Legacy Patron
04:18:44 Trony / Legacy
Go for it. I just have to warn you, at the moment I am hella broke, so I wouldn't be able to pay you.
Blu n' Lacey Stud
04:01:30 Missy | Lacey
I really need to get some practice in for stud adverts Trony, if you don't mind if love to give it a go
Legacy Patron
03:50:55 Trony / Legacy
Ugh I keep going through all of the old art I have lying around for this girl, but nothing looks even remotely good, but I'm also too lazy to make anything new so eh
-HEE Click-
03:41:02 Luinin
Thanks everyone :)
Ill give him a chance then
Stellar Performance
03:40:46 ƧƬELLƛ
Welcome deary
03:40:16 Creach💫
Thank you Stella! <3

Yea i would test him his freshman year then if her flops than snip him.
Growing Geldings
Level 2 race anyone?
Jericho Stables
03:39:16 Wait, what?
Test him first
Stellar Performance
03:39:08 ƧƬELLƛ
Giveaways, sales, breedings, price checks, wanted ads, etc all go there
Trony's Art
03:39:01 Patron / Tequila
I'd say test his breeding before snip snip because you never know
03:38:13 Luinin
-HEE Click- is his training decent? or send him to snip snip?
03:38:10 Creach💫
Sorry.. I thought since i'm not selling it it didn't matter.
Stellar Performance
03:36:53 ƧƬELLƛ
Stellar Performance
03:36:46 ƧƬELLƛ
Sales chat Moon
03:30:41 Creach💫

Anyone want this? I can change things..
03:18:39 Sam
Really fun
Legacy Patron
03:18:25 Trony / Legacy
Fun stuff
03:17:03 Sam
I fantasize about getting my waffles from that bird
Legacy Patron
03:16:39 Trony / Legacy
I just have fantasies about this guy I'm in love with, but he just moved, and now he's ghosting me, and I'm dying just a little bit inside hehe
03:14:54 Sam
Because Purple gave my waffles to a bird >:/

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TC Graphics - Full December 2, 2017 06:49 AM
Former Stable
Posts: 0
Could I have a Stable avatar please x

Could i have something simalat to the Example but would prefer to have a grey or bay horse x, other than that you can free reign it
TC Graphics - Full December 2, 2017 01:06 PM

Posts: 291
Edit: I missed it
Edited at December 2, 2017 01:08 PM by Belle Ame
TC Graphics - Full December 2, 2017 05:34 PM

Timber Canyon
Posts: 2583
@Belle Ame, I'll still take it.
TC Graphics - Full December 2, 2017 08:39 PM

Premium and Brindle
Posts: 1686
Okay here is my order :)

This handsome boy. I'd like his name in firey orange though and maybe the same orange for his eyes if possible. Thank you :)
TC Graphics - Full December 2, 2017 11:29 PM

Press On Stables
Posts: 179
I'll take you're last slot for this girl

Free reign :D

Could I also get a stable set to match her avatar please?

Edited at December 2, 2017 11:36 PM by Press On Stables
TC Graphics - Full December 3, 2017 05:00 PM

Posts: 291
Putting my order in -
A calm but powerful pose, I'd love a semi-long mane and tail.
Otherwise, free reign, the meaning of her name is in the remarks.
Thank you! :)
TC Graphics - Full December 3, 2017 06:11 PM
Archer Elites
Posts: 24
Hiya! I would really like to get art for this horse.
The only specific thing I want for him is text that says:
∞Titanium (In big text)
EEE Sport Horse Stallion (In smaller text)
And maybe a strong looking pose (rearing, bucking etc.)

Edited at December 3, 2017 06:13 PM by Painted Equestrian
TC Graphics - Full December 3, 2017 08:34 PM

MakeEm Arabians
Posts: 742
I would love art for him :)

I would love something that revolves around his name

Maybe him with wings or something??

I’ll let you decide
TC Graphics - Full December 4, 2017 06:02 PM

Neptune Estates
Posts: 42
I'll take that last spot :)

Specifically, could you make the mood of it dark or morbid that resembles her name. (It's a classical piece). Free reign for everything else.
TC Graphics - Full December 5, 2017 03:29 PM

Hayzed Pastures
Posts: 558

Since i believe there is a 6th spot.. ill take it. For this cutie. I prefer nameless art. Feel free to use his name as help ;) be cute if some mistletoe was in his mane or mouth. I love long thick manes and tails but isnt needed. Christmas/snowy theme.

Thankies! Ill go ahead and send payment.

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