Lucky Ranch
11:17:29 Grapey II Eggs
0.0 thats amazing
Heaven on Earth
11:16:53 Fishy Salad
I may have went over the top!
Crystal Gems Stables
11:16:46 Tay Tay/ Taylor
Well, i don't think it did.. I can go check!
Moon Shadow Ranch
11:16:46 Moon | TB + X
:O. That's an amazing background picture! I'm going to use that!
Purple Pegasus Farm
11:16:08 Graceful
Bangtan Boys
11:15:25 Suga
She so pretty

-HEE Click-
Lucky Ranch
11:15:04 Grapey II Eggs
It could be. Normally it says why you get the warning
Willow Tree Farm
wrong chat
Willow Tree Farm
ISO a cheap SbSb mare for sale
Crystal Gems Stables
11:14:25 Tay Tay/ Taylor
oh sorry. so is that why I got a chatbox warning?
Lucky Ranch
11:14:07 Grapey II Eggs
xD horse names: I dont mind a bit of "oddities" and amusement...however...a name for a quiz...not so much lol
Moon Shadow Ranch
11:13:16 Moon | TB + X
I'm kind of debating if I should get an item or not. -HEE Click-
11:13:03 Legion
..Then you'd hate some of the "in reserve" horse names I have lmao
Heaven on Earth
11:12:50 Fishy Salad
@Moon, give me a second!!
Markhor Manor
11:12:20 Mar
Yay, Raven!
Oh though I was in sales oops
Lucky Ranch
11:11:56 Grapey II Eggs
oh lord. there was someone that took the quix with the username "poopy bumhole". Where is maturity today?!
Moon Shadow Ranch
11:11:54 Moon | TB + X

I don't really have a theme in mind and anything will do!
Ladybird Estate
11:11:22 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Happy to say I'm in the process of making an art tutorial for yall <3
Okay tysm Lucky!!
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Hades x MarbleFox | Priv | May 18, 2020 11:36 PM

~ Hades ~
Posts: 2308
I'll get my sheet up soon! Gotta do some things first :D
Hades x MarbleFox | Priv | May 19, 2020 01:33 AM

~ Hades ~
Posts: 2308

~ Name ~

Emalee ( Emmie ) O'Brien

~ Age ~


~ Appearance ~

Emmie stands at 5'4 and has long dirty blonde hair. Her eyes are a hazel color whilst her skin is a light tan.

Most days she wears her usual hoodie and ripped skinnies and occasionally wears other things.

Outfit Choice 1

Outfit Choice 2

Outfit Choice 3

~ Personality ~

Emmie is quite sassy and adores to tease the not so cool boys. She'll flirt and with a flick of her hair will be gone.

But she has her down moments where she is the moodiest chick you'll ever see. Most people like to think of her as a slut but she seriously is not. Emmie is loyal and loving, kind and cuddly and is looking for the right person.

~ Likes ~

On brand clothing, parties, singing and playing guitar, most bands.

~ Dislikes ~

Nerds, geeks, not so popular people.

~ Backstory ~

Emmie had always been one of the popular girls, and this influenced her throughout highschool. Her parents support her, give her their house ( A double story house with 6 bedrooms, a pool and a large garage ) for parties.

Emmie hasn't ever been spoilt though. She has worked for what she has. Her father is a chef and her mother is a lawyer.

~ Other ~

Emmie works part time at a small cafe

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Hades x MarbleFox | Priv | May 19, 2020 02:04 AM

MarbleFox Manor
Posts: 1095

Theo Kamp:


Personality: Cocky, rude rough around the edges, bold and he has wit and a sharp tongue and a bit of a hothead which gets him into trouble 99% of the time. (Part of it comes from his family situation) Though over time with the right person he might soften up a bit. Other then that he enjoys drawing, music and pranks... Especially on the popular guys.

Appearance: Piercing blue eyes, black hair 5'9 slender and semi muscular most of the time he's wearing a dark colored hoodie (or t-shirt) loose black pants, converse sneakers and he has a piercing in his left eyebrow and a piercing on the right side of his lip and typically its amazing if he doesn't look like he'd been beat up as hes almost always got some sort of bruise on his face.

Dislikes (Likes are with personality)

Home, school, popular guys his parents.

Backstory: Theo isn't rich in any sense of the word. He lives with his dad and he hates his mom because she abandoned him and left him with his father when he was 3... The only thing he has is a picture of her which he keeps hidden safely away from his father... Even in the small trailer they have... With only 1 room that is his (for the most part) though he typically doesn't stay home a whole lot. And though he's not very open about it not every bruise is from a street fight.

Other then that more in rp.)

Edited at May 19, 2020 10:42 PM by MarbleFox Manor
Hades x MarbleFox | Priv | May 19, 2020 02:07 AM

~ Hades ~
Posts: 2308
Okay sounds good? Whom goes first?
Hades x MarbleFox | Priv | May 19, 2020 02:16 AM

MarbleFox Manor
Posts: 1095
Can you? Im headed off for the night. If not I will tomorrow :) Goodnight! ^-^
Hades x MarbleFox | Priv | May 19, 2020 02:30 AM

~ Hades ~
Posts: 2308
With her white Addidas hoodie, black ripped skinnies and over straightened blonde hair and minimal makeup she headed downstairs and into her kitchen. Emmie pulled out her smootie she had made yesterday and poured it into a travel cup.

`` See ya mother.`` She called out, knowing she was the only one home right now. Her father had already gone to work and her younger sister was at camp. Emmie dished her car keys out of the fruit bowl and pressed the fob, the black Mitsubishi Lancer lighting up.

Em pulled her bag over her shoulder and headed outside and into her car. She fished her phone out of her pocket and turned on bluetooth. Ghost Of You immediately began playing and the woman started singing along happily as she drove to the shitty highschool.

Parking her car beside another lancer and a Jeep she pulled the keys out of the ignition, slipped them in her school bag and pulled her headphones out. Emmie walked into the school with her music playing in her ears. She nodded at a few people as she headed to her first class, taking a seat in the back. She turned her music down as she paid attention to the teacher.

Hades x MarbleFox | Priv | May 19, 2020 12:30 PM

MarbleFox Manor
Posts: 1095

Theo gave a roll of his eyes as he slammed the door on his father who was hollering at him from inside the trailer... when he opened the door to yell at him more Theo ran off his right eye was already swolen and turning black as he headed off for school with his 1 strap backpack over his shoulder. When he arrived at school a couple of his friends approached him wincing when they saw his eye "Geez... another fight?" Marcus asked "Yeah... no biggie." Theo assured "Come on lets get to the locker room" he said grabbing a bag of flour from his backpack "And you're sure it'll work?" Jake asked "Positive... those stupid ass jocks won't know what his them." he assured slamming his locker shut and hiding the flour in his friends backpack the 3 of them heading off to the Gym.

When they got there class had already started so they snuck into the locker room shower area and began rigging up their surprise for the jocks. To say the least it took a lot of plastic wrap and flour... and it was easy because the room was white anyways... either way when the jocks went to take their showers they were going to get more then what they bargened for and Theo and his friends were going to be there to watch the aftermath from behind some mats in the gym. By the time class was over it didn't take long for the jocks to recieve their surprise. When they did they came pouring out of the locker room and just by looking at them you could tell who got the brunt of it and who got the after effect... a few of them were completely white while others had patches of skin showing through... other then that there were only 1 or 2 of them that were almost perfectly clean as he flour had certainly covered most of the locker room.

Hades x MarbleFox | Priv | May 19, 2020 09:43 PM

~ Hades ~
Posts: 2308

Mrs Jessop told them about their latest assignments. They were to write a biography about their partners. Emmie groaned as the teacher read out the names. " James and Jorja, Kenny and Ruby, Emmie and Carmine.``

Emalee shrugged. `` Ok..`` She muttered. Carmine moved from up the front and sat beside Emmie. He was quite a bit taller than her and had dark raven hair. `` Hey,`` Carmine spoke softly. `` Looks like we'll be working together for a while.`` Emmie shivered but nodded. She returned her attention and jotted down the notes the teacher told them to.

The bell finally rung and Em couldn't be more excited to leave. She raced down the hall and to her math class. Math was one of her favourite classes, mainly as her crush was in it. Keeping her earbuds in another one of her favourite songs came on.

Hades x MarbleFox | Priv | May 19, 2020 09:52 PM

MarbleFox Manor
Posts: 1095

Theo and the others were still laughing as they made their way to class the 3 of them breaking off from one another to go to their 2nd periods Theo found a girl sitting on his desk in math waiting for him "Hey" she cooed with a smirk "All went well I assume?" She chuckled "I heard the commotion from the art room." She snickered trying to hold back a bigger laugh as one of the jocks who had gotten doused with flour came into the room with some flour still caked in his blonde hair... To say the least he wasn't at all pleased "It was meant to be art." Theo smirked "I needed a bigger canvas so I made one on the jocks and the locker room." Theo chuckled as the blonde haired jock sat next to Emmie clearly in grouch mode and not paying any attention to the fact that she had earbuds in he muttered under his breath "Don't ask..."

Theo was in the back of the room with his friend trying to hold in his laughter "Very abstract." His friend teased.

Edited at May 19, 2020 10:06 PM by MarbleFox Manor
Hades x MarbleFox | Priv | May 19, 2020 09:58 PM

~ Hades ~
Posts: 2308

Emmie ignored the boy who sat beside her. She was too into her music to realise anyone had even sat beside her. `` Cut me open, take my heart. So we'll never be apart.`` She sang quietly.

As the teacher finally walked in she shot her head up and turned her music down, softly cursing under her breath. Pulling out her maths book she scribbled down the math equations and finally looked over at the boy beside her. `` Oh shi- Hey!`` Emmie corrected herself. `` I don't believe we've met. I'm Emalee, but most people call me Emmie.`` She smiled and held out her hand.

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