Sunset Grove Farm
06:04:44 gertrude
Thanks <3
Ladybird Estate
06:03:55 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Holy mother of macaroni sunset that beautiful
Sunset Grove Farm
06:03:36 gertrude
Its for a friend of mine, 5+ hours at least haha, and thats on the pallete not the header
06:02:55 Rae | Chicko
Holy crap Sunset, your palette is awesome :0 how long did it take you to code? 0-o
Spirtasi Whims
06:02:46 Wings/Spring Day
Rae that is so cute! I know Marz took me about a day and a half to just get the markings, I haven't even gotten to the definitions yet
06:01:30 Rae | Chicko
Sunset- Thats the first time i've ever actually tried it. Definitely very high on the difficulty scale xD pretty, though
Sunset Grove Farm
06:01:19 gertrude
Almost done with this pallete :)
Pstt please scroll
Bee Pack
05:59:45 Belle
That is amazing. 0,,o
Sunset Grove Farm
05:58:52 gertrude
No biggie :)

I've got a peice in the works for that contest and in also struggling with the brindle lol, don't rember the last time I drew it, let alone ona. Dog
05:57:56 Rae | Chicko
Thanks Sunset :D

And oops, sorry. I wasnt aware ^^"
Ladybird Estate
05:57:36 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
That so pretty rae
~ Hades ~
05:57:04 Queen Of Ootensils
JM up and running!
Working on a Apricot Dun and a Chestnut!
Sunset Grove Farm
05:56:40 gertrude
Holy shit. Raewyn that is gorgeous

(PS contest entries aren't allowed in chat)
Sunset Grove Farm
05:56:10 gertrude
-HEE Click-
This is my sven match, I still don't know weyhee to be nervous or exited lol
05:56:04 Rae | Chicko
Brindle is such a damn pain to draw :'D
Sunset Grove Farm
05:55:32 gertrude
Oooo goodluck!
Rockrose Eventing
05:55:10 skye
-HEE Click- This is my big sven match and I’m super nervous!
Sunset Grove Farm
05:48:21 gertrude
I've only got 3 matches so I'm thankfully good for space lol
Ladybird Estate
05:47:59 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
I'm buying a 50 stall barn when I get the chance, I don't have enough room for my horses lol
Moonland Ranch
05:46:13 Moony, Moon.
-Click- Her legs gone all weird in her new clothes 😂 (She has a jacket on because it's freezing cold)
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