PK Rescue Stable
08:21:12 Fossilsaur
Same deal but harder to do
08:21:03 Lost In Translation
Yeah I get ya :/
Portrait Paints Stud
08:20:43 Jay's painting WBs
Honey buy a stallion & then rent mares
I suggest investing in a "quest stud"
Silver Tobiano Rabicano Sabino appaloosa etc etc on one horse & you will be able to use him repeatedly as well as stud him out
PK Rescue Stable
08:20:42 Fossilsaur
Milk no apology needed! I'm sorry your headaches are worse
Honey Grass
oh boy heres the next one
homozygous Champagne foal. This is a foal with two dominant Champagne genes:ChCh. Both parents must be Champagne to have a chance at a ChCh foal.
08:20:28 Myth/©Mythstake
I have head ache 😂
Murderous Manor
08:20:17 #SaveUkraine- Milk
Eh, Had some shitty days- no weeks
Honey Grass
did it
-HEE Click-
gonna have a sucky rating tho.
PK Rescue Stable
08:19:50 Fossilsaur
Oh not good Jay! glad all is fine now
Murderous Manor
08:19:39 #SaveUkraine- Milk
Yo Myth,
Everything ok?
I'm fine, gotten more headaches these days
08:19:38 Lost In Translation
The best I can be, you?
Murderous Manor
08:19:11 #SaveUkraine- Milk
LC! How are you?
I've missed you too! Sorry I haven't been on
08:19:09 Myth/©Mythstake
Could be better
Murderous Manor
08:18:42 #SaveUkraine- Milk
Hey Pk!! :D
Portrait Paints Stud
08:18:36 Jay's painting WBs
Woke up to my sewing room flooded but everything's fine now
PK Rescue Stable
08:18:34 Fossilsaur
I've missed you! I am phine lol
08:18:33 Lost In Translation
PK Rescue Stable
08:18:20 Fossilsaur
Murderous Manor
08:18:06 #SaveUkraine- Milk
Geez, been awhile since I've interacted in this chat. How's everyone?
PK Rescue Stable
08:17:29 Fossilsaur
Honey if you are a free account it's the silver stallion you should buy. then look for breeding mares to breed (it's called brood mares)
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