Lemons Stables
11:26:03 Lemons

Oh he's a pretty boy <3
The Old Gods
11:15:15 Dead King
that's the mail alerts
Golden Crest
11:13:37 Eve
-HEE Click-
Ninjago Realm
11:11:10 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
@ Dead king I only see the alerts is that not just the mail thing that says you got one? as at times I wish to opt out of it
The Old Gods
11:10:15 Dead King
under account settings, yes
Ninjago Realm
11:10:11 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
@ Seven ah so theres the ones that think the bee moive scripted is funny to give here two Grate :|
Ninjago Realm
11:09:19 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
you can turn it off?
Ironworks Equestria
11:08:48 Seven/Egon 🜝
It's a grab bag and depends who it is
The Old Gods
11:07:23 Dead King
I've had that disabled for years
Ninjago Realm
11:06:53 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
this Send This Stable A Valentine!

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Ninjago Realm
11:06:34 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
the Valintins day stuff ?
Ninjago Realm
11:06:16 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
as wps are just wired/ creepy
The Old Gods
11:06:14 Dead King
I don't think anyone knows what you mean by "card"
Ninjago Realm
11:05:55 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
im just trying to see what site has the better cards
Ninjago Realm
11:05:31 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
never mind
Ironworks Equestria
11:05:08 Seven/Egon 🜝
I'm sorry, I do not understand
The Old Gods
11:04:43 Dead King
Moonland And Elites
11:04:40 M&E, Loony
If i were to have a favourite coat out of my horses it'd be between these two ladies
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
Ninjago Realm
11:04:11 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
I do have a qustion do the cards here have the smae odd ness that WPs do? like rick rollers and just creepy ones or are they chill?
Ironworks Equestria
11:02:27 Seven/Egon 🜝
I agree and thankful I'm not alone =D
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Christmas Art! November 9, 2022 02:57 PM

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**DISCLAIMER: I am currently in the process of making more templates, PM me if you have any ideas :))**
Template one (Cartoonish) :
Each horse comes with 2 accesories of buyers choosing
Starting price: 70k
+1k for each customization EXCEPT the horse and 2 starting accesories.
The horse, the walls, the floor and the trees are color customizable. The presents can be removed, can't change colors though. I can add things like photos (like pictures in picture frames type of thing), animals (dogs, cats, things like that. I only limit most reptiles because I am not very good at drawing them), carpet, and horse accesories.
Everything drawn by me :)
No payment needed until the drawing is finished, should only take me 1-3 days. If it should take longer, I will let you know. I will send you the picture with my watermark (as shown above) first to make sure you like it, then you send me the payment, then I send you the drawing with no watermark. I CAN make size changes if needed. I will send you the original size and whatever other sizes you want.
Template 2 (Realistic) :
Starting price: 90k
+1k for every accesory after the second, first two are free along with the customization to the horse.
Not much that I can really change here, I can change the colors of the horse and add accesories and of course change the size of the actual photo, same as the other in the sense of I will include the original size along wth any other sizes wanted. Refer to the other pieces for payment method.

Edited at November 9, 2022 03:18 PM by december

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