golden horse stables
04:52:11 horse girl
willow tree acres
04:51:16 aurora
song god damn it lol
Grace Gibbis stable
she means the song
04:50:27 Tangle || Rebel Fork
Grace Gibbis stable
omg haha thats why she wanted a depressed potato
willow tree acres
04:50:08 aurora
@tangle, I love you?
Depressed patato
thank you guys theyre adorable and I love them both <3
Grace Gibbis stable
golden horse stables
04:48:09 horse girl
hi everyone :)
Diagon Alley Elites
04:47:34 Dev
Um, there is a song that was my mom's favorite.
04:46:17 Tangle || Rebel Fork
Does anyone have a song that envokes strong feelings? Any emotion :)
Moonrose Mountains
04:43:07 Diva
Cool! You missing another S though
willow tree acres
04:39:27 aurora
la potato
willow tree acres
04:36:52 aurora
awe lol
Moonrose Mountains
04:36:03 Diva
Le lookie
Grace Gibbis stable
-HEE Click- this link should work
Grace Gibbis stable
-HEE Click- she looks so good with dapples omg
Grace Gibbis stable
what does pure barley grain do?
willow tree acres
04:22:09 aurora
ok thx I did that lol went and washed one took the photo and put it back XD
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Baby half bred hippocampus June 30, 2020 02:36 AM

Wintergreen Gardens
Posts: 132
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Heyo! So I made a baby half bred hippocampus! I am also wondering if I should auction this off or keep it? Let me know!! Also.. I forgot to ask in my last poll, what should my pricing be? I'm thinking no AB :) Anyways, let me know!!A567-C384-C1-F9-4-F6-A-8240-C4534-EEB61-CA.png

Poll Question: Auction or keep it?
Total Votes: 11
Auction it!! : 1091%
Keep it : 19%

You have cast your vote.
Edited at June 30, 2020 02:39 AM by Wintergreen Gardens
Baby half bred hippocampus June 30, 2020 07:42 AM
Spirtasi Whims
Posts: 496
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That's awesome Winters I love the colors, if you were to auction it I would say the SB be around 10-20k. That's a really cool piece

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