Diamond C Ranch
12:43:08 Diamond l Cumber Bud
How is Gloria the magical Hippo?
12:43:07 Nyx
Yea! I spent over 400k last RO. This RO I only have about 100k to spend.
12:42:24 Nyx
That is a long time! Being a loner is hard and just depressing because while you sit there, the world just passes by without you and nothing really changes. All my friends are with people and I am just sitting here like WELP... here I am
Morning Glory Farms
12:42:22 Tericipatrivia/MGF
I got one of MVA's RO reserve spots and I'm so fucking excited for it
Color Wonder Stables
12:41:10 Kass/Color 🌻
I'm just looking forward to watching a horror movie with him in person one day so I can cuddle him if I get creeped out (which is easy when it comes to eyes or widely extended jaws lol).
Shadowfax Hall
12:41:09 Shadow
-curls up in a corner and quietly dies-
sassyk Stables
12:40:31 Queen Of UngodlyCool
RO can be expensive fo sho
Color Wonder Stables
12:40:11 Kass/Color 🌻
I've been with my guy for six years now so I don't know how to be a loner anymore. LOL. Even thinking about it is weird.

We like to watch horror movies from time to time.
12:39:46 Nyx
Sassy yea I have been wanting one of her pieces but havent been able to save up for one. I have been so focused on saving for ROs.
12:38:34 Nyx
XD i dont watch any form of scary movie/tv show. I cant do it! Plus, I havent dated anyone in almost 5 years so I am a loner XD I am just tired because I have been moving for the past 2 weeks. Havent had a day off.
Color Wonder Stables
12:38:17 Kass/Color 🌻
We also watched Polaroid and I think it ruined my plans of getting one lol.
Wild Garnet Fields
12:37:41 Arc
Kass, the first time I watched that, I had my back to my basement stairs. Had to turn around to finish watching the movie 'cause it creeped me out so much xD
12:36:42 Nyx
It doesnt do well on mobile. Might want to try a laptop or PC.
Moonland Ranch
12:36:26 Moony, Purple Army!
Nyx, Thanks!
Color Wonder Stables
12:36:17 Kass/Color 🌻
I also just watched As Above So Below with my boyfriend and it got me just a tad spooked lol.
sassyk Stables
12:36:14 Queen Of UngodlyCool
Thanks, she is an amazing artist.Ebs go in about 1 am game time, I think.
Heaven on Earth
12:35:54 Heavenlea
Hey, has DA been acting up for anyone else on here, none of the stock images will download, and I wasn't sure if it was my phone or not
12:35:46 Nyx
1:30 game time I believe.
12:35:29 Nyx
Who knows. Some principals will say anything to sound supportive when really they are just required to seem assuring.
12:34:23 Nyx
Well it is really really cool! And your horses are beautiful!
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The Sayings Game March 7, 2019 11:18 AM

Aurora Elites
Posts: 411
Post a saying/quote of anything! It can be inspirational, funny, sad, etc. The person who posts next will rate the saying you posted on a scale of 1-10 and then post their own saying. Also, if possible, please give credit to whoever originally said that quote.

First quote:

"Life is short, smile while you still have teeth"

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The Sayings Game March 7, 2019 05:32 PM
Palm Beach Stables
Posts: 879
lol 8

“No one’s perfect. That’s why pencils have erasers.”

Edited at March 7, 2019 05:32 PM by Paradise Cove Elites
The Sayings Game March 8, 2019 07:23 AM

Night Shadow Stables
Posts: 624

"I haven't failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work."
-Thomas Edison
The Sayings Game March 10, 2019 12:00 PM

*Stable of Jewels*
Posts: 359

“Practice like you’ve never won, perform like you’ve never lost”
Not sure who said it tho. But I live by this quote.
The Sayings Game March 10, 2019 03:55 PM

Dimrill Dale
Posts: 2582
Don't follow the masses, cause eventually that "M" becomes silent

The Sayings Game March 10, 2019 06:02 PM

Aurora Elites
Posts: 411
That one is good.

Never assume, because it makes an a** out of u and m.
The Sayings Game March 10, 2019 09:16 PM

Dimrill Dale
Posts: 2582
10 that is a favorite "Dad" saying
(talking about boards, nails, fence posts, etc)>
"Do they fit?"
"Do they touch?"
"Are they close?"
"Nail 'em, we ain't buildin' pianos!"
The Sayings Game March 11, 2019 12:52 PM

Oxford Hunt
Posts: 841

If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all.
The Sayings Game March 11, 2019 01:01 PM

Dimrill Dale
Posts: 2582
Just remember, if we get caught, you're deaf and I don't speak English.
The Sayings Game March 11, 2019 04:48 PM

Minnesota Stables
Posts: 252

If you're at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on

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