Hidden Valley Ranch
09:55:46 HVR
-HEE Click- She is just so pretty I had to keep her.
09:54:19 Gem
I don’t even breed for color anymore but I just had to snag this boy
-HEE Click-
09:53:25 Jacob
Yeah boys are typically worth less than mares unless they are great producers
Hollow Tree Acres
09:53:25 Crazy Goat Lady
I kept these 2 E girls just because color
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
09:52:35 Gem
Girls are pricey at least but boys are going for dirt cheap it seems like
Da Smexy Sheep
09:52:09 Lil l Cando l Canlil
O_o So pretty Ven. You should see mine. Looks like a pile of shit XD
09:51:51 Jacob
Could be SD. Most breed for W of course but you got to start somewhere and single Ws are still pretty pricey.
Spirtasi Whims
09:51:50 Tasi / Chat Killer
Oh that is so cute Ven!
09:51:33 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Alright, thank you :)
09:51:22 Gem
Not unless they’re beautiful XD
Or RID frame. Trying to start an SD frame project ;)
Hollow Tree Acres
09:51:22 Crazy Goat Lady
I love building Sims houses
Hollow Tree Acres
09:51:01 Crazy Goat Lady
AL, I use Es for my SD color program but otherwise no
Stormsong Manor
09:50:50 Ven Solo
I am generally a pretty basic/sucky architect. But I like this sims house

hollyhock joy
too hyper and the tenager years ugh tear up everything XD XO
09:50:15 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Are single E mares useful for anything?
09:49:56 Jacob
If i fart my dog collapses and runs his face on the ground. Doesnt care if i sing though.
Hollow Tree Acres
09:49:41 Crazy Goat Lady
Ugh I would love to have a Doberman sometime in the future
09:49:21 Gem
That would be perfect!
hollyhock joy
purbred too docked and ears up need a shot of him
Spirtasi Whims
09:48:45 Tasi / Chat Killer
Thank you guys
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New baby! March 15, 2021 09:15 PM

Holly Hill Farm
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Baby update: Her name is "Bonus" since she was kind of a bonus to buying the mare haha. She's been doing great and I've been working with her daily to imprint her and get her friendly! She's a veryyyy energetic, springy little thing!
New baby! March 15, 2021 09:16 PM

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Oh cuteness she's absolutely precious.
New baby! March 16, 2021 01:35 PM
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so cute!!
New baby! March 17, 2021 08:02 AM

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Just adorable no other word!

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