Avalanche Acres
08:53:54 Llama's Side
Morning Fluer :D I'm okay. Trying to get the gumption up to go shovel :D
Cranberry Stables
-HEE Click-
Aww, he's going to be cute
Avalanche Acres
08:53:33 Llama's Side
-HEE Click- and this is one of the very few Varnish I don't want to get rid of.
Imagine Stars
08:53:20 Imagine
Llama, Kinda looks like my filly! -HEE Click-
Star Catcher Estate
08:52:12 Fleursie||Welcomer
Hey Llama
Hey Purp
How be ya'll today?
Cranberry Stables
Avalanche Acres
08:49:40 Llama's Side
-HEE Click- This is one of my favorite coats on this account. Didn't even bother with trying to reroll to a snowflake.
Kook Caked Stables
08:49:14 Kook/Caked/Cake
The meatballs were the only reason I would eat them
Star Catcher Estate
08:49:13 Fleursie||Welcomer
That test was stressful >.<
Kook Caked Stables
08:48:55 Kook/Caked/Cake
Avalanche Acres
08:48:54 Llama's Side
mine have to have the meatballs in it.
Kook Caked Stables
08:48:33 Kook/Caked/Cake
Eh, I wasn't a fan of them, though my twin is lol
Purple Pegasus Farm
08:48:08 Graceful
Varnish is a bummer. Makes everything look dull.
Kook Caked Stables
08:47:37 Kook/Caked/Cake
-HEE Click-
If you could vote please lol
Song Sparrow Stables
08:47:33 SSS
well now i want spaghettios
Otterbark Stables
Spaghettios are delicious my god
Avalanche Acres
08:46:50 Llama's Side
-HEE Click- this boy originally had it and it would destroy the small snowflake pattern
Song Sparrow Stables
08:46:44 SSS
I would like varnish, but so many times it has taken beautiful foals and just made them mostly white. Especially on most of my belton foals. So ive grown to hate it
Kook Caked Stables
08:46:20 Kook/Caked/Cake
I think the varnish looks good on spotlight
Song Sparrow Stables
08:45:34 SSS
I got rid of most of my varnish horses except those ones because I love them so much and I only have 2 chimeras counting Spotlight so I'm not getting rid of my only other chimmy just because he has varnish
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Just a dream August 21, 2019 07:12 PM

Fireball Stables
Posts: 10044
<span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">It was 2:00 in the morning and John was driving to the stables because he got a call saying it was on fire. He could see the smoke up in the sky he pulled into the stables to see the barn nearly destroyed he parked the car and got out he saw a stable hand 'blackies still in there' the stable hand called. John heard blackie whinny he had to do something but as he went to run in to the barn to save him the whole thing collapsed John screamed 'no' he dropped to his knees tears in his eyes<div style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">
<div style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">John gasped for air as he woke up he looked around his room 'it was only a dream' he said to himself he got up and went down stairs to make a coffee. It had been 2 months since the accident and he couldn't stop having the nightmares about it
<div style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">
<div style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">(Part two will be up soon)

Just a dream August 22, 2019 01:25 AM

Fireball Stables
Posts: 10044
After he made his coffee he sat down and begain to read the paper. He went wide eyes reading an article about the riding center. Fireball stables to reopen in the next few days, John sighed he would have to go back there sooner or later. He finished his coffee and hoped into his track and drove off to his clients house.

Once he got there he saw his friend Sammie already warming up. He got out of his truck and walked towards the arena "hey" called Sammie looked "oh hey I was just warming up do you wanna watch me jump then give me pointers" she asked "sure" he said. He sat on the fence and watched her,once she finished she halted in front of him "how was that" she asked "that was good" he said "um I wanted to ask I have a mare that needs working with but I don't have time for her so I was wondering if you could work with her" she asked. John sighed "I guess I can" he said "great if you wanna go see her she's down there" Sammie said while pointing down to the back field.

John got up and begain to walk down there,once there he climbed the fence and sat there. He looked at the mare she was a dark bay and around 16hh. He sighed "I'll have to get back into it sooner or later" he said to himself. He looked at the mares halter "wiz" he said. The mare looked up and walked over to the fence she sniffed John's hand "we'll see how you go for the next couple of weeks girl I might end up keeping you" he said while chuckling. But as he said that he had a flash back of the day he first got blackie.

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Just a dream September 12, 2019 04:56 AM

Fireball Stables
Posts: 10044
He was knocked out of his thought when he heard sammie coming. She put her horse in the paddock next to wiz "if you wanna see what she's like you can" Sammie said to john. John sighed and grabbed the lead rope and clipped it on to the mares halter and led her out of the yard and led her to the cross ties. John tied her up and grabbed a brush a begain to brush her "so what's she like" John asked "she's good we just have a couple of issues under saddle" Sammie said.

John looked at her "I can fix that" John said he began to saddle her up. He grabbed a piece of bailing twine and tied it to the girth. He put her bridle on and put the twine so it was over the reins and he secured it on the other side. He grabbed a helmet and led her to the arena. "Have you got a lunge ripe" he asked her "yeah here" sammie said handing him one. John clipped it to the mares halter and begain to make her trot he watched her movements carefully.
Just a dream October 11, 2019 01:50 AM

Fireball Stables
Posts: 10044
After making the mare work for a little bit he halted her and walked up to her "good girl" John said as he rubbed the mares head. He rolled the lunge ripe back up and unclipped it he then fixed his stirrups and tightened the girl. Once that was all done he gathered up his reins in one hand and put his foot in the stirrup he gently swung into wiz's back. "Good girl" he said as he patted her he put his other foot in the stirrup and sighed "walk on" he said while gentle nudging her with his heels. Wiz moved into a lengthy walk stretching her head out while she walked.

"She feels good so far" John called to Sammie "yeah she is nice to ride" Sammie called back as she watched. After a few laps of walking he asked her for a steady trot. Wiz picked up the trot instantly and collected her head "good girl" he said. He trotted one way for a bit then changed rein. Wiz moved her body inwards towards the center of the ring. "Has she always done this" John asked as he guided her back out to the rail "yeah she has never really liked going that way" Sammie said. John nodded and trotted around a bit more before halting the mare "she's a good mare" he said while rubbing her neck.

Edited at October 11, 2019 01:51 AM by Fireball Stables
Just a dream October 11, 2019 02:15 PM

The wilderness
Posts: 2236
Like it! At times there’s a lack of description but it’s good!!!
Just a dream December 19, 2019 11:37 PM

Fireball Stables
Posts: 10044

Sammie smiled "of course she is she's the grand daughter of Maverick" Sammie explained "what wait really" Shane asked as he took his feet out of the stirrups. Sammie nodded "yep the one and only and her dam is shimmer" Sammie said as she lent on the fence Shane smiled before swinging his leg over and getting off "well with horses like that in her family no wonder she's so good" Shane replied as he rubbed the mares neck before slipping the reins over her neck and walked towards the gate "so do you wanna keep her here or take her back to your old barn" Sammie asked softly "uh I'm not sure I might keep her here for a while then move her" he said

Sammie smiled "well I gotta go through hay will you be ok with her" she asked "yeah I'll be fine" Shane said as he walked towards the barn. He smiled and led wiz into a stall and took her bridle off replacing it with her black nylon halter. He put the lead over the stall door before running up his stirrups and loosening the girth he gentle took the saddle off placing it on the stall door "your not to sweaty so I'll give you a good brush before I turn you back out how does that sound" Shane said wiz bobbed her head up and down. Shane laughed before grabbing the tack and tacking it to the tack room. As he placed it down he grabbed a few brushes that were under the saddle rack before walking back to the stall. Shane started humming to himself as he walked back into the stall and began to groom the mare. Shane was not paying attention when Sammie walked in "you can leave her in the stall once your finish" she called Shane slightly jumped "ok" he called back as he sat the brush down and began to pick out wiz's feet. Once she was completely groomed he took her halter off and walked out of the stall making sure it was latches behind him before hanging up her halter

Edited at December 19, 2019 11:38 PM by Fireball Stables
Just a dream February 4, 2020 02:16 PM

Kook Caked Stables
Posts: 40
it can lack in description, but its really good so far!

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