Ha I woke up at 5 too and couldnt go back to sleep either...

EEE/E and Rabi *.* congrats! And congrats on the week 8s, we wont speak of the 4s
Hemlock Farms
05:16:34 Hemitas
Ugh no! So rude.

Well It’s 5 am and can’t sleep so I captured some and just got this:
-HEE Click-

Week 8s all repeated their 4 ups and week 4s were abysmal.
~ Hades ~
05:16:12 LiTtLe PoTaTo MaN
I just wanna die...
And followed by this -HEE Click- -.- LMFAO

Hows things on your end Hem??
05:14:42 Nyx
oh my goodness XD
Hemlock Farms
05:14:02 Hemitas
Yay Capp!!
~ Hades ~
05:13:04 LiTtLe PoTaTo MaN
Nyx no
My boyfriends little brother had a crush on me
Just found out he's dating my sister 😆🤮
The First Realm
Congratulations Tuff!
-HEE Click- yayyyyy gained a bar! :o
05:09:01 Nyx
awh are you sick or something?
~ Hades ~
05:08:32 LiTtLe PoTaTo MaN
Oh my god...
Almost threw up
05:07:52 Nyx
that is terrible! I had the same thing happen around my house a few years ago when a dude tried to abduct me and it was awful!
Misty Mountain Lodge
05:01:57 tuff
Yipee! My first EEE!
~ Hades ~
05:01:03 LiTtLe PoTaTo MaN
Well we just had a police helicopter circle around our house and hover there for about an hour
honestly it was scary as they had the tactical team and everything
04:45:00 Val
Oh wow, RID gained a bar xD
-HEE Click-
Tumbling K Stables
04:42:37 Tumbling
So, what are rerolls?
04:33:12 Koko
-HEE Click-
My PON's are finally getting stronger and stronger! Im so excited for them, they have been lacking behind my AA's and Tb's.
sassyk Stables
04:26:36 Queen Of UngodlyCool
-HEE Click- loving that wk 8
04:26:19 Val
-HEE Click-

Ooo, she leveled up in 2 disciplines x)
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Short Story | Miracle Baby | Completed August 29, 2019 03:48 PM

Lazy Duck Elites
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|Julie Johnson | Kelly Sikkema | Liane Metzler | All Unsplash|

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Short Story | Miracle Baby | Completed September 2, 2019 12:18 AM

Lazy Duck Elites
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A few Days Later
“Careful, Amora!” Jaxon quietly scolded her as he held baby Cason in his arms, trying to help a sore Amora back to her room.
Amora had given birth and it went smoothly. Everything was well. The doctors thought that due to Amora’s small size, she’d have a hard time giving birth naturally, but she did and now has Cason who is 100% healthy.
“Jaxon.” Amora whined, as she sat down on the bed, pulling the covers over her. She leaned her head against the bed frame and closed her eyes a moment before opening them to continue her whining. “Let me hold Cason now.” She complained, stretching out her arms.
Jaxon sighed heavily and put the baby bag down, sitting down next to Amora. He carefully placed the sleeping baby in her arms and smiled gently. He kissed her head softly and sighed, staring down at her lovingly.
“Hey there,” Amora whispered. She was holding Cason in one arm as she traced a finger down his nose gently. She was so gentle, loving. The little boy even had Jaxon wrapped around his little finger.
Cason made a small whining noise and Amora frowned, tucking him closer to herself and kissing his head while gently rocking him back to sleep. “Shhh.” She cooed quietly. When Cason was asleep again, she looked at Jaxon with a soft smile. She handed Cason back to him after kissing his head once more as a goodnight.
Jaxon lifted the baby from Amora’s arm and stood, laying him down in the crib that was set up next to there bed. He kissed Cason’s head and laid him down in the crib and got him settled in, making sure he was asleep. He changed into pajamas and helped Amora out of her old clothes, into a clean pair of pajamas.
Once they were dressed, Jaxon laid back down and wrapped Amora carefully in his arms as she laid her head against his chest. They both gave a soft sigh of content. He kissed her head, like usual, and closed his eyes.
“I love you.” They both Whispered simultaneously, leaving smiles on there faces as sleep took them away.
This was the Final chapter! I will try to get some bonus chapters if I'm up for it, but no promises. I hope you all enjoyed it and please let me know what you thought of the story!! <3

Edited at December 12, 2019 10:01 PM by Lazy Duck Elites
Short Story | Miracle Baby | Completed October 5, 2019 03:14 PM

Lazy Duck Elites
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B O N U S | O N E
Wailing woke both the exhausted parents up. Jaxon groaned quietly and felt the bed shift, alerting him Amora was ready to calm Cason. He instantly, and sleepily, got up and leaned over the bed while pushing her down gently by her shoulders.
"Go back to sleep. I'll take care of him." He whispered knowing full well she was about to apologize. Before she could protest he claimed her lips in a soft, gentle kiss. "Sleep." He whispered once more and headed out the hallway to Cason's room.
He slowly opened the little boy's room. He walked inside when he saw the blankets scrunched up, hiding a loudly crying boy. Jaxon sighed and walked towards the bed, kneeling down next to it.
"Cason," He called softly, speaking his name gently so he didn't startle the poor boy. He reached a slow hand forward and started to tug off the blanket when Cason's crying only got louder. He frowned and pulled the blanket off of his head. "Cason, what's wrong?" He frowned, looking down at his face buried into the bed.
Cason's was laying on his stomach, his legs underneath, propping his butt into the air. It was adorable, and Jaxon would have admired how adorable he looked, but his heart ached when he continued to cry.
The small boy's head lifted slightly, only to have him turn it away from Jaxon's view to cry. Jaxon placed a warm hand against his back, rubbing it soothingly.
After a moment of thinking, Jaxon spoke again. "You want to lay down with Momma and me?" He spoke.
Cason nodded after a moment and looked up at Jaxon, reaching his pudgy arms out so he could get carried. He still cried and sniffed. Jaxon murmured something under his breath and scooped Cason into his arms, standing up. Tiny arms wrapped around his neck instantly, a warm head cradled into his neck.
Jaxon held him closely while exiting the room. "Did you have another bad dream?" He whispered after pressing a lingering kiss against his head. He felt Cason's head nod against him. Finally, after some time, his sobs turned into small sniffles.
Jaxon walked to his and Amora's room. He was glad Cason was a little quieter so he didn't wake Amora again. He pulled the blanket down from the bed and climbed under, setting his little boy in between Amora and himself.
Cason moved from Jaxon's side and laid on his back, sniffling. His small hand made contact with Amora's back that was faced him. He started to feel more tears well in his eyes, the urge to cry again significant.
"Mommy?" He whispered, tugging against her thin shirt, hoping she was awake.
Jaxon was about to fall asleep again when he heard Cason's voice. He snapped his eyes open and removed the small hand that clasped the Amora's, technically his, shirt. "She's asleep, Cas. She's not going anywhere." He pressed a kiss against his head again.
Cason started to wail again. This happened quite often. Cason would have a bad dream and cry loudly, waking them up. Whatever dream he has, he would need a certain parent to hold him. Tonight, it was obviously Amora.
Jaxon was about to try quieting Cason down, but it was too late. Amora was awoken again, yawning, but instantly frowning at the loud crying of her son. She turned around on the bed and kissed Cason's hot head. "I'm right here, Baby." Her voice was obviously tired.
Cason's wails stopped a moment into sniffles, his big blue eyes looking up at Amora. When he realized she was awake, he started to cry once more and moved close to her, burying his teary face into her chest. She wrapped an arm around him and kissed his head, cooing small things into his ears.
She was a wonderful mother.
After a little while, he stopped crying. He sniffled slightly and wiggled slightly out of Amora's hold to lay on his back. "Daddy?" He whispered and reached a small hand up and poked his cheek.
Jaxon's lips twitched into a sleepy smile. He opened his eyes, "Right here, buddy." He murmured and moved closer. Cason seemed satisfied both parents were awake. He grabbed one of Amora's hands and grabbed one of Jaxon's, laying their arms across his belly, snuggling into them.
Both adults smiled. Jaxon kissed Amora's head first before leaning down and pressure a loving kiss on top of Cason's head. "I love you." He whispered, smiling when he heard the young boys even breathing.
Amora closed her eyes and grumbled, hoping to fall asleep for the next few hours.
"Terrible Twos'."

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Short Story | Miracle Baby | Completed October 5, 2019 10:52 PM

Lazy Duck Elites
Posts: 7912
B O N U S | T W O
"Sweetheart, can you come here, please!" Jaxon called out from the kitchen. He was currently flipping through some folders with a large, happy grin spreading across his lips. He barely caught the quiet, 'Coming!' from Amora.
It wasn't long until he caught movement from the corner of his eyes. He looked up to see Amora, with a grumpy Cason in her arms. He was in a rotten mood this afternoon. "Yes?" She huffed, sending a warning glare down at Cason who whined and squeezed her tightly with his small arms.
Jaxon till had his huge smile on his face. He stood up, walked over to her while pressing a kiss to the side of her head. "Someone's in a bad mood." He whispered and placed a single kiss on Cason's head also.
Cason whined again, clearly not liking the way he was getting attention. "Daddy, No." He protested. Though really, he wanted all the attention in the world. Especially his parents.
His head was rested on Amora's shoulder, his eyes closed and arms tucked to himself when Amora peeled them off of her neck, where she claimed, "Too tight."Jaxon's lips turned into a small frown. He sighed and looked up at Amora with concerned eyes for his boy. "Did something happen? Why are you so grumpy this evening." He murmured and brushed the dark hair out of Cason's eyes when they opened.
Cason's eyes filled with unshed tears suddenly. He lifted his head off Amora's shoulder and outstretched his arms making grabby hands for Jaxon. "Hold-Hold me." He said and instantly wrapped himself around his Father's frame when he obligated.
Jaxon didn't hesitate to lift Cason into his arms. He sighed as he saw Amora frown, instantly filled with guilty eyes. He looked back down at the crying boy. "What's wrong?" He asked and sat down in a chair with him in his lap.
Cason sniffled and looked up at Jaxon with watery eyes, his cheeks wet from ones that already cascaded down his cheeks. He wiped the back of his nose with his hand tried explaining why he was in this mood. "M-Mommy being m-mean." He sniffled and wiped his nose again.
Jaxon's eyes widened slightly and he looked up at Amora questioningly. He fought back a grin when he saw her mouth drop open in disbelief. She stared down at the 3-year-old shocked. "Mommy was not mean, Cason. Tell Daddy the real reason your upset." She said and crossed her arms in front of her chest.
Cason whined and shook his head violently. It was obvious the little boy didn't want to talk about it. He buried his head into Jaxon's chest and sniffled a few times before he seemed to calm down.
Jaxon grabbed the file again and handed it to Amora with a small grin. After she took it, he placed the hand against Cason's head and stroked the now tired boy's hair. He watched Amora closely, waiting for her reaction.
When he saw her face pale a little, he frowned and sat up straighter. "Love, I thought you'd be happy?" He asked concerned. Amora snapped out of her daze and stared at the photos in amazement. She choked on a small giggle and sob at the same time.
She dropped the pictures on the table and quickly moved to Jaxon. She wrapped her arms around his neck while shedding a few tears, peppering a few kisses against his cheeks.
"Finally." She whispered.
Jaxon sighed in relief. "I was worried there." He chuckled dryly and kissed her head. When she unwrapped her arms around him and looked down at a mere asleep Cason, he snuck a quick on her lips. Just the brief seconds had so much passion, that Amora's cheeks flushed a little.
Later in the day, "Jaxon!" Amora called in a panic.
He instantly heard the urgency and scooped Cason into his arms and up the stairs of the house. When he opened stopped at the door of the master bedroom, he furrowed his eyebrows. He didn't see anything wrong.
When Amora looked at Jaxon and what he was holding, she rushed over and took her son in her arms, nearly squeezing him half to death.
She dropped to the floor so Cason didn't fall from her shaky arms. She shed a tear or two in relief. She sighed and cupped Cason's cheeks in her hands, looking into the confused boy's eyes. "Don't you run off like that again. You gave me a heart attack, Cason!" She said and hugged him tightly once more.
Cason merely shrugged, but hugged Amora back, loving the attention he was getting from her currently.
Jaxon, who was slightly confused, walked over to Amora and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her to her feet while Cason wrapped his arms around her legs.
He planted his lips against her temple. After a while of Amora gazing down at Cason, she broke the silence with a quiet whisper while her lips twitched into a breathtaking smile. "I choose this house."
Jaxon smiled lightly, yet it was obvious he wanted to know why she chose the largest house of them all. It had 7 bedrooms, 1 master bedroom, 4 bathrooms, a large kitchen, living room, etc. Everything was bigger than a 'normal' house.
"We'll need more space." She whispered, looking everywhere but his eyes. "For more kids." She almost looked nervous.
"Amora, We have Cason and ourselves... why would we need more room-.." His words died in his throat when it dawned on him. He looked absolutely amazed. He stared down at her with large, hoping eyes.
His hand moved forward, his fingertips brushing against her stomach."Pregnant?" He whispered, almost disbelievingly.
Amora had fresh new tears filling her eyes in happiness when she saw his. She bit her lip and nodded. "Pregnant." She confirmed.
Jaxon instantly smiled widely and had slow tears running down his face. He dipped his head and pressed his lips into hers, in complete bliss. She was all he needed. She gave him the children he always wanted. She gave him a family that he loved with every ounce of his heart.
Jaxon's hadn't stopped kissing her until he heard a small noise. It was Cason making gross sounds, clearly not liking the sight when he looked up at his parents.
(Continues on next post. It wouldn't allow me to add all over the chapter.)

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Short Story | Miracle Baby | Completed October 5, 2019 10:58 PM

Lazy Duck Elites
Posts: 7912
(Continued from above)
Jaxon chuckled and bent down lifting Cason into his arms when he removed his lips from Amora's.
"Mommy? Daddy? Why you crying?" The small boy was in clear worry, trying to wipe the tears with both hands from both his parents' eyes. Amora giggled and pressed a kiss to Cason's hand, as did Jaxon.
Jaxon spoke first. "We're just really happy, Cas." He murmured. "How would you like to have a little brother or sister to look after?" He asked after Cason stopped wiping the tears.
Cason shrugged casually, shaking his head. He rested his head against Jaxon's shoulder. "I want a puppy, not a sissy or brother." He said simply. He pouted again, "But Mommy said I couldn't have one!" He exclaimed dramatically.
Amora rolled her eyes and pressed a loving kiss to his head. "Baby, we can't have a puppy." She said and watched as the boy whined, huffing loudly. "I already told you this. Remember what you said to Daddy earlier? That I was being mean?" She watched as he reluctantly nodded.
"Tell him why you were upset. If you don't, you have to clean." She said sternly. She knew he hated to clean.
Cason shyly looked up at Jaxon. "Mommy said I couldn't have a puppy." He said and lowered his gaze. "I was upset wid her." He confessed, mispronouncing 'with'. "I'm sowry." He whispered.
Cason was having a hard time with his 'r's when speaking. Jaxon smiled down at him. He looked at Amora who was looking a little tired. He didn't say anything but just nodded towards the door for her to exit. He followed her when she did, a smile never leaving his lips.
In bed that night,
"I can't believe your pregnant," Jaxon whispered, "How far along are you?" He murmured.
"Almost 2 months, actually." Jaxon's eyes widened and he sat up. "You're already 2 months along! How? When did you find out!" He said in a hushed whisper so he didn't wake Cason who was in the next room over.
Amora giggled and pushed the covers off of her. She lifted his shirt she worn to reveal her stomach. She in fact had a small bump.
"I found out about a week ago. I didn't know how to tell you and when we were choosing houses, I thought it was a perfect time. I don't know how I hadn't noticed the signs earlier." She whispered.
Jaxon's large hand was placed on her small baby bump. He was astonished.
"Wow," He breathed, "At this point, I should probably put a ring on that ringer."
"I was wondering when it'd happen."

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Short Story | Miracle Baby | Completed December 12, 2019 03:46 AM

Christmas Stable
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OMG I love it!!!!! More!! Please... Maybe??!😁😁😁😁
Short Story | Miracle Baby | Completed December 18, 2019 08:23 AM

Posts: 110
This story is AMAZING! :3
Short Story | Miracle Baby | Completed January 5, 2020 02:47 AM

Lazy Duck Elites
Posts: 7912
I'm glad you liked it! I'm currently still on the process of one more bonus chapter.
Short Story | Miracle Baby | Completed January 6, 2020 09:55 AM

Enchanted Rose Farm
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Lazy Duck Elites said:
I'm glad you liked it! I'm currently still on the process of one more bonus chapter.

Yay! :D
Cant wait!

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