Shivering Sea
12:26:37 Shiv
President went wolfing so it must be over XDDDDD
Tragic Really
12:26:09 Jacob
Thanks. I just hate how my sister is being so selfish. She keeps telling my mom that her president went golfing so it must be over and if she thought there was any risk she wouldnt want her iver so badly and that no ones even dying from it anymore...what the hell is she watching XD. Plus her whole family works around alot if people all at different jobs.
Circle C Stables
12:23:31 Wiccan
I feel you @Jacob
Crystal Gems Stables
12:22:51 Tay Tay/ Taylor
Im so sorry @jacob! I'll be crossing my fingers and praying for you!! ( that kind of sounds like a grandma thing to say ) but i hope it helped relieve the stress a bit!!
Crystal Gems Stables
12:21:12 Tay Tay/ Taylor

got to sales or just PM them
Tragic Really
12:21:07 Jacob
Im so worried. My mom is high risk for death if she gets covid and shes going to see my sister. My sister is very likely to talk mom out of her mask and gloves because she is adamant that this is over theres nothing to worry about now and blah blah blah. Im also a high risk person so if mom gets it ill likely get it and then what. Whos going to take care of my animals if we end up in hospital.
Shivering Sea
12:20:18 Shiv
Halflinger that question doesn't belong here.
Spirtasi Whims
12:12:29 Wings/Spring Day
I'm so happy he /might/ not produce Roan
-HEE Click-
Crystal Gems Stables
12:12:20 Tay Tay/ Taylor
look at my top show horses lol. the numbers are quite the meme worthy! -HEE Click-
Tragic Really
12:12:19 Jacob
I got an EEP PON filly with splash to so maybe ill get some more splash babies from them.
Tragic Really
12:10:31 Jacob
12:10:22 West || Turnip
Thanks vixie :))
Bee Pack
12:10:07 Belle
How gorgeous <3
Bee Pack
12:09:39 Belle
@Teflon Brain
I know!
Have you came across your favourite FewSpot horse yet xD
Tragic Really
12:09:34 Jacob
-HEE Click-
I hope this girl does well. She is my first EWE PON and she has splash which ive been trying to breed into my lines for a while.
12:08:24 Teflon Brain
@Belle I love Fewspots! Now if only the WB's had it too... XD
Vixen Creek
12:08:22 Vixie
That looks great west!
Pony Paradise
12:08:05 Pony || Ducky
Ooh tiny blanket <3
Spirtasi Whims
12:07:57 Wings/Spring Day
I always love the little Blankets
12:07:30 desert
Well well I actually captured something passable ratings-wise for once: -HEE Click-
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Hades x Varchie | Private | May 18, 2020 09:23 PM

~ Hades ~
Posts: 2308
Here it is :D
Hades x Varchie | Private | May 18, 2020 09:39 PM

Varchie Jones
Posts: 3619


~ Name ~

Jayden Hossler

~ Age ~


~ Appearance ~

- Jayden stands just shy of 6' and has short cut blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

- He is popular so on occasion, or well on Fridays, the days they have football games, he wears jeans and his football uniform, which has the number 7 on the back.

- On other days he wears on-brand clothing, I'll post an example of one of his outfits below.

- Example Outfit #1

- Example Outfit #2

~ Personality ~

- Jayden can come off as rude at first to newer people that he doesn't know but once you get to know him, he is softer.

- He is really fun and likes to party, he can come off as a fuck boy as well, due to popularity, but he isn't a player, he doesn't use girls.

- He is sweet and caring once you get to know him, he can be a real softie.

- He vapes and smokes weed which at this school is common.

~ Likes ~

Vaping, Weed, GIRLS, Partying

~ Dislikes ~

Nerds, Geeks, Spiders, Things with more than 4 legs.

~ Backstory ~

Jayden's parents aren't the best and he grew up with druggy parents so while growing up with that he took on a few habits, like vaping and smoking pot. When Jayden was in 9th grade he got suspended for having weed in his possession at the school, he was suspended for a few months and sent to a rehab center during that time. He is better-ish now but doesn't bring it to the school. He is better and keeps up with his grades and classes.

Hades x Varchie | Private | May 18, 2020 10:52 PM

~ Hades ~
Posts: 2308

~ Name ~

Emalee ( Emmie, Em ) O'Brien

~ Age ~


~ Appearance ~

Emmie stands at 5'4 and has long dirty blonde hair. Her eyes are a hazel color whilst her skin is a light tan.

Most days she wears her usual hoodie and ripped skinnies and occasionally wears other things.

Outfit Choice 1

Outfit Choice 2

Outfit Choice 3

~ Personality ~

Emmie is quiet, hence why not many people recognise her or know her. She is sweet and very playful. Em is extremely shy and wont talk to most people.

Emmie is a real cuddle bug and likes hugs but wont give them to just anybody. You need to earn her trust in order to be close.

She has had a rough life and can be called depressed. She almost always wears a long hoodie to hide the cuts on her wrists.

~ Likes ~

Long oversized jumpers, parties, not being spoken to, singing and playing guitar, most bands ( Especially an aussie " boyband " )

~ Dislikes ~

Jocks, the popular girls, people who make fun of her quietness.

~ Backstory ~

Emmie had a happy childhood, or that was untill her best friend passed away. They were 12 when it happened and ever since Emmie has been sad lonely and shy.

Her parents support her and help her with her schooling, in which she has always excelled.

She adores playing guitar and singing and that is what she wants to do when she is older.

Edited at May 20, 2020 10:34 PM by ~ Hades ~
Hades x Varchie | Private | May 20, 2020 07:42 PM

Varchie Jones
Posts: 3619
~ Would you mind starting? ~
Hades x Varchie | Private | May 20, 2020 10:34 PM

~ Hades ~
Posts: 2308

Emmie woke up early, earlier than usual. Sneaking downstairs she pulled a poptart from the cupboard and shoved it into the toaster. Whilst it was cooking she ran herself a shower.

Em got changed into her oversized Addidas hoodie, black ripped skinnies and her vans. She heard the toaster go ding so she left her hair how it was. After taking it out and placing it on a plate she rushed back upstairs and brushed out her hair before straightning it.

Emmie drove her old Landcruiser into the school, it making the pleasent diesel noise she adored. A few eyes turned to look at the obnoxiously loud car but then turned away when they realised who it was. Em shrugged, pulled her bag off of the back seat and headed into the school after locking her car. She pulled the hood way over her head and headed to her homeroom.

Emmie took a seat in room 209. She had Mr Jermaine but didn't mind at all seemings as he was kind. She sat at the back of the room with her hoodie still on and listened to her music.

Hades x Varchie | Private | May 21, 2020 09:04 PM

Varchie Jones
Posts: 3619
Jayden woke up Monday morning with a killer headache. He looked over at his phone which was going off beside him. He groans softly and picks it up, sliding the stop button up his screen.

He smirked a little when he saw a few messages from his friends, there was a party tonight, and he was ready. The first party of the year, the Homecoming party. He got up off of his bed and walked toward his bathroom that was connected to his room. He undressed and got into the shower.

Once he was done he got dressed into a pair of black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt that said "Vans" across it with a blue flannel over top and a pair of plain white slip-on vans. He grabbed his bag and walked downstairs where he found his mother and father talking in the kitchen. He sighs softly and grabs a banana, peeling it a bit and taking a bite. His parents mumbled a soft 'good morning' then went about their morning as he walked out the door.

Jayden got into his white Mustang and drove toward the school. Once there, he got out and was greeted by his friends, he earned a few slaps on the back. He laughs along with them and puts his stuff in his locker then walks toward homeroom.

Hades x Varchie | Private | May 21, 2020 09:34 PM

~ Hades ~
Posts: 2308

Em ignored the other people who walked through the door as she was too interested in her music and drawing. That was until there was a tap on her shoulder. Emmie turned around, ready to see one of her bullies but instead it was her best friend Luke.

Emmie wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him before returning to her work. `` Luke, how does it look?`` She asked him, holding up her drawing. Luke nodded and smiled. `` Looks good Em. How was your night?`` Em scoffed. `` Horrible, but I guess thats what you get when your father drinks. Anyways, we need to pay attention to class.`` Luke nodded again and took the seat beside her.

Emmie and Luke had been friends since he moved from Australia. He had left behind his friends and was just a shy as Em. Now they were inseperable. The teacher explained to them how soon they were going to have to work in pairs on a small assignment. Em heard Luke groan beside her so she gave his arm a gental shove.

Hades x Varchie | Private | May 21, 2020 09:38 PM

Varchie Jones
Posts: 3619
Jayden walked into class with his friends, Bryce and Josh, and their girlfriends, who were cheerleaders, Mackenzie and Shelvie. The two boys had their arms around the girls and Jayden just walked next to them. They each took their seats and listened to the teacher rant on and on about a small assignment they had to do in pairs. Jayden groans and rolls his eyes a bit.
Hades x Varchie | Private | May 21, 2020 09:45 PM

~ Hades ~
Posts: 2308

`` And I will be assigning your pairs.`` Is all Emmie heard come from the teachers mouth before sudden dread hit her. If she wasn't going to be assigned with Luke then who else? There wasn't anybody else in her that she liked.

`` Josh and Bryce, Luke and Cleo, Mackenzie and Shelvie, Jayden and Emmie, `` Em heard the teacher say. Sudden anxiety filled her body and she started having a small anxiety attack. Luke held her hand and rubbed small circles with his thumb, causing the panicky girl to calm down. `` T-Thanks..`` Em stuttered. `` But I have to work with Jayden!`` She exclaimed a little too loud.

Hades x Varchie | Private | May 21, 2020 09:54 PM

Varchie Jones
Posts: 3619
Jayden heard his name come from the teacher's mouth and he groaned again. He then heard it from someone else, who he could've guessed was that Emmie girl. He sighs and looks at his friends who point toward the girl. He gets up and walks toward her. "What's up" He says, sitting beside her.

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