Timber Canyon
08:31:21 Timbie
Rough day - grandma just passed away half an hour ago. Saw her earlier and she was totally unresponsive and struggling to breathe.
Cando Farm
08:30:54 Lil l Cando l Canlil
How are ya Timbie?
Timber Canyon
08:28:24 Timbie
Er... ya'll probably shouldn't be talking about horses you are selling or have sold haha.
Circle T Ranch
08:27:59 CTR-Izzy Lou
He is going to a new home now
Obsidian Sport Horse
That's good. I kinda got discouraged so I sold a lot of my near leopards. Got tired of getting leopards lol
Dream Destroyer
08:25:44 DiDi
So I'm searching for a new pen to draw on my iPad with when the towel I have hanging on my door moves 0-0 the air is off and I don't have a fan
Circle T Ranch
08:24:26 CTR-Izzy Lou
He is doing ok, other than throwing me leopards all the time
Obsidian Sport Horse
I'm glad hes doing well for you
Timber Canyon
08:22:35 Timbie
Circle T Ranch
08:21:40 CTR-Izzy Lou
Obsidian, he is a good producer
Obsidian Sport Horse
the black near leopard stallion.
Rushing River Stable
08:20:34 River / Savy
-HEE Click-
This is my favorite girl ever. She looks a whole lot like a mare I absolutely adore-
Diamond Creek
i’m obsessed with those near leopards they’re so pretty T-T
08:19:02 Blue
-HEE Click- ooo
Circle T Ranch
08:18:40 CTR-Izzy Lou
Obsidian, which one.
Obsidian Sport Horse
@circle t you bought one of my boys lol he's a stunner
Zippy Love Equine
Just caught this girl is why I ask. She's a cutie, tho I wish she's not gotten the roan
-HEE Click-
Zippy Love Equine
Ah thanks guys. I'm sure it's somewhere on the site but I'm more than a little out of it lol.
08:14:45 TWO / Wild
Yeah, I procrastinate too much. XD

I'm sure I can auction it or something.
Circle T Ranch
08:14:45 CTR-Izzy Lou
Mags, Thank you
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