09:54:00 Sun's Shiny PONs
I might try one of my PON's with Stormswift one day. I think I'd use a height medallion though. He seems to match them fairly well.
Stabulum Equorum
I'm still saving up over here xD
-HEE Click-
HRC Eventers.
09:53:14 Winter
ahhh.....that makes sense XD well the first onr anyway XD
09:53:06 Sun's Shiny PONs
Ohh, she's gorgeous
09:52:39 Ceci / (Call me) AL
I want a myriad of these LOL
-HEE Click-
09:51:47 ♞ Tosk
The first one AL *~*
09:51:35 Sun's Shiny PONs
They're pretty AL. Hope you get some nice fillies from that
09:50:56 Witch of the East
Winter, a sexual harassment charge.

No, it makes him gift you presents. Or should. Didn't work for me.
09:50:30 Ceci / (Call me) AL
-HEE Click-

-HEE Click-
09:50:06 Sun's Shiny PONs
Oh dang, that looks pretty good too!
HRC Eventers.
09:49:32 Winter
what does giving your account a love potion do? XD
Sunstone Elite
09:49:13 Sun/Sunny
That stinks xP Colt curses hit 4/5 of my accounts this year. I definitely am hoping for fillies this coming month :)
09:48:52 ♞ Tosk
And this
-HEE Click-

+ Jumping med
09:46:35 ♞ Tosk
Hoping for a filly this time, so far 2/2 were colts ._.
Sunstone Elite
09:46:15 Sun/Sunny
Oooh good luck AL!

And good luck Tosk, that looks pretty good!
09:45:32 ♞ Tosk
I'm excited for this
-HEE Click-

+ dressage med
09:45:14 Ceci / (Call me) AL
I'm tossing my dun tb army at him next month. I hope for another Morri
Sunstone Elite
09:44:23 Sun/Sunny
It's my first big TB match. I'm super excited, I've been wanting to get into them for ages!

She is Tosk *_*
And yes AL, he's given some good foals too so I'm excited at the prospect
Dream Weaver Ranch
09:43:58 Maddie/Madeline
Nice one Sun!
09:43:42 Tangle || Rebel Fork
Hey Hades :] Isn't it like, 1am for you? But still, glad to see you.
Eh, some things are okay. Some.
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