Avalanche Acres
09:00:43 Llama's Side
Hi Thunda
Avalanche Acres
09:00:27 Llama's Side
I'd rather have the snow in winter. Most of the winter the woods were mud and frozen mud. Not nearly as nice for winter hikes. I accept the need for caution while driving for 3/4 months or so out of the year in exchange.
Star Catcher Estate
08:59:20 Fleursie||Welcomer
I'm pretty okay, Purp.
Trying to get this manip done. It might be the longest I've ever worked on one of them. Going on *looks at clock*
6 hours now. (Not 6 hours straight though)
Nordic Designs
08:59:17 Keonah
Well it is February so it's even faster than normal
08:58:44 Yep.. I'm a Hoarder
*sees Nordic*
Ah.. now I remember what I was doing! 👻
08:58:06 Yep.. I'm a Hoarder
Why does RO always creep up so fast.
08:58:06 Legion
I'm kinda happy with the lack of snow/ice. Less dangerous driving conditions for me
Nordic Manor
08:57:52 Keo
Heheh... I shouldn't 😅😅
Purple Pegasus Farm
08:57:23 Graceful
Doing pretty good, you?
Avalanche Acres
08:57:08 Llama's Side
lol then look through the barn that champagne mare is in. I have a bit of a problem with snowflakes
Avalanche Acres
08:56:42 Llama's Side
we've barely gotten any snow this winter. It's been a pretty pathetic winter this year.
Nordic Acres
08:56:35 Keo
I loveee snowflakes ☠️☠️
Avalanche Acres
08:56:12 Llama's Side
I'd rather she had this snowflake pattern w/o the varnish. But it does look pretty nifty now.
Star Catcher Estate
08:55:56 Fleursie||Welcomer
That's not too bad. :D
I'm kinda sad that we haven't gotten any snow, but at the same time I'm happy we haven't gotten any snow XD
Avalanche Acres
08:55:37 Llama's Side
Isn't she just Keo :D
Avalanche Acres
08:55:13 Llama's Side
eh maybe 3 inches tops. Not much
Nordic Acres
08:55:08 Keo
Oh she's gooorrgeous llama 😱😱
Star Catcher Estate
08:54:48 Fleursie||Welcomer
How much snow?
Cranberry Stables
Bang pots and pan together XDD
Avalanche Acres
08:53:54 Llama's Side
Morning Fluer :D I'm okay. Trying to get the gumption up to go shovel :D
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