Galaxie Equidae
10:00:04 Gala
I just made my 4th Llama :D
Galaxie Equidae
09:59:35 Gala
I mean I can sass right back, but knowing this guy will turn right around and leave bad survey results isn't really worth it. Come December this year I'm just happily going to light my uniforms on fire and move on to a career that doesn't leave you a robotic shell of a human lol.
After The Storm
09:57:30 Decrepit Llama
okay one more cup of coffee then I'll actually become constructive.. maybe
Yes...the back button is my enemy. XD
Dancing in the Dark
09:55:43 Wild Rider
I am looking for a roleplay partner. You must be a literate writer and be able to play male. The plot is Warrior cat themed. PM me if you are interested.
After The Storm
09:55:14 Decrepit Llama
heh back button is not your friend :D
Going to school felt like hell for me, but I worked my rear off and received my diploma. It's a feeling of accomplishment if I do say so myself. I survived waves of narcissistic, spoiled adolescents. lol
09:54:22 least I can continue raising my farm animals.
09:53:52 Legion
That was the great thing about the clinic I was at. One of the tech knew a lot of the people who came to get their meds and holy shiiit she was sassy as fuck. She did not tolerate any sort of lip. It was great.

Your filly is gorgeous. It'll grow up to become a beautiful mare, that's for sure.
Arctic Dusk
09:52:19 AL (RID/WB/PON)
I forgot about a brood but now I can't decide who to send her to..
Galaxie Equidae
09:52:19 Gala
lol true Llama. I'm still salty about the guy who yelled at me about the subscription he signed up for on the 27th, billing him on the 27th, instead of the 1st... and the fact that I should be able to change it and give him 4 free days >.>
After The Storm
09:51:25 Decrepit Llama
Nah it's a different kind of Narcissistic spoiled ENTITLED adults now :D

Though you could not PAY me enough money to go back to school. The hell with that.
I need some help. Could someone pm me? It's about sales but not sales. You know.
Galaxie Equidae
09:50:22 Gala
And as they age they'll multiply, further supplying the world with even more spoiled narcissists ;)
09:48:51 Legion
Now you get to deal with adults who are the same way :D
Going to school felt like hell for me, but I worked my rear off and received my diploma. It's a feeling of accomplishment if I do say so myself. I survived waves of narcissistic, spoiled adolescents. lol
After The Storm
09:46:36 Decrepit Llama
holy crap I have never gotten three things I wanted from the store so quickly in all my days :D
09:46:05 Lee
-HEE Click- I'm so happy, I just got him today *-* I can't wait to see how he'll look in 2 months
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Longish poem- To My Love August 11, 2019 08:05 PM
Posts: 58
Well I guess this is it
Our last hello as well as Goodbye
For our times we have cherished
But this is the last time

But let me tell you
So bittersweet as it is
I have loved you and everything you are
And still will
But tonight you will fly far

And as you go off
To do your own thing
My thoughts will hang onto
The words that you sing

So please my darling, dear
Please understand why
I tell you to stay clear
Because it is too hard to say bye

For as much I would like
That you stay by my side
We both know it is best
For this relationships to change with the tide

For as close as we have become
We need to be apart
I know this is great
But we need to take a break

I'm not saying I hate you
In fact the opposite
Because my darling Dear
Only someone who truly loves someone

Can see them go and still shed a tear.

Edited at August 12, 2019 05:43 PM by Mania

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