Lycans Dream
08:20:27 Dreamers || AA
-HEE Click-
Whiskeystar Farm
08:20:21 Whiskey
I actually have a wall decoration with WAP lyrics, I love it lol
Gemstone Stable
08:20:17 ~ Snow ~ Gem

That's my goal. Get them as high rated as I can and show them!
08:20:17 Luna's Lily

Spirtasi Whims
08:19:15 Tasi / Chat Killer
Oh haven't seen you in a bit Breezie! How's it going?
Spirtasi Whims
08:18:34 Tasi / Chat Killer
I think the things Cardi B say are fucking funny sometimes
08:18:27 Luna's Lily

Golden buckskins are so pretty!
Breed you a couple and just have em as show/trophy horses lol. Tack them up, make them all pretty
Gemstone Stable
08:18:26 ~ Snow ~ Gem

Oh dear! Pretty dub gal too. *sends flowers*
Gemstone Stable
08:17:39 ~ Snow ~ Gem

Yes, but I've never had much luck with SD...

And my horses aren't good enough to name them after people... yet. ;)
08:16:38 Luna's Lily

Aw, I'm sorry :(
I lost my best RID girl last month too.
Gemstone Stable
08:16:22 ~ Snow ~ Gem

I wish you the best! I'd love to breed for 'SPA' horses. hehe!
Gemstone Stable
08:15:08 ~ Snow ~ Gem

My side goals for fun is golden buckskins. ;) I know you can reroll it on, but getting it randomly is awesome!
Goat Mama
08:15:08 Breezie / Goat
-HEE Click-
Mallery Show Stables
08:15:06 Kathy
@Whiskey, great minds. :)
Mallery Show Stables
08:14:25 Kathy
Snow, nothing wrong with breeding specifically for W SD horses. I've got two on the ABLB (Masahiro and Tanaka Tuesday, both named after former NY pitcher Masahiro Tanaka), and three on the SHLB (another Masahiro son, Masa Rosso).
Gemstone Stable
08:14:02 ~ Snow ~ Gem
'bout time you leveled up pretty gal!

-HEE Click-
08:13:37 Luna's Lily

I hope so! There's aren't many studs available, and less that I can breed to lol but I'll get there!
Gemstone Stable
08:12:55 ~ Snow ~ Gem

Cardi B looks like a type cardio work out. lol I'm not into her...
08:12:39 Luna's Lily
I hate Cardi B and I don't care for that music at all. I just think it'd be kinda funny just to have that rating. Also be the first to have it. I don't breed SD or anything lol.
Gemstone Stable
08:11:37 ~ Snow ~ Gem

Wow! Hopefully you can match them well to get an W on them!
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Heh yes, another rp poll. October 20, 2021 11:50 AM

Fancy Elites
Posts: 491
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Again, these would be for people who can manage 5+ sentences per rp post.
The plots
Mythology: The greek gods of panic and fear, Deimos and Phobos, have decided to take over the world. They have allied themselves with Moros, the greek god of doom, and the Jotuns, giants of Norse mythology. The children of both Norse and Greek gods must work together to take down Deimos, Phobos, and their allies. Will you help take them down? Or will you join them in taking over the world?
Dragon/riders (Ill make up the dragon species): The people of the Archipelago are the toughest in the world. They choose to tame dragons to hunt for them instead of dogs and to carry them around instead of horses. The dragons speak an ancient complex language called Serpent Tongue. Only a few humans are able to speak this fascinating language. Suddenly, everything changes. The dragons are turning against their owners, tired of being ridden and doing everything for the humans. The humans retaliate by building dragon traps and capturing them, keeping them in specially constructed Dragon Prisons until they calm down. A couple dragons are unsure what to do, staying neutral. A couple more dragons decide to stay with their owners, thinking of how they fed and cared for them. Are you going to be a dragon-whisperer, able to speak Serpent Tongue? Or will you be a dragon rustler, catching gone-rogue dragons and putting them in Dragon Prisons?
The other two rps that I have in the voting thing, I haven't figured out plots for yet :D
If you like the mythology plot but don't know any Greek or Norse mythology, never fear! I will have a list of the mythology gods and creatures

Poll Question: Which rp would you join?
Total Votes: 28
Dragon/rider : 2175%
Mythology : 27%
Witch/wizard school : 14%
Mythical creature : 414%

You have cast your vote.
Edited at October 25, 2021 11:38 AM by Fancy Elites
Heh yes, another rp poll. October 20, 2021 11:51 AM

Zeberz Manor
Posts: 301
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I dont RP but Witch/Wizard school sounds magical... I like them details Xd
Heh yes, another rp poll. October 20, 2021 02:03 PM
Posts: 507
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I choose dragons, this is my first time doing an RP and I would be nice to my dragon :)

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