for about 1 year I trained a 4 year old mini and I am currently riding a 5 year old chestnut blanket appaloosa gelding named Spike. Echo and Spike are related they are full siblings and she also has some half siblings at my barn. I take regular lessons with a trainer and my trainer is also going to help walk me through how to break Echo soon.
(This was inspired by @Amhain Dull Liath and her page Daily Training Updates.)

Edited at January 20, 2020 10:58 AM by Hopeful Hollows
Training Updates and Progress with my yearling January 20, 2020 10:57 AM

Hopeful Hollows
Posts: 540
Training Updates and Progress with my yearling January 20, 2020 11:04 AM

Hopeful Hollows
Posts: 540
Update 1
Echo has just gotten over being sick she had a high temp,was not eating or drinking,was not going to the bathroom, and had a lot of yellow snot. The vet came out and took her blood work but it came back clear he said it was just a respitory thing. After a few days she started eating again, drinking again,going to the bathroom, and a few days ago her snot went away. Now that she is feeling better I can start to work her again so tonight I am going to lunge her and have a review day. She will lunge tracking right but sometimes she has a hard time going left. Echo picks up all the correct leads and listens pretty well to voice commands. During our review I am going to start with just a walk stop and walk stop set up or walk stop set up and back a few steps. I am currently teaching her showmanship and in hand trail. She is really good at setting up but backing sometimes she doesnt understand but I am so excited to work her today.
Training Updates and Progress with my yearling January 21, 2020 09:33 AM

Hopeful Hollows
Posts: 540
Update 2
I went out to the barn last night and worked Echo. She did so good with her hoof she doesnt always want to pick up and she did really good with letting my clean a little scratch she got. I lunged her and she did amzing tracking right but she had a lot of energy because she hasnt been worked in a little bit. Tracking left she did great at first but then she stopped and wanted to go the other way but I tried to get her going and she gave me sassy foot and sassy rear so my trianer came and helped me and then once she got her to go the right way I took her back and got her to go that way too. As a cool down we did some walking,stopping, and setting up and she was amazing at that.
Training Updates and Progress with my yearling January 21, 2020 01:34 PM

Hopeful Hollows
Posts: 540
here is a little video of Echo lunging.
Training Updates and Progress with my yearling January 21, 2020 01:37 PM

Moon coast farms
Posts: 7
Such a cutie!
Training Updates and Progress with my yearling January 21, 2020 02:34 PM

Hopeful Hollows
Posts: 540

Moon coast farms said:
Such a cutie!

thank you! :)
Training Updates and Progress with my yearling January 21, 2020 07:13 PM

Amhain Dull Liath
HEE Newspaper
Posts: 7265
Lovely little gal <3
Don't mean to be an annoying internet trainer, but just wanted to remind you to go easy on the lunging. It's quite hard on the joints of young horses. She's doing amazing, though, great work!! Can't wait to see what you two become! :D
Do you know how tall she is currently? Looks like a big gal!

Edited at January 21, 2020 07:14 PM by Amhain Dull Liath
Training Updates and Progress with my yearling January 21, 2020 08:11 PM

Hopeful Hollows
Posts: 540
Thank you! And it's okay I don't mind the constructive criticism. I have a tendency to walk a lot when I am lungeing but I am working on that. Also usually I do a lot more trotting than cantering but that is just a video my mom got while she was cantering. I love the way she moves though and typically I keep are working sessions short about 30 minutes including cool down. I am not sure her current height as her papers are still being worked out between my trainer and the breeder but her full brother is about 16hh.
Training Updates and Progress with my yearling January 21, 2020 08:46 PM

Hopeful Hollows
Posts: 540
About my horse
because it has been so cold recently it has been hard to work the horses and get videos or pictures but I thought I would do an about my horse kinda thing
color: flaxen chestnut
markings:white blaze and 2 white socks
age: just turned 2 because of the new year
name: Echo
show name: Let's Get physical
sire: Alwyas in the mood Appaloosa stallion
Discipline: currently in hand and working on showmanship and in hand trail. When she can be ridden she is going to be an all around horse doing English and western or whatever suits her best.
height: I'm not sure but she is a growing girl
Personality: she is super sweet and affectionate, sometimes she can be a little sassy, try's to do the correct thing but needs help sometimes. She is very brave and is less spooky than her full brother.
quirks: sometimes she struggles with picking up her hoofs but that is because she does not know how to pick them up but she is getting better every time I do them. She also has some trouble lungeing if she's not in the round pen but we are working on that. Overall she is really an amazing baby I love her temperament and how she handles new things.

Edited at January 21, 2020 08:47 PM by Hopeful Hollows

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