Flying With Eagles
11:37:49 Flingy
I was out in the cold calling the dogs and now my legs hurt so bad Dx why am i like this
Aussie Wattles
11:35:15 Aussie
Yay I get to go riding this weekend for the first time in 6/7 months! Why must the week be so long
Ryshadium RIDs
11:30:14 InkSpren
Oy. Not the covers. Get back here.
Moonland Ranch
11:25:38 Moony, Purple Army!
-HEE Click- Anyone wanna join?
White Hills
11:24:59 WH or Hills
But I would probably sell my soul for unlimited mint moose tracks lol
Moonland Ranch
11:21:09 Moony, Purple Army!
I miss sushi too
11:20:41 Yep.. I'm a Hoarder
White Hills
11:18:51 WH or Hills
I love sushi, I miss the Chinese buffet place near my parents house that had really nice sushi
3 Bar Z
11:17:13 *steals the grullo*
*steals the cookies, Ice cream and Ink's covers*
Timber Canyon
11:16:49 Timbie
My true addiction is sushi haha
Moonland Ranch
11:16:20 Moony, Purple Army!
I use to have an addiction to a certain type of noodles
Ryshadium RIDs
11:16:10 InkSpren
I prefer ice cream flavor wise, but it has always hurt my teeth.
White Hills
11:14:22 WH or Hills
I like cookies but I definitely have more of an ice cream addiction.
Timber Canyon
11:11:09 Timbie
Cookies are the shit.
Ryshadium RIDs
11:10:04 InkSpren
I had a customer buy 2 bags of cookies while picking up his meds today. That led to an interesting conversation about his cookie addiction, lol.
Security Moon Stable
i am now thanks for the help
Ryshadium RIDs
11:07:55 InkSpren
You are the best.
White Hills
11:07:22 WH or Hills
None of us can do anything, just pm eve
Timber Canyon
11:07:12 Timbie
I have a whole box, Ill share
Morning Glory Farms
11:07:12 Tericipatrivia/MGF
Like I said if it's connected to your email you can retrive the account
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The Sayings Game January 12, 2020 10:14 PM

Amhain Dull Liath
Posts: 6756
"Who fucked who to make the Grinch?!?"

Edited at January 13, 2020 01:23 PM by Amhain Dull Liath
The Sayings Game January 13, 2020 07:55 PM

California Valley
Trivia Team
Posts: 626
“You can’t always control who walks into your life... But you can control which window you throw them out of.”
- Unknown
The Sayings Game January 14, 2020 12:26 AM

Amhain Dull Liath
Posts: 6756
"You've heard of 'easy peasy lemon squeezy', but now it's time for 'stressed depressed lemon zest'."
The Sayings Game January 14, 2020 01:45 PM

Posts: 2083
Never follow anyone elses path. Unless your in the woods and lost and you see a path. Then by all means follow that path.
- Ellen DeGeneres
The Sayings Game January 14, 2020 07:17 PM

Amhain Dull Liath
Posts: 6756
"[Playing GTA]
*sings like Ocean Man* Monkey man, hit me with a van- driving on the land. Admins want me baaanned"
-Soup, YT

Edited at January 27, 2020 09:36 PM by Amhain Dull Liath
The Sayings Game January 28, 2020 11:34 AM

Posts: 4393
"You're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul."
- Jar Of Hearts, Christina Perri
The Sayings Game January 28, 2020 09:37 PM

Amhain Dull Liath
Posts: 6756
"[Bearette, our bulldog, enters the room]
No one:
Not a single soul:
Me: Beary don't skip leg day, man. "

Edited at January 31, 2020 03:19 PM by Amhain Dull Liath
The Sayings Game February 3, 2020 09:58 PM

Posts: 93
Whoever said "out of sight, out of mid" never had a spider disappear in their bedroom.
The Sayings Game February 3, 2020 10:57 PM

Posts: 2083
It takes real skills to choke on air, fall up the stairs and trip over nothing
I have those skills
The Sayings Game February 4, 2020 01:30 PM

Amhain Dull Liath
Posts: 6756
"[Playing a game]
Charlie: *admiring character's glasses in the mirror*
Enemies: *enter the bathroom shooting their guns*
Charlie: Hey, could you KNOCK?! *gets killed*"

Edited at February 19, 2020 09:56 PM by Amhain Dull Liath

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