-HEE Click- how has this person showed their horse 8 times in a week?
my barn manager won't enter horses I've assigned to her even when my horses are fed, riders are paid, etc, and I don't know why?
ABC Breeding
02:28:40 PNW
Goodnight, Ink. :)
Argenthyne Appendix
02:27:27 InkSpren
02:23:36 PNW
Hello, confusion. I'm PNW.
Alluring Luminosity
02:16:14 Bri 🌺 // AL
I am confusion.
02:13:21 PNW
Purple Pegasus Farm
02:12:49 Graceful
That makes two.
Argenthyne Appendix
02:10:49 InkSpren
I am so confused.
ABC Breeding
Wow she must be stupid or somthing, okay well ima go hang out with coi (Jumping ellites) so see ya. Oh and have a great morning
ABC Breeding
srry i did a refresh ignore my stupid phone and me
ABC Breeding
Okay...Well if she got blocked on this, Back to wolfquest and scocial media LOL
Woodroffe Stud
02:01:32 Beeze
what is with the genetics game the past few days - 4 combinations are you serioUS
ABC Breeding
Um i keep getting insta'd by coi,she got blocked
Purple Pegasus Farm
01:55:15 Graceful
I keep trying too. Been an odd couple of days for me.
Khatovar KNNs
01:53:20 InkSpren
Get some sleep, girl.
Purple Pegasus Farm
01:48:38 Graceful
Whoopsie. I guess that's what happens when you've had only five hours of sleep in the last four days. 😂
Khatovar KNNs
01:47:42 InkSpren
It's okay, I love you anyway.
Purple Pegasus Farm
01:47:10 Graceful
The frame RID? Am I just being stupid right now and it's a filly?

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Just a dream August 21, 2019 07:12 PM

Fireball Stables
Posts: 1849
<span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">It was 2:00 in the morning and John was driving to the stables because he got a call saying it was on fire. He could see the smoke up in the sky he pulled into the stables to see the barn nearly destroyed he parked the car and got out he saw a stable hand 'blackies still in there' the stable hand called. John heard blackie whinny he had to do something but as he went to run in to the barn to save him the whole thing collapsed John screamed 'no' he dropped to his knees tears in his eyes

John gasped for air as he woke up he looked around his room 'it was only a dream' he said to himself he got up and went down stairs to make a coffee. It had been 2 months since the accident and he couldn't stop having the nightmares about it

(Part two will be up soon)

Just a dream August 22, 2019 01:25 AM

Fireball Stables
Posts: 1849
After he made his coffee he sat down and begain to read the paper. He went wide eyes reading an article about the riding center. Fireball stables to reopen in the next few days, John sighed he would have to go back there sooner or later. He finished his coffee and hoped into his track and drove off to his clients house.

Once he got there he saw his friend Sammie already warming up. He got out of his truck and walked towards the arena "hey" called Sammie looked "oh hey I was just warming up do you wanna watch me jump then give me pointers" she asked "sure" he said. He sat on the fence and watched her,once she finished she halted in front of him "how was that" she asked "that was good" he said "um I wanted to ask I have a mare that needs working with but I don't have time for her so I was wondering if you could work with her" she asked. John sighed "I guess I can" he said "great if you wanna go see her she's down there" Sammie said while pointing down to the back field.

John got up and begain to walk down there,once there he climbed the fence and sat there. He looked at the mare she was a dark bay and around 16hh. He sighed "I'll have to get back into it sooner or later" he said to himself. He looked at the mares halter "wiz" he said. The mare looked up and walked over to the fence she sniffed John's hand "we'll see how you go for the next couple of weeks girl I might end up keeping you" he said while chuckling. But as he said that he had a flash back of the day he first got blackie.

Edited at August 22, 2019 01:28 AM by Fireball Stables
Just a dream September 12, 2019 04:56 AM

Fireball Stables
Posts: 1849
He was knocked out of his thought when he heard sammie coming. She put her horse in the paddock next to wiz "if you wanna see what she's like you can" Sammie said to john. John sighed and grabbed the lead rope and clipped it on to the mares halter and led her out of the yard and led her to the cross ties. John tied her up and grabbed a brush a begain to brush her "so what's she like" John asked "she's good we just have a couple of issues under saddle" Sammie said.

John looked at her "I can fix that" John said he began to saddle her up. He grabbed a piece of bailing twine and tied it to the girth. He put her bridle on and put the twine so it was over the reins and he secured it on the other side. He grabbed a helmet and led her to the arena. "Have you got a lunge ripe" he asked her "yeah here" sammie said handing him one. John clipped it to the mares halter and begain to make her trot he watched her movements carefully.

Forums > Rider's Lounge > Writer's Nook

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