HillCrest Stables
10:09:28 Roan Addict
What is a Patch
Keyhole Stable
10:08:58 TWD
Is the futurity a premium thing or can free stables take part?
Color Wonder Stables
10:08:46 Kass/Color 🌻
For once I didn't have a rider retire this week. Woop.
Stabulum Equorum
Let's all be happy that it's just a normal day and not RO -snorts- Imagine that panic
Abstract Dunes
10:08:35 Abs
I have two Ball Pythons. :)
Golden apple estates
10:08:30 Taylor/Tay
But They are kinda
cool in a way, just not anywhere near me, lol
Nine Tails
10:08:19 Panda
Teflon a ball python
Dream Weaver Ranch
10:07:45 Maddie/Madeline
At first it was my Wi-Fi, but when I just logged on it said server timed out error.
Golden apple estates
10:07:45 Taylor/Tay
😬 I am sorry but I hate snakes.
10:07:39 Teflon Brain
@Panda Oooh, lucky! What kind of snake? :)
MarbleFox Manor
10:07:04 Marble
Thats what I thought Moonlight. Oh well though its fine now so I am good lol
Cadence Farms
10:07:02 evebot
We rebooted the server to apply a patch.
Color Wonder Stables
10:06:55 Kass/Color 🌻
Oh gosh it's doing it again? It did it Tuesday and kicked me off completely lol.
10:06:53 Christine
-HEE Click-

I absolutely loathe the random AI at times
Nine Tails
10:06:44 Panda
Oof excited and nervous...i get to hold my friends snake today for the first time 😬
Moonlight Eventing
10:05:46 Moonlight
Yeah. It's not related to wifi but the server keeps timing out.
Golden apple estates
10:05:39 Taylor/Tay
I had server timed out, sorry error
MarbleFox Manor
10:05:00 Marble
@Dream do you keep getting a server timed out error? If so it's nothing to do with your wifi (as far as I know)
Golden apple estates
10:04:52 Taylor/Tay
I just had the same thing happen too!
Pony Paradise
10:04:38 Pony || Ducky
It's better now, but it went out for a second
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