Wild Roses
12:41:15 Rose/🥀
You have gotten bombarded lmao
Moon Shadow Ranch
12:39:42 BTS | Moon
hello Casi!
Wild Roses
12:39:35 Rose/🥀
Hi Casi, how are you?
Blue moon mountain
12:39:29 Blue
Hi Casi! 🐴
Cascade Myths
12:38:41 Casi
hello all
Moon Shadow Ranch
12:35:01 BTS | Moon
oh well
Moon Shadow Ranch
12:31:27 BTS | Moon
Sorry I was just really confused
Everflame Stables
12:31:02 Evy ✿
Please do not discuss others, especially by name, in the HEE chat ;)
Moon Shadow Ranch
12:30:45 BTS | Moon
Oh okay.
Not really supposed to talk about other members in chat
Wild Roses
12:26:42 Rose/🥀
That's good :)
Blue moon mountain
12:25:32 Blue
Good, thanks!
Steel Heart Arabs
12:25:24 Steel
Somebody help, I’m about to set this truck on fire and walk away >.>
Wild Roses
12:25:10 Rose/🥀
I'm doing fine, a little stir crazy but okay, how about you?
BTS Lionblaze Farms
12:25:03 Lion | BTS
I'm so in love with my set. I finally got the lion in my name
12:23:30 Miranda
Aussie i knoww i’m not ready for ro financially but i am ready lol
The Seven Sins
12:23:06 Sher
Now I am going to finally reply.
Blue moon mountain
12:23:04 Blue
How are you Rose?
Mosa manor
How did unrated wilds show better than a level 4 eee??
Veterna Springs
12:20:16 Mon
A whopping 30 dollar profit from showing tonight lol
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