Crystal Gems Stables
10:59:36 Tay Tay/ Brat Boy
@maddie then you can purchase anything. i'd suggest selling horses or auctioning them. Or you might want to consider buying ebs. (maybe even cry for help in sales for ebs. That's basically what i did and some nice person sent me 5k ebs)
Stabulum Equorum
speaking of small ones. She's only 14.3 too
-HEE Click-
Jericho Stables
Show your horses consistently and you'll get more ebs.
Stabulum Equorum
I think Meliae will stay within 15h as well, since Zarah is only 14.3
Midnight Eclipse
10:57:09 Eclipse
Yep, i had to do almost all of those things after i went broke from capturing
Dream Weaver Ranch
10:56:37 Maddie/Madeline
thanks Jeri!
Jericho Stables
dream, play games, sell horses, release horses, auction horses, wait several days and collect the daily allowance
Sunstone Elite
10:56:00 Sun/Sunny
I could easily use Verity for PON over here. She's 14.3. But I don't really wanna try them over here
Dream Weaver Ranch
10:55:49 Maddie/Madeline
what happens if you go broke in HEE?
Stabulum Equorum
Maybe your Barn Manager is set on competetive horses only
Quarter Moon Ranch
10:55:04 crunch
Question: I put a bunch of my horses to show in the barn manager, and literally nothing happened, and I scheduled them for showing on Monday’s tuesdays and Wednesday’s and nothing happened. It’s Thursday. My riders are paid and my horses are fed
Crystal Gems Stables
10:54:49 Tay Tay/ Brat Boy
Dream Weaver Ranch
10:54:23 Maddie/Madeline
what happens if you go broke in HEE?
Freedom Elites
10:54:05 Freedom
A pop tart.
Stabulum Equorum
Yeh, ISH really liked you the past weeks, Jeri

Well I'm trying, Gala x)
Crystal Gems Stables
10:53:38 Tay Tay/ Brat Boy
WHat SHould I EAt?
Dream Weaver Ranch
10:53:23 Maddie/Madeline
what happens if you go broke in HEE?
10:52:49 Gala
You're doing a fantastic job hiding Tosk ;D
Crystal Gems Stables
10:52:45 Tay Tay/ Brat Boy
hi @horse life..
Jericho Stables
but naw. I'm finally getting some momentum on ish so I dont want to divide my funds between two breeds.
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