03:19:44 Tea
That's fcking stupid, MYH
color doesn't matter
There's a chestnut paint at my barn who jumps, and a red roan ex-eventing horse, and there used to be a blue roan POA... color doesn't matter
03:19:29 puck
Hey ink! Life's going. No major crisises going on except today at the DMV 😂 you?
Blitz Farms
03:19:24 Blitz x TB
Mount, ugh! How terrible :/ The prejudices and stereotypes really need to stop. It boils my blood people always ride on the "dumb warmblood" stereotype too. I think he's lovely.
Madsie Manor
03:19:21 Madsie // 🥝
I rode my 16.2 ISH wuss today :D she spooked at herself in the mirror and about 10 different things to spook at.
MakeEm Fancy
03:19:20 Ally 🌺
My babies



Spirtasi Whims
03:18:53 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
The proportions are off but I think this could be fun to draw one day lol
Ryshadium RIDs
03:18:44 InkSpren
Hey puck, how's life?
03:18:16 puck
Hahaha I rode one of the ponies today and she wanted to be so bad but she kept it together
Mount Your Horse
Blitz huck is about 15.2- 15.5 hands curly is around 15 hands
Mount Your Horse
I am an English rider and their vet came to see Huck after an riding accident and the vet was like "what do you ride?" I responded with "English" and he said the rudest thing that Huck was the wrong color to be riding and to stick to the bays...
Thoroughbred Eventer
03:16:37 Thoro
alright thanks guys
Blitz Farms
03:16:26 Blitz x TB
Thoro, yeah, EEE stallions are worth pretty much nothing these days too. I'm sure he can make you lots of money as a gelding though!
MakeEm Fancy
03:16:06 Ally 🌺
I would thoro
03:15:58 Tea
Yep, geld
Savannah stables
03:15:51 Savannah
I rode a pony yesterday, he was amazing
Blitz Farms
03:15:48 Blitz x TB
Mount, how tall are they? I'm curious :D
MakeEm Fancy
03:15:45 Ally 🌺
My mustang is 14.1 and the biggest baby 🥺
03:15:44 Tea
I rode a teeny fleabitten grey welsh pony at one point xD
My legs almost touched the ground-
Thoroughbred Eventer
03:15:36 Thoro
Should I geld?
Mount Your Horse
I will! I will be seeing them this weekend!
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Best Foals October 8, 2020 06:09 PM
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Here's my favorite foal!
Also, here's my favorite foal that's not mine!

Darley Heights said:
She’s pretty, I love sabino!
All the other foals were colts this year, unfortunately. Lol

Best Foals October 17, 2020 06:52 PM

Lost Valley Arabians
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being fairly new to the game my best foal this year was a AA filly with rare color to boot: https://horseeden.com/horse.php?id=23830524
Best Foals October 17, 2020 09:58 PM
Sweets SCPs
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Oooh, I've got so many new lil babies this year! Too many to list XD

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