Sono Reizin
10:46:14 Sono
Willow pretty
Wild Willow Stables
*Drops In Chat *
MakeEm Arabians
10:39:59 Ally 🌺
My computer is broken which sucks
New Eagle Equine
10:31:04 Eagle 🎨
I just use some random old tablet. I am not even supposed to have this tablet. It was for my sister, but when she got it it was broken. So we sent it back. The people then sent it back to us (even though we got our refund?) and it worked. But by that time my sister finally got a tablet, so I kept it lol
Phoenix Ashes
I ordered a drawing tablet best decision ever
MakeEm Arabians
10:28:46 Ally 🌺
I cant use gimp i cant figure it out no matter who shows me 😑
New Eagle Equine
10:26:49 Eagle 🎨
I tried photoshop and GIMP. But I suck at using a mouse. So I will just stick with using my tablet lol
Phoenix Ashes
In all honesty I think GIMP is the best next to photoshop
Eagle Valley Ranch
10:24:30 Eagle
wish me luck!
New Eagle Equine
10:23:59 Eagle 🎨
Don't worry if it doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to. Just figure it all out first.
Eagle Valley Ranch
10:23:49 Eagle
I might do Maer Point second...only because he will be harder!
BreezieM30w RIDs
10:22:53 Breeze/Dimple
Lol I probably sent a hard one XD Sorry
Eagle Valley Ranch
10:22:42 Eagle
Ok, got an idea already...
New Eagle Equine
10:22:28 Eagle 🎨
-HEE Click-

Go with this guy! He doesn't have much of a pattern at all, so it will be a bit easier!
BreezieM30w RIDs
10:22:23 Breeze/Dimple
-HEE Click-
This one!
Eagle Valley Ranch
10:20:54 Eagle
Gonna give it a shot! someone choose a horse from my barn please! I'm too biased :)
Capricorn Farm
10:19:31 Cali/Capri/Blackie
Noo my horse didn't spook so I still don't know her bravery!
10:19:25 Legion
Anyhoo. Ibuprofen finally kicked in and I can walk without limping. So, I'm going to bed x)
New Eagle Equine
10:18:00 Eagle 🎨
It takes practice and time, but in the end it is worth it.
BreezieM30w RIDs
10:16:51 Breeze/Dimple
That's how I did this one

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Short Story | Miracle Baby | Completed August 29, 2019 03:48 PM

Lazy Duck Elites
Posts: 6989
|Julie Johnson | Kelly Sikkema | Liane Metzler | All Unsplash|

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Short Story | Miracle Baby | Completed September 2, 2019 12:18 AM

Lazy Duck Elites
Posts: 6989
Chapter Ten
A few Days Later

“Careful, Amora!” Jaxon quietly scolded her as he held baby Cason in his arms, trying to help a sore Amora back to her room.

Amora had given birth and it went smoothly. Everything was well. The doctors thought that due to Amora’s small size, she’d have a hard time giving birth naturally, but she did and now has Cason who is 100% healthy.

“Jaxon.” Amora whined, as she sat down on the bed, pulling the covers over her. She leaned her head against the bed frame and closed her eyes a moment before opening them to continue her whining. “Let me hold Cason now.” She complained, stretching out her arms.

Jaxon sighed heavily and put the baby bag down, sitting down next to Amora. He carefully placed the sleeping baby in her arms and smiled gently. He kissed her head softly and sighed, staring down at her lovingly.

“Hey there,” Amora whispered. She was holding Cason in one arm as she traced a finger down his nose gently. She was so gentle, loving. The little boy even had Jaxon wrapped around his little finger.

Cason made a small whining noise and Amora frowned, tucking him closer to herself and kissing his head while gently rocking him back to sleep. “Shhh.” She cooed quietly. When Cason was asleep again, she looked at Jaxon with a soft smile. She handed Cason back to him after kissing his head once more as a goodnight.

Jaxon lifted the baby from Amora’s arm and stood, laying him down in the crib that was set up next to there bed. He kissed Cason’s head and laid him down in the crib and got him settled in, making sure he was asleep. He changed into pajamas and helped Amora out of her old clothes, into a clean pair of pajamas.

Once they were dressed, Jaxon laid back down and wrapped Amora carefully in his arms as she laid her head against his chest. They both gave a soft sigh of content. He kissed her head, like usual, and closed his eyes.

“I love you.” They both Whispered simultaneously, leaving smiles on there faces as sleep took them away.


This was the Final chapter! I will try to get some bonus chapters if I'm up for it, but no promises. I hope you all enjoyed it and please let me know what you thought of the story!! <3

Edited at September 2, 2019 12:18 AM by Lazy Duck Elites

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