09:49:21 Gem
That would be perfect!
hollyhock joy
purbred too docked and ears up need a shot of him
Spirtasi Whims
09:48:45 Tasi / Chat Killer
Thank you guys
09:48:39 Gem
hollyhock joy
i do
Sunstone Elite
09:47:47 Sun/Sunny
I wish Gem xD Beautiful dogs.
09:47:10 Gem
Does anyone on have a Doberman? Need reference pictures of a black and tan
Hollow Tree Acres
09:46:57 Crazy Goat Lady
Lmao when no one is hope so you're just singing stupidly and your dog just sighs and goes to another room *.*
HMH Reality Check
09:45:53 HMH or Reality
That's incredible!
Mystic Valley Falls
Ugh *.*
Jellos Warmbloods
09:45:02 Giggles Wubs
oh i love that Tasi!
Spirtasi Whims
09:43:35 Tasi / Chat Killer

Yeah sure
HMH Reality Check
09:39:25 HMH or Reality
I'd love to see the WIP
HMH Reality Check
09:39:09 HMH or Reality
Spirtasi Whims
09:38:54 Tasi / Chat Killer
A piece I've been needing to do for a few *months* now
Seaside Grapes
09:36:32 Lila
Ooh, what piece, Tasi?
Spirtasi Whims
09:35:23 Tasi / Chat Killer
I really like how this piece is going so far!
Da Smexy Sheep
09:34:27 Lil l Cando l Canlil
Oh god help me... My wacom won't charge :/
09:24:42 Kelpie/Peace breaker
Time to sleep Goodnight Grape :))
Belobog makes me want to breed a few appaloosas.
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Seven Sins x Kyubi March 7, 2021 02:29 AM

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This is a roleplay between The Seven Sins and myself, Kyubi. Please don't post in this forum unless you are one of us. Feel free to read along!
Seven Sins x Kyubi March 7, 2021 02:59 AM

The Seven Sins
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Aziel Cree Storm
"I'm not your typical stuck-up snob. I'm the opposite. I'm like a giant stuffed teddy bear, but with feelings and a warm, caring heart."

Male | 23 | Goiteía | Prince

| Nickname(s) |
Az, Azzy, Storm

| Sexuality |

| Birthday |
April 2nd

| Appearance |
Aziel stands at 6'0 with semi-broad shoulders. He has a beige complexion with warm undertones, which only seem to get darker when he spends outside. He certainly has freckles, but they only litter the bridge of his nose and on his cheeks under his eyes. Much like his skin tone, they get darker the more time that he spends outside. He has round eyes, having them be rather unique since he has only met a handful of other people with the same eye genetics as him. He has heterochromatic eyes, having his right be a candy apple green and the left being hazel, almost like honey. These heterochromatic eyes are framed with thick, long eyelashes.

His hair is thick and semi-curly, having it be the color of a raven's feather with what seems to almost be violet highlights when the sun hits it. It is quite interesting since it is a drastic changed from his bright heterochromatic eyes. He usually keeps it short where it is short on the sides but a bit longer on top where, at times, hangs in his eyes. There are rare times he has it longer, like the winter to help keep him warm. It usually goes to his shoulders during this time, but he will never let it grow longer than that. Though, he never lets his bangs get too long as they only tend to get in his way and distract him. His hair does seem messy, but he hardly ever fixes it as it only compliments him.

He has chiseled cheekbones with a heart-shaped face. He always sports a clean-shaven look to where he hardly ever has hair line his jaw. There will be the occasional time where he will have stubble, but it will only be there for a couple of days before he ends up shaving it off. He just isn't really a fan of beards. His physique is ectomorph, yet he leans more towards the muscular side of the radar. He just isn't that overboard muscular as to him, he doesn't find that attractive. He definitely works out a lot whether it be sword fighting, running, or even just horseback riding. Though, he tends to travel a lot, so that always helps. He has a straight nose and semi-full light coral lips with dimples on both cheeks. They are noticeable when he doesn't smile but more so when he smiles.

He doesn't have piercings, but he definitely has a few tattoos. One of them is on his right arm, something that isn't too interesting. It's a black dragon, having it wrap around his forearm and up to where it stops at his shoulder joint. It has amazing details to it, having it seem so real, yet he keeps it hidden for various purposes. He has another on his left wrist, having it be a simple compass. The last one he has is on his right chest, just a bit below his collarbone. It is a deep, red rose, something he got with his sisters and brother since they all wanted to get a matching tattoo. Of course, he didn't oppose to it because he loves flowers, but it took Oliver some convincing to get it. He will get more eventually, but what he has now is more than enough to suffice him. Of course, like anyone, he has scars. He has one on the left side of his face, having three scars start from above his brow, over his eye, and ends down at his jaw. Surprisingly, his eyesight is still there and wasn't injured when he got it from a Lýkos when it attacked him. He has another that wraps around his left ankle, something he got when he stepped in a snare trap intended for small prey. Granted, it didn't do much damage and he can't be more grateful for that. Of course, he has many more, but those are all small and not important.

His clothing is nothing but exquisite and elegant, especially with the beautiful red, orange, and yellow tones. Though, he doesn't always wear those clothing as it just means he stands out. If anything, he wears less elegant clothing, almost something a commoner would wear. Even though it bothers his father and some of the court members that he wears such things, he doesn't care. He only wears the clothing he should on important occasions.

| Personality |
Aziel is wary of trusting people, yet there are times where he trusts someone too fast. When he does that, it usually ends up where they stab him in the back, making him wonder what he did to have them do such a thing to him. No matter how many times he tells himself to not trust someone who seems kind right off the bat, he always ends up failing to do so. Even though he craves to trust people, loyalty means everything. If you break that or even his trust, there is no way that the person will ever gain it back. Well, maybe over time and having them prove to him they can, but even then he will be wary where their loyalty lies.

He might seem like a stern person from the outside, but once you approach him and start talking to him, he is the sweetest person on the earth. Had it not been for scars and him not being born a Prince, he would be considered an innocent person. Yet, that is so far from the truth. Even though he is still so young, he has seen so much already that it is hard to be an innocent person. Well, it is partially because he likes to travel. He will do anything to try and please people, even though they might not accept him for doing it. He will be there for anyone that needs a shoulder to cry on or lend an ear to listen to someone. He will do anything for people he knows, well, withing reasons of course. He won't kill someone without them giving him a good, legitimate reason to do so. Even then, he probably won't do it. On top of all of that, he is a bubbly person.

Now, he might be a bit stern with someone at first as he wants to get it through the person's head that he might be kind but push him the wrong way and he won't hesitate to lash out at you. He is rather sarcastic, a jokester, and sometimes even a flirter, though that isn't common. You give him a sarcastic reply, he will give you one right back. He usually jokes around to lighten the mood or to make someone feel better if they are in a dark mood. It usually works for the most part. He can be harsh with his words at times though as he isn't one who likes to sugar-coat his words. He rather flat out tell you than beat around the bush and try to spare your feelings. The world is a cruel place, so why expect someone to lessen the blow for you to help spare your feelings?

Even though he might be a kind, sweet, carefree person, he won't hesitate to tell someone no if he doesn't agree with something they are doing or if they ask him for a favor. Above all, if he has something to tell you, he will tell you. Well, for the most part anyway. He definitely has a silver tongue, especially when it comes to an argument with someone. He would go on for days before they eventually give up. He is quite intelligent and knowledgeable since he likes to read whenever he has free time to do so. Most of the time it is when he is traveling and he is resting by the fire at night.

He will do anything to protect his friends, even if it means that he has to kill someone. He is passionate about something he believes in without a doubt. He sometimes jumps or flinches at the sudden touch of something or if someone moves quickly. He has his reasons why he reacts that way. There are times where he even jumps when there is a loud noise.

| Fears |
Aziel has a fear of confined spaces as well as being in crowded areas. An odd fear he has is that he is afraid of needles. He doesn't understand why. He just is.

| Allergies |
Berries; very little swelling to the tongue and slight tingling; mild
Bees; throat closes up; emergency
Pollen; congestion, runny nose, and sneezing; mild

| Likes |
Aziel loves children and wants one whether it be with a woman or he adopts one with a man, berries even though he has a mild reaction to them, rain, reading, practicing with his second ability, dogs, sweets, traveling, and even flowers.

| Dislikes |
Aziel hates unloyal people, stuck-up snobs, being the youngest where he is treated like a baby, his Skotádi abilities, people who think he is a stuck up and a snobby person, being pampered, the desert, certain types of alcohol, Fos' since they are his weakness, thunderstorms, and Lýkos since they reside in his kingdom.

| Offspring(s) |

| Kin |
Ava Storm; sister; alive; 26
Camari Storm; sister; alive; 26
Oliver Storm; brother; alive; 27
Elora Storm; mother; alive; 54
Kye Storm; father; alive; 57

| Species Info |
Aziel is both a Skotádi and a Heiler. His Skotádi abilities are definitely stronger than his Heiler abilities, which is a given since controlling darkness is the highest rank. He is able to control and summon darkness to a point where he is able to let it seep into a person's skin and crush their vital organs. He keeps that under wraps as a lot of commoners and his kin fear the highest ranks, thinking that they can be uncontrollable. Well, that is partly true since there are times where he isn't able to have complete control over it when certain emotions consume him. Most of the time, he is able to control them just fine. They might just be cautious with what someone else with that ability did in the past. He can't blame them.

His Heiler side is something he enjoys. He likes helping people who are injured and able to heal them no matter what it is. He can even heal certain diseases and sicknesses, but that definitely takes a toll on him since that is at a higher level. He isn't completely there yet, but he definitely knows how to use these abilities. He can even stop someone's heart, lower their pulses, and even take air from their lungs. He has to admit, he has lowered someone's pulse before if they annoy him to a point that he wants to start pulling his hair out. Regardless, he has never killed someone because of it. As for his Skotádi ability, he has killed someone but that was an accident. No one knows about it except his family.

| Other |
Azeil's family is a bit unique. Some of them have different abilities since down their family tree, a Heiler married an Aéras, and even further down, there is even a Neró. His twin sisters, Ava and Camari, are Neró's, his brother, Oliver, is an Aéras, and his mother, Elora, and father, Kye, are Heiler's. Even though his brother is an Aéras, he is also a Neró. His family resides and rules the Zariya kingdom in the forest. Down in their family tree, they used to reside in Alynthi, but that changed when their great grandmother down the line moved to Zariya with her husband.

He gets along with his siblings quite well, more so his brother than his sisters. He loves them to death, but they want to always ask him about his love life and other things that he isn't quite interested in. As for his parents, they are on a thin line. Well, more like his father since he doesn't like that his son, which is him, is a Skotádi and not just a Heiler and because he is also stern and harsh on him, unlike his siblings. He and his mother are on great terms and if anything, he is closer to her than he is with his brother.


Simple character sheet
Saira Elizabeth Kastle
"You want me, Saira, to listen to what this low ranked Goiteía has to say? That's not going to happen. Not even when pigs start to fly."

Female | 21 | Goiteía | Neró

| Nickname(s) |
Sai, Lizzy

| Sexuality |

| Appearance |
Saira has sandy blonde hair that has coppery highlights, though, they are more noticeable in the sunlight when it hits it in a certain way. It cascades down her back in loose beach waves, having it stop mid-back. She stands at 5'4, her physique being rather petite, yet she definitely has the muscle even if it may not look like it. Her cheekbones are chiseled in a way with a heart-shaped face. She has bright ocean blue eyes, almost like the color of a light cerulean. She definitely wears exquisite clothing, having them be mostly a wide spectrum of blues with occasional white being dabbled into it here and there. She isn't afraid to show off her enchanting and expensive-looking clothes.

| Personality |
Saira is sarcastic, pretty harsh with her words, a monotone effect most of the time, quiet at times, but she won't be afraid to say what is on her mind whether it be harsh or even nice. She can definitely be nice, but she has a bad background of what has happened to her, so people mostly never see her nice, caring, or even sweet and willing to help someone. She would rather let someone die than help them if there is a chance in saving them. She's just not someone that anyone should be friends with in general.

| Offspring(s) |

| Kin |
Lisa Kastle; sister; deceased
Caren Kastle; mother; deceased
Michael Kastle; father; alive; 53

| Other |
Saira is from the same kingdom as Aziel. She only came with him because his parents thought he needed company on his trip. She would've rather stayed in the borders of the kingdom rather than coming on a trip with a person she doesn't really care for. Sure, she thinks that Aziel is a great person, she just doesn't care for people nor accompanying them on journeys. If anything, she wouldn't be surprised that Aziel's parents sent her with him for protection, even though he is perfectly capable of taking care of himself like the other times he has traveled, or trying to set them up since they know they are friends. Yeah, they are friends, but she still doesn't completely care for him.

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Seven Sins x Kyubi March 7, 2021 04:42 AM

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Irene Nirvana

Female | 22 | Goiteía

July 17

Irene has a rather dull but glorious appearance. Her structure is thin but she has curvature there. Her shoulders are narrow yet strong, her hips having that natural curve. She stands at a decent yet small height of 5'4. Her skin is rich, blossoming with a bright glow in the sun. Her cheekbones are distinct yet flow with her face nicely. Her lips are full, giving her face an overly delicate feature. Irene has light freckles on her cheeks in the light but tends to fade when it gets cold. She doesn't have any noticeable blemishes on her body, though she isn't perfect.

Her eyes are round and big and it seems like she is the kindest being on the planet because of them. She has long eyelashes that are the highlight of her, accompanying her light amber eyes. Her eyes have this raw glow to them which is odd when staring into them for too long. Her eyes are definitely the most distinct thing of her. She has wise eyes, almost like she knows the whole world and everything around her. They almost pry for knowledge and the truth of things. Though it is easy to tell when she had enough or when she is tired of life. All the brightness just drains out of them which appears extremely unnatural for her.

Her hair is long, reaching her hips. She has kinks every now and then but her hair usually stays a relaxed shape. When it storms out that is when it gets frizzy. Irene's locks are a light brown that has natural ginger highlights in them, only visible in direct light whether it be from a fire or the sun. Her hair goes with her eyes and skin tone well. It fits her physique well though it isn't common in most kingdoms, most women not caring for such long nappy hair. It is especially not good with powers. If you don't maintain hair at that length it could be scorched, drenched, or overall ruined especially with the vast amount of powers in the world.

Her clothing style doesn't match her powers. Not only because she hasn't fully discovered her powers yet but because she has already been deemed powerless, a pathetic commoner. Her clothing is obviously cheap and isn't of the finest silks. It even feels slightly rough to the touch. She doesn't have distinct colors that she wears since she is a commoner but no matter what colors she wears, just the fabrics deem her a commoner.

Irene's personality is kind of awkward. She is quiet most of the time, especially when she isn't in her rightful element. She hushes herself to help her focus. She doesn't have to be doing a task that she likes in order to fall still. It may not seem that awkward but when she does speak it is in a raw shallow monotone manner. Irene tends to say things in a blunt manner without thinking. That is mere because she is so focused and doesn't have time to think of manners.

She can have a temper but it is rare. You have to truly piss her off to make her speak in a harsh manner. Though there are different demeanor she carries when speaking harshly. It could be scared harshness or a furious harshness. When she is scared and wants to protect someone then she uses a protective motherly tone. She can say some things that may sting but her eyes show her true intention behind them. She isn't good at hiding what she truly feels. Now if she is furious her eyes get drained of light and her words grow sharp and bitter. It is truly captivating when she does it but not in a good way. Most just don't expect it out of her.

Even though Irene can be quiet and harsh at times she does have a playful side. If you play her right she does crack a smile every now and then. If you get a smile then she is warming up to you. It takes a while to get her to that point but it isn't impossible. When she gets playful she acts flirtatious but in a weird manner. She isn't good at flirting but every time she fails it gets cuter and cuter. She loves jokes and humor but usually hides her laugh.

Irene truly gets scared of healers. She doesn't like to be touched and messed with. She has other personal reasons why she doesn't like them.

-Allergies | Illnesses-
She is susceptible to illnesses like colds and some of the more harmful ones. She has a weak immune system which makes her symptoms worse than usual. This also makes her sniffly with regular year-round allergies. She has no other known allergies.

She finds jokes amusing and has a wide soft spot for little kids. She loves to learn and make discoveries. She greatly appreciates someone being stern with her every now and then, especially with learning.

She gets tired of being babied just because of her delicate appearance which is why she appreciates the sternness when learning. She doesn't like the cold, since she usually gets sick in the wintertime.
Armen Nirvana; son; deceased at 3

Siana Nirvana; mother; alive; 56

Leon Nirvana; 56

-Species Information-
Irene's mother was a simple woman of low status. She was a Raftes, one of the most beautiful, at least that was what Irene believed. Her father on the other hand was a strong Fotia who dabbled in the work of a Nero. They were both strong in their own way but they are truly a captivating couple.

In Irene's lineage, there are many ancestors who were Raftes, Neros, and Fotias. There are very very few ancestors far back in her lineage who were Fos.

Irene was claimed as a plain commoner, one who didn't have powers. She was merely a late bloomer. Irene doesn't know the powers she has since they are only developing. Truly, she is a powerful Nero, though she was blessed with the power of the sun. She is not only a Nero but a Fos. Irene is more proficient as a Nero, her powers channeled through her emotions. She usually causes the weather to change depending on her emotions, though she could only control any weather with water. She has no control over this power, though with the training she could have more abilities. It isn't that dangerous. She struggles as a Fos. It is truly a rare power, light. She has zero control of this power and it can be deadly because of that. This is most susceptible of kicking in if she is truly pissed or feels she is about to be killed, it is still extremely rare for her to summon any of these powers so it may not even show in those moments. But just because it is rare doesn't mean it isn't powerful. Since it is unused and builds up, most of her episodes of uncontrolled light can be deadly.

Irene has a weird last name. Nirvana. It comes from a strong line of well-known peace bringers throughout the kingdoms. Ones who believed in harmony, though their powers were only known throughout the family.

Irene doesn't talk about her son's death. She had him when she was young with a very known, very powerful man in her kingdom. They weren't married and she soon became a single mom when he died in the war. All the ladies knew the father of her child and she was especially spat upon because she was a 'commoner' and the father was one of the most powerful. Her son's death had to do with a healer, which is why she is scared of healers. More information will come up soon.

Seven Sins x Kyubi March 8, 2021 06:28 AM

The Seven Sins
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A wolf howled in the distance, either trying to find their pack or they picked up a scent. Animals in the area scattered, afraid that the carnivore is going to hunt them down. They rather stay alive than be someone's lavish meal. Safe is always better than not caring and potentially getting killed. Being cautious and curious is a bad combo as well as curiosity killed the cat.

The sound of an animal snorting is heard in the distance, perhaps since the creature had to walk through the snow rather than a clear path made of dirt or grass. Two more snorts are heard before two people on horseback appeared after coming around from a bend. The coats of the equestrians varied in colors whether it be a single color or multiple different ones. Even the riders' clothes varied in colors, having them be bright, exquisite, expensive, and seeming to be made of the finest silks.

The small group was composed of what seemed to be a man and a woman. It seemed that the man is in the front, leaving the woman behind him to follow where he goes. For all she knows, the man could be leading her to her death and she wouldn't know until her life flashed before her eyes one last time before death consumed her. Though, anyone could see that the woman behind the man trusted him without a doubt.

The man seemed to have his face concealed, making it look a bit odd to the woman behind him. He had the hood to his simple cloak up, yet a scarf made of the most brilliant red wine color covered his nose and mouth, leaving only the mismatched colored eyes and half his scar to be seen. The woman behind him only had her hood up without a scarf covering half of her face. It seemed that the man wanted to keep his identity a secret while he travels in case someone recognized him.

At hearing the wolf howl again, yet much closer this time, the man pulled the equestrian to a stop, having the woman behind him halt in her place as well. His eyes searched the snowy field in front of him, nothing seeming to be out of the normal. Though, his mare seemed to sense something. She pawed at the ground, kicking up snow as she did so. She snorted, clouds of white leaving her nostrils from the cold winter's air. He tightened his gloved hand around the reins, his eyes narrowing slightly. His other hand slipped under his cloak, having it grasp the hilt of his sword that is resting at his hip.

A large blonde colored wolf with eyes made of ice came barreling towards the two. The woman to his right raised her bow with an already loaded arrow, though she didn't pull back just yet. She is waiting for the man to give the command to let the arrow loose and hit its mark on the canine. Before anything could happen though, the canine came to a stop about twenty feet from them, baring its teeth with their hackles raised.

The man raised his brows in amusement before he dismounted his white and dark dapple grey anxious mare. He knows she wouldn't go anywhere unless he gave her the command to do so. He knelt down on the ground before whistling, which only caused the canine to come running at him full speed. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched as the woman pulled the string to her bow back. Though, she wasn't quick enough to let the arrow go before the canine tackled him to the ground. Much to her surprise, the canine starting to lick all over his face, leaving slobber behind and causing velvety laughs to leave the man's lips.

After a few moments, the man pushed the large wolf off him. He scratched behind the canine's ears, a smile seen on his lips since his scarf fell down around his neck. His scar is more noticeable, having it look rather unpleasant, to say the least. It's a miracle that whatever caused the scar didn't touch his eye in the slightest. He also seemed more approachable with the smile on his face rather than him having his lips be in a grim line. People always find him intimidating and slightly terrifying when seeing him due to the ugly scar making his appearance seem unapproachable.

He stood up, wiping the snow off his clothes before giving a sharp whistle and having the wolf run off. He mounted his mare, his head turning towards the woman who had bewilderment written across their faces. He grinned at her, knowing she didn't expect him of all people to have a wolf as a companion after what happened to him in the past. Honestly, he is surprised that he has the canine as a companion, but he wouldn't know what he would do if he didn't have the male wolf in his life.

"What? I thought I told you about Enzo." He said, his voice rather soothing, yet it held a velvety and slightly rough tone to it. He gave her a wink before turning his attention back onto the road and pushing the mare forward.

"I would remember if you mentioned having a companion other than Anya, especially if this other companion is a canine." The woman pointed out, her voice rather cold, yet it held a honey-like tone to it.

He rolled his eyes, knowing that his friend would say such a thing. He pulled the scarf back over his face, once again hiding half his identity. "Saira, darling, you should know by now that I'm full of surprises and secrets."

Nothing more was said after that, having them continue on their way. Usually, he would be traveling by himself like always, but he had a meeting with the rulers of the Alynthi Kingdom on important matters regarding the alliance they have with his kingdom, Zariya. Typically, his older brother would take care of such meetings since he is first in line to take over the throne, but he stepped down from being the successor about a month ago. No matter how much their parents tried to persuade him, the man didn't budge. So, like anything, his twin sisters were next in line to take the throne. When neither of them wanted to take it either, it fell onto him being the next in line on taking the throne, much to his and his father's dismay.

Had he had a younger brother or sister, he would've stepped down as well, but since he didn't, he felt obligated to take the throne, which is why he has been going to these important meetings. In truthfulness, he would rather step down as a Prince in general and leave the life that he has been living for the past twenty-three years. Even if he did that, people who knew who he used to be would still treat him as if he were a royal. So, he just bears with the fact that no matter what his choices are, he is going to have to accept them even if he doesn't like them.

A sigh left his lips at the thoughts swirling in his head. He knows he probably shouldn't be thinking about such things, but it is kind of hard to do so when he was practically thrown into being the next king for his kingdom just a few weeks ago. He shook his head, not wanting to think about it anymore since he needs to focus on the task at hand at getting back home. Granted, he could take a detour and travel to some places like he loves to do, but he has a feeling that his parents aren't going to like that he might be home in a month or two rather than just a few days. Hell, he doesn't want to know what his father would and could do to him if he doesn't come home after a month.

At hearing a howl much deeper than his companion's, his head snapped up so fast that he could've gotten whiplash. His eyes are narrowed into cat slits as he scanned the area around him, his hand once again grasping the hilt of his sword. He knew that type of howl by heart as that creature is the one that gave him the horrendous scar on his face. Now, he isn't afraid of such said creatures, he just dislikes them, especially what they are capable of doing. He should've known he might've run into them on their journey back since they reside both in Zariya and Alythni.

"Lýkos." Saira whispered under her breath.

Just seconds later, a scream is heard in the distance. His eyes slightly widened, knowing that someone is in danger whether it be from a Lýkos or Enzo cornering them in somewhere until he gets to them to see what they are doing all the way out here. Enzo would never hurt anything unless he gives the wolf the command to do such a thing, which has only happened a hand full of times. As for the Lýkos, they don't give a damn and will kill you regardless of what you try to do to them.

He turned his head towards Saira, knowing she isn't going to agree with his decision. He doesn't care as she is going to listen to him or he might just have to have consequences. She clearly saw the look in his eyes and knew what he is about to do. She shook her head quickly, her mouth open to protest his insane idea about going alone and helping whoever is in need.

"Don't." He warned her, causing her mouth to clamp shut at his harsh and rather low tone. "You stay here. Once everything is clear and safe, I will send Enzo to fetch you. I don't want you arguing back with me, alright?" He asked her with a raised brow.

"Fine." She muttered under her breath, her head shaking slightly as well. "Don't say I tried to warn your sorry ass."

"Oh shush. You love my ass." He retorted, causing her to choke on her spit at his unexpected response. A deep chuckle rumbled in his chest at her reaction. "Don't worry, I will stay alive just for you, my love." He teased her, giving her a wink just as another scream is heard. "Remember, don't come unless Enzo has arrived."

That was the last thing he said before he pushed Anya into a gallop and headed in the direction he heard the screams come from.

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Seven Sins x Kyubi March 8, 2021 10:30 AM

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Just keep running! Her mind roared, her body thrashing with adrenaline. Her lungs burnt as she let out sharp breaths.

How did she get here?

Irene was born and raised within the Alythni Kingdom. A kingdom within the mountains. The perfect safe home. She had loving parents and a decent life. That was until she learned the life of a commoner. She didn’t ask to be born this way. Irene was just like this. Sure, people care for the commoners but it was truly out of obligations. Only physical care was given to these people. Food, water, shelter. That was about it. Commoners wouldn’t get a side-glance and rarely were given any attention. Being born with powers has been so normal within the walls that being born without any was abnormal. She was born that way, without powers.

She has turned 13 and none came to her. Irene had this major party just to be let down that she was abnormal. That was when she experienced life through different eyes. Learning how commoners were demeaned and looked down upon caused Irene to be helpless. She just wanted someone to look at her like she was the same as the people with powers.

Desperate for that attention….that was when she met her first love.

Now he was something else. His manner was wild yet his eyes were at peace. Sharp blonde hair when the sun would reach him, a figure like a soldier. He was an influential Goiteía with two powers. Irene wouldn’t lie when she fell head over heels for him. She is still bewildered when he chose her over the others. He chose her, her powerless self. Their son was born from that love. It was such intense love that anyone in the kingdom would be jealous of it.

She didn’t get the fairy tale ending she wanted. You think she would but she didn’t. She lost everything in such a small amount of time. Her love died in a war with another kingdom and her son passed on soon after that. All was unfair, especially since her son died because of someone else’s greed. At least she knew he was with his father. That brought her the slightest peace. Irene had found herself in that helpless state once again. She was too embarrassed to go back to her parents. She had nothing. No man to marry, no son to love.

Overwhelmed by her feelings, she fled shortly after the deaths she suffered, leaving no trace behind. She gathered enough food rations for a couple of weeks and warm enough clothes. Irene left all the memories behind her. She was only able to carry what she needed. Things that allowed her to survive. Irene knew in her heart that she wouldn’t be missed. She was a mere commoner. Maybe her parents would crave her presence but she was their child so it didn’t count as being missed by someone.

The road ahead was rough. Winter was never her friend. It caused her to grow sicker by the day. It didn’t help that she walked instead of riding upon a steed. She couldn’t afford one. She would find herself stumbling over the snow and the foliage. Not only that, but she lost sight of the trail to other kingdoms. That left her to wander down the mountains into dense terrain without navigation. She was already weak, her food rations slowly disappearing over the weeks. All she wore was a cloak. She had no scarf, no gloves, nothing else warm. The cloak did nothing against the cold. It only prevented the wind from giving Irene windburn. She craved to find a better place, somewhere to start fresh. She was still young. Maybe she could get a job? She could get friends? The bitter cold only made her dreams feel impossible. The next few days grew worse for her. She grew sick and she hadn’t eaten for a day or two, maybe more. It made her lose track of time. She was truly lucky that her feet carried her this far.

Her hands and feet hurt and felt numb. She continued walking but ended up falling to her knees. Sharp weak breaths left her dry throat. “C’mon Irene,” She persuaded herself, hoping it would give her the motivation to move forward. She lifted her bowed head, narrowing her eyes. What was that in the distance? The snow seemed disturbed...a different color. Was it just her eyes fooling her? She found herself before that disturbed area after gaining the motivation to stand on her numb feet. It was blood. Something had suffered a horrible fate. She looked around, adrenaline beginning to rush through her veins. She knelt down and touched the blood with her fingers. It was fresh, slightly warm to the touch. Now she was fully alert, shoving away the fact that she was freezing. She heard a shuffle and lifted her head from the blood-tainted ground. Only a few inches in front of her face was the snarl of a beast. She was face to face with one of the mythical beasts, Lykos. Irene was practically touching its face with how close they were. It had the face of a wolf skull, its body of like a wolf. Its fur dense yet shiny in this winter weather. Its teeth dripped with blood, fresh from its kill. Irene was silent for a second, frozen in fear. That was when her first scream left her lips. She managed to get leverage on her weak legs as she stumbled to begin running. Irene didn’t look behind her.

Just keep running! Her mind roared, her body thrashing with adrenaline. Her lungs burnt as she let out sharp breaths. The wind whipped in her ears, leaving her deaf to where the Lyko was.

She just kept moving, no matter how much her legs yearned her to stop, no matter how sick she felt. Everything ached. She felt her vision leaving her, her body growing weaker the more she stumbled through this snow. Right when she thought she was clear of those beasts, she felt her leg give out. She twisted, falling on her back when she felt weight hit her. The demeanor it carried. It was something she would always remember. Its broad body held her pinned to the ground. Its mouth grew wide, about to inject its venom. She was staring into the mouth of a beast who was never satisfied no matter how many meals it ate. As she laid there she felt droplets of blood fall onto her face. She flailed an arm, grabbing something hard. Irene used all her might in that swing. She slammed her eyes shut hearing a crack of its skull. By the way it felt in her hand and the contact noise it made it had to be a rock she grabbed to defend herself. Irene was fortunate to get out from underneath the clutches of that beast.

Irene only ran a few more seconds before she found herself wedged in an area with no escape.

Were these her last moments? She hadn’t even had a full life yet, yet here she was. Her back was pressed against the barrier that holds her hostage. Helplessly, she slid to a sitting position, fully depicting that she gave up. Her legs were too weak to try and escape. Her one leg was hurt from when the Lyko snagged her. She was lucky she didn’t get bit. Her ears filled with shuffles of more Lykos coming together. How many? She didn’t know. She kept her head low so she didn’t have to hold onto the memory of how she died.

Everything drifted into a blur. What were these noises? Irene was too afraid to lift her head. She wasn’t sure of what imagery she would take in. Well, more like she was too weak to lift her head. She overheard sudden movement, clashing noises, and then silence. It was too much of a blur to remember exactly. The silence felt too much like death, though she felt her heart pumping. Was she still alive? She had to be.

Finally, curiosity got the best of her. She had the audacity to lift her eyes. Her eyes took in the figure before her. It was a man. Fear rushed through her veins. She hadn’t seen a human in days...or was it weeks? Was he a bad person, one who lurked in this area to hurt travelers? She lifted her hands. Her fingers looked to be frozen as she faced her palms towards him, almost like she were surrendering. It appeared like she was trying to use her powers but it just gave away that she didn’t have any. It also showed that she had a lack of knowledge of how people use their powers, for that wasn’t how people used them. She flinched and bowed her head like he was going to hurt her. She never moved her hands. She still held them towards him like she was attempting to protect herself in a surrendering manner.

“Please,” Was the only thing that left her lips. Her voice sounded tired yet desperate at the same time. Though it was hard to tell whether she was asking him to please don’t kill her or if she were asking her powers to please come to her, and she knew they would never come. Her breathing was heavy and her hands shook worse the longer she had them exposed to the cold. No matter how hard she tried to speak, no other words left her.

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Usually, he wouldn't go towards something that could endanger his life considering he is the next in line for the throne. Now, he is quite surprised that he is evening going to save a person from a Lýkos with how much he dislikes them and would rather stay away from them than head towards them. In saying so, with what has happened with such a creature, that is why he is surprised that he has a wolf as a companion. Anyone would be if they knew the true story behind how he got the scar on his face.

Ever since that day, he hasn't ever come across another Lýkos since then. Sure, he has heard them howling in the distance, but he hasn't crossed paths with them. They are vicious creatures, their face nothing but a wolf skull with teeth stained with blood. Their coats are as dense as a jungle, sometimes making it hard to penetrate their skin to kill them. Their coat seemed to be made of silk, yet it didn't feel as soft. It feels rough, almost like an oak tree bark. Though, the deadliest part is the fact that they are composed of snake-like venom. He doesn't know where it comes from, but all he knows is that when someone gets bit by them and doesn't have the medication to treat the venom coursing quickly through the body, they are going to die within a thirty-minute period.

He pulled Anya to a stop, causing a frustrated grunt to leave her. He listened to his surroundings, trying to place where the person and the Lýkos is. Then he heard it. A growl. Just the thing he needed to know where he is going. He pushed the equestrian in that direction, knowing that he better hurry before the creature decides to lunge and kill its prey. They didn't seem too far away, giving him the advantage to actually save the person before they could possibly get bit.

Soon enough, he came across the creature cornering a woman, giving her no space to be able to escape. He let out a sharp whistle, causing the creature's attention to be turned away from her to him. He unsheathed his sword from his waist and hoped off Anya. He slapped her rump, causing her to thunder across the snowy ground away from the danger at hand. He didn't want to worry about her getting bit and potentially dying. That is the last thing that he wants to have happen.

As soon as the mare was out of reach, the creature lunged towards him. He easily dodged it, sliding away from the creature and towards the woman. He stood in front of her, the tip of his sword pointed towards the mythical creature. The creature wiped around and charged at him again. He shifted slightly to the right before thrusting forward and stabbing the beast in the heart. A harsh howl left the creature's mouth before it fell to the ground. He watched it for a few moments, making sure it didn't move before he finally relaxed.

He stepped away from the creature and the woman before kneeling on the ground. He grabbed a hand full of snow before wiping it along the bloody blade. He paid no attention to the woman as he cleaned his blade as if she weren't there. Enzo soon appeared just as he is finishing up. He glanced up at the canine, his head jerking in the direction that Saira is in to tell him to fetch her. Just like that, the canine disappeared once more.

He stood up, sheathing his sword back at his hip before pulling the cloak back around him. He likes to keep what he has underneath a secret in case he is ambushed or something of the sort. He turned towards her just as he noticed that her palms are facing him. His brow raised, knowing that the woman might be trying to be using her powers on him. Well, if she did have any powers that is. He was tempted to use his abilities on the woman, but he decided against it. He only ever uses it if it is absolutely needed. He is just being paranoid since he has had many others try to kill him with their powers before.

At her word, he knew that something was wrong. She sounded tired but also desperate. He glanced over her appearance, trying to see if he sees any injury on her. He found none but he noticed how weak and cold she is. It seems she has been traveling for days without the warmth of something to keep her body heat trapped. She seems weak, perhaps from not having the resources to eat anything. He knew that she needed help, but would she try to harm him if he tries to help her? He might regret it in case she ends up stabbing him in the back down the road.

He reached up and untied the knot at his neck that kept his cloak secured around him. He slowly approached her, his eyes holding nothing but warmth and kindness. He gently wrapped the cloak around her, tying the strings to keep it secured around her. Even though he no longer has a cloak, the scarf still stayed to conceal his face. He didn't want to take it off and perhaps spook the woman even more than she already is. Before he could say anything, the thundering of hooves is heard and someone calling his name.

"Az!" Saira called, quickly jumping off her stallion and rushing towards him. He quickly glanced over him, a sigh of relief leaving her lips when she didn't notice any injuries on him. "You scared me half to death." She said, her eyes narrowing at him.

He chuckled softly. "I know. And, I'm not sorry."

She huffed before she finally noticed the woman cowering on the ground with his cloak on. Her eyes narrowed even more and not trusting the woman being seen in her eyes. "Tell me why you gave her your cloak." She snapped, causing him to raise his brow in confusion.

"She's clearly cold and weak. I've decided to take her back home with us." He said as he turned back towards the woman.

"Oh, are we now a charity picking up lost and distressed woman? How peachy." She said cooly before moving away from them and mounting her stallion.

He shook his head, knowing that she isn't going to like having another person coming with them. He didn't care though as the woman needs help. If anything, he would rather find a place to stay till tomorrow morning to warm this woman up and fill her empty stomach up with food. Sure, it may make him get home later, but he didn't care. He cares more about the well-being of this woman than the consequences he could face when he gets home.

"Find a place to stay for the night." He told her, causing her to scoff before she went off to find something. He turned towards the woman, knowing she might still be scared. "Hey, we aren't going to hurt. You're safe." He said softly, wanting the woman to know that she is no longer in danger. "Are you injured at all? Do you need help standing?" He questioned, concern written in his eyes, his brows furrowed together.
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Warmth grew over her whole body. It took her a few long moments to process what caused this warmth. He had given her a cloak, his cloak. She snagged the tied material, pulling it around her more to keep her warmer. She kept her head low, her hair falling in her face. Her face still had droplets of blood from the Lyko. She hadn’t taken the time to wipe it off just yet. She stayed quiet, not even locking eyes with the man before her. How was she even supposed to feel about him? She was truly grateful that he saved her but should she trust him?

She jerked with a startle when she heard a different voice. A female voice. That was when she fully lifted her head. Her dull amber eyes shimmered even with the cloudy sky. Disregarding her tiredness and sickness, she looked curious. Who were these people?

The one was a lady about her height. It was obvious that she only appreciated people who she knew for a while. While the man before her was much more broad and taller, though he was the nicer one. It was very intriguing. They had a different appeal to them. Even their physical features were different than the people in her kingdom. Their face shape and physique showed that they weren’t of the Alynthi Kingdom.

Not only that but they spoke their minds, especially the woman who was so worried over her man. Were they together? Dating? Married? Oh, it seemed obvious especially with her raging over him giving his cloak away. They had to be dating. People in dating relationships held less trust with their partners than they did if they were married. Though that was a vast assumption. They could possibly just be partners in crime, leaving her accusations to go to waste.

She peered at both figures, taking in their words. The way they spoke. Did they think she was deaf?

Irene found herself grimacing at the woman’s bitter words. She really did hate Irene. Or maybe it’s because she knew she was a commoner. That had to be it. She was upset at her ‘boyfriend’ for taking care of a commoner. It was rare for someone with powers to take care of someone so low-level. Still, she found herself assuming. She could tell their strength just by their clothing. They wore silks and fabrics that were out of her league. Only powerful people could wear something like that. She was grateful to just borrow one of their clothing pieces.

Irene finally locked eyes on the man before her. He had so much trust in his eyes for just meeting her. Why? It was so fixating. Not only that but there was something about his manners. It perplexed her. Aziel didn’t act messy. He obviously refused to waste any of his energy on unnecessary movements. His eyes perplexed her as well. He had different colored eyes. So distinct that she craved to touch him just to make sure his eyes were real. His voice pulled her away from her thoughts. Though it only lasted for a moment before her mind started racing once again. Even though he asked her questions if she were okay, her mind still asked why. Why was he doing this? Why was he wasting his time on her?

She seized his hand when he offered to help her up. She wasn’t that hurt, a few scrapes here and there and her ankle hurt on one foot but she obviously would survive. The warmth of his hand made her fingers tingle as she gripped onto him. Irene had to steady herself before she let go of his hand. She gave a subtle thank you nod and turned away. She took a deep breath and continued forward.

Her mind felt foggy. It all seemed too quick. The weeks she suffered through felt like days and the incident with the Lykos felt like seconds. Now she was in the comfort of a man who took his own time to care for her. It wasn’t like he didn’t know she was a commoner. Her clothes, other than his cloak which she still wore, screamed low commoner. Yet he still decided to help her, even going against his friend’s wishes of leaving Irene behind.

The moment she was near a fire her face’s color grew back. She wasn’t as pale anymore and she actually looked somewhat alive. She coughed every now and then, her lungs not used to the warmth. Irene did her best to not pay attention to the two people who rescued her, well only one truly rescued her. She knew they would argue about her when they got a moment alone. The only time she paid any attention to them was when they gave her food and water. She didn’t care how they saw her, she gobbled down whatever food they had offered. She took her time drinking any beverage so she didn’t have an upset stomach from drinking and eating too quickly.

Irene found herself silent. She didn’t find herself craving to answer any questions. She just sat there, mute. Irene didn’t want to come off defiant. She was more scared to speak than anything. What was she supposed to say? Thank you? Sure that would have been nice but she knew Aziel’s ‘partner’ would shut her up for even opening her mouth. She hadn’t spoken since the one word she spoke to Aziel. She had to speak sometime. Just when? Now wasn’t the time. Irene allowed herself to be separated from them. She didn’t stray from the fire since she didn’t want to be reminded what the cold was. She merely sat on the other side of it, fiddling with her fingers as they grew warm. She let out a muted breath of satisfaction. She was starting to burn up by being so close. She’d rather this than being without warmth. For the first time, she reached up and pulled the cloak’s hoodie down. Her full face was now visible including her long tied-up hair. Irene was slowly growing more comfortable around their presence, but that didn’t bring her to speak. She still kept her lips sealed no matter what they asked her.

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Aziel could tell that the woman before him is curious as to why he would save someone like her. Sure, her clothes screamed nothing but a commoner, but that doesn't matter to him. Even if they were wearing nothing but underwear, he would still help them. He doesn't care if they are the most powerful person or if they are the least powerful person, he will still help them no matter what. He's just someone who wants to help everyone. Granted, he is still cautious of trusting someone when it comes to anything else, but if they need help, he is more than happy to help, depending on what it is. For all the woman knows, he could be a commoner with the dull-colored and not expensive-looking clothing that he is wearing.

As Saira came back to lead them to the place they are going to, he offered his hand to her to help her up. He is curious as to why she is not answering his questions as well as wondering why she is out in the middle of now where during winter with the little small amount of items she has on her back. Perhaps something happened in her hometown and she was forced to flee without gathering the necessary items she would need on her trip. He will have to ask her, but right now is not the time to do that. Right now he is focused on getting her warmed up before anything else happens.

He reached out to steady her when she wobbled slightly, yet she was perfectly fine moments later after letting his hand go and following after Saira. He watched the two women go before his gaze flickered to the dead beast not far from him. His eyes grew cold for just a moment before they return to their natural soft tone. Whatever creatures are out there, he is sure they are going to enjoy it, especially the pack of wolves that could be in the area. He knew Enzo wouldn't eat the carcass, so he doesn't have to worry about telling the canine to stay away from it.

Just a few minutes later, he let out a soft, high-pitched whistle as he walked after the two. Anya soon came, causing him to reach up and grab the reins to lead her to where they are going. About ten minutes later they arrived in a cave, having it already be warm thanks to Saira starting a fire before she decided to come fetch them. He let the reins go, giving the mare a gentle pat on her neck before moving towards the saddlebags mounted on her hindquarters.

He glanced towards the fire, already seeing that the woman is warming up with the color finally coming back to her face. His gaze flickered to Saira, seeing that she is watching the woman closely on the other side of the fire with her arms crossed over her chest. He could only roll his eyes at his friend, not understanding why she is acting like this weak woman is going to harm them. Granted, the woman could be capable of doing such a thing, but he doesn't see that happening with how weak she seems to be.

He grabbed some bread, cheese, and some fruit from the saddlebag before going to the woman. "Here." He said, handing her the food items and some water.

He moved over towards Saira before whacking her upside the head. That only caused a scowl to leave her lips and the end of a dagger to be pointed at his throat within seconds. He raised his brows, amusement written across his face that she would go to such measures as pointing a weapon at him for something she deserved. He gently pushed the blade away with his finger, knowing she wouldn't dare harm him. She wouldn't be able to do such a thing unless he told her to so or to try and help him fake his death for whatever reason that may be used for.

"Do we have to bring her with us?" She mumbled quietly as she slipped the dagger out of hiding view up the sleeve of her navy blue silky shirt.

He gave her a funny look that she would ask such a dumb question. "Of course. I'm not going to leave her in the middle of nowhere during this freezing winter season." He said, his gaze flickering to the woman who has finished her meal.

"I still can't believe we are acting like a charity event." She grumbled, her arms crossing over her chest once more.

"Stop acting like it's the end of the world." He countered, annoyance being heard in his voice that she is acting like it's a chore to take care of a weak and lost woman.

"Next thing I know, we are going to be rescuing more damsels in distress and babies that are about to be some Lýkos delicious meal." She added sarcastically, seeming not to be fazed by the tone that he is giving her. "Aziel, you can't go around saving everybody. Everyone is to die one day regardless of who or what they are. The problem that is even more annoying is the fact that you are so trusting and care-free! That's going to get you killed one day. What am I supposed to say to your parents when I don't come back with you in tow? 'Oh, sorry, but your son died because he was way too trusting and care-free and helped a stranger in need on our route home. The stranger ended up being a murder and killed him right on the spot'. That is going to go down swell." She hissed, her ocean blue eyes blazing with slight fury.

He let a sigh leave his lips, knowing she is right but also at the same time wrong. He noticed that the woman pulled the hood of his cloak down. "If that happens then so be it." He said, taking in her appearance. She already seemed so much better than an hour ago.

"Unbelievable." She said, throwing her arms up in the air. "While you get all buddy-buddy with our new travel person or whatever she is, I'm going to search the area to make sure it's clear." She said as she moved away from the fire and to her stallion to brave the winter's air.

He watched her leave, his head shaking at her reaction to having a new person on board. He moved a bit away from the fire, getting rather warm from the heat that it's spewing into the air. After a few moments of arguing with his thoughts, he reached up and pulled the scarf from his face to have it hang around his neck, finally revealing his whole appearance to the woman. He glanced towards the woman, a soft smile on his lips to reassure the woman that nothing is wrong and that's she is safe with him. That is when he noticed that she still had some blood on her face.

He walked to the other side of the fire before taking a seat next to her. Of course, he was slow and careful with his movements as he took a seat next to her. He didn't want her to think that he was going to hurt her. He reached out and grabbed the water that is rested in front of her. Next, he took the scarf from around his neck and poured the water over it. He didn't care that he was going to get it slightly ruined. He just wanted to get the blood off her face.

He slowly reached out before his fingers gently grasped her chin to turn her head softly towards him. His touch is so gentle and soft that it probably surprised her that he is rough with her like any other man might be. He gently started to wipe away the blood from her face, his eyes occasionally glancing at her alluring hazel eyes. He has a feeling that she might not answer his questions, but he is going to try just to see what could happen.

"Tell me something." He said as he started to wipe off another section of her face. "What is your name and why are you all the way out here in the middle of winter?"
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Irene lifted her eyes, following his footsteps. She was like a curious child. Her amber eyes glistened with the gaze of the fire. She seemed so focused on everything around her. Every time she chooses something to peer at, her focused gaze gets more intense by the second. Her perplexed look followed him until he halted beside her. She tilted her head when he sat down. Did he need something or was he doing it to be king? She grimaced when he poured water over his once warm scarf. She reached her hand out right when he did that in an attempt to save it. The look on her face obviously asked why he did that. Irene looked so worried over a simple thing. She was more worried about that than his appearance.

She had noticed the scars on his face but it didn’t bother her. She knew many women who would be startled by it. She wasn’t like those women. Everyone has battle scars. Irene had also taken in his appearance just a second before she got distracted by his actions. He was an overall attractive male, too attractive for his own good. Maybe that was what left Saira so jealous. A young woman, a year younger than Aziel, coming into his life suddenly and now she was getting all the attention, leaving Saira to fend for herself. She didn’t mean it to come to that. Though it could be why she feels so threatened by Irene. Was she overthinking things again? Irene shoved those thoughts away, keeping her eyes locked onto Aziel.

Irene flinched when his warm fingers touched her. She kept her eyes closed like she was going to be hurt. That was when she noticed what he was doing. It surprised her with how delicate he was. She peeked her eyes open as he retained a focused yet warm look on her. He was wiping away the blood she had forgotten all about. It was genuine of him to do so, especially when he chose to ruin a good scarf for her. Didn’t he care about being careful who to trust? He put forward everything for her as if he knew her for years.

Irene fell quiet when he asked a question. It had been a couple of minutes of long silence. She didn’t want to answer but she had to push herself to answer. She bit her lip then finally spoke. “Irene.” She eventually said. Her voice wasn’t rough anymore. It was now silky, back to her normal tone of voice. She hesitated but continued on. “My name is Irene Nirvana,” Her voice grew more shallow. “I come from the Nirvana family. My ancestors were travelers, known for their peace-making within the kingdoms.” Her voice held strong enough to hear but she still kept her voice hushed.

Most people within the kingdoms knew of the Nirvana family, at least a little bit about them. They weren’t famous or anything, just recognized. They would travel between kingdoms, spreading peace and knowledge. They attempted to stop wars between rival kingdoms. Most were failed attempts but that didn’t make them stop persisting on their beliefs. Those were most of her ancestors in the past. The Nirvana family had settled down a lot, still having peace-making tendencies. Her mother and father had ended their life of traveling and decided to make a home. That was when Irene was born as an only child. She grew up not being allowed to leave the kingdom until she was of age. It was almost like their ancient beliefs diminished over the years. However, their family name still holds strong even if things had faded away.

“I am out here alone because my--” She fell silent immediately. Irene wasn’t one to spill anything overly personal with someone she just met. What was she supposed to do? Go on a speel about how she lost her love and lost her son shortly after. It would end up making her get emotional, eventually making Aziel uncomfortable. Not only that but he could use that as possible leverage against her if he really wanted to. She ultimately decided not to answer that question. “Just tell me...” She turned abruptly towards him. It seemed so sudden as she spoke. “Am I a charity case?” She murmured like a little kid. There was this look in her eyes that was piercing. She showed no fear when staring into his. She just wanted the truth.

Irene turned her head away when she didn’t get an immediate answer. She lifted her fingers and untied the cloak he had allowed her to borrow. She slipped it off and handed it to him. It was hard to give back a decent cloak, knowing that hers was worse than his. She tried not to let greed and jealousy get to her. “Thank you,” She whispered. Her demeanor was just so spirited even though she was still tired. “I was cold and you gave me your cloak. I hadn’t eaten for a few days and you fed me. Not only that but you saved me.” She blinked a hard time, looking back at him. “I wouldn’t blame you if you called me a charity case.” Irene fell silent again. It was like she was depicting what and what not to say. She closed her eyes for a long moment, allowing her thoughts to become settled. Irene was always so intellectual with her words that she always sought the right verbiage. She reached her hand towards Aziel. She grabbed the scarf from him, setting it aside so he would focus on what she had to say.

“May I ask you something? I overheard you say you wanted me to travel alongside you and your partner. I...I don’t have any means of payment on me...but I can. I can do whatever you or her what me to do,” Her eyes widened with hope, feeling indebted to both Aziel and Saira. Irene knew he would probably dismiss what she said. She wouldn’t stop until she fully persuaded him. The only thing she worried about this was how much Saira would take advantage of her. But, Irene was one to hold up to her words, so if she decided to take advantage then she just had to deal with it.

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Aziel noticed how the woman tried to stop him from pouring water over his scarf. He could care less if it got dirty. Hell, if it got all ripped up from a fight, he wouldn't care about that either. It's just a simple piece of clothing that he can either have someone make him again or he can gather the materials to do it himself since he knows how to sew. Of course, his friends, well servants as many people would put it, would try to prevent him from doing so, but he will only deny them from doing such a thing in their already busy day. Now, if he was with his parents, they would think differently, especially his father since that man is so very harsh on him.

He loves traveling with every fiber of his being if he has to be honest. It makes him get away from his responsibilities at the castle, get away from the eyes of the council watching his every move to see if he will mess up, and the disapproval and disgust in his father's eyes whenever the man glances in his direction. It makes him feel like he is free and not being dragged down by the weight that he has been carrying around on his shoulders after all his older siblings decided to step down from the throne. Even though he knows he will rule with utter kindness and love, he also feels like he will fail at ruling like his father and the council thinks he will.

He shook his head, knowing that he needs to stop thinking about that. It will only dampen his mood if he does so. He has to admit, his thoughts aren't as dark when he is traveling compared to when he is in the walls of the castle and surrounded by multiple people who don't like him for some reason. Perhaps it's because of his first ability that is so powerful, but he doesn't use it as often as his second one. He gets that when he does end up succeeding the throne, a dark age could consume the kingdom because he could crave the power that he has and will only want more, like the King that sat on the throne two hundred years ago that had the same abilities as he did. That was his very far down-the-line grandfather. He knows he wouldn't be that as he doesn't crave power, but when it happens once, people will be afraid that it will happen a second time. He will just have to try and find a way to convince them that it won't come to that. Only his family and the council know about his abilities, but once he is made King and has to pass these trails to succeed the throne, everyone will know.

His brows furrowed slightly when she flinched as he cleaned her face. She must have been treated badly for her to think that he, of all people, would hurt someone like her. He doesn't even harm a fly for christ's sake. It's like she's surprised that someone is so caring and kind towards someone he doesn't know. He is usually this way towards a lot of people, but he tries to get better at not doing so since he always seems to get stabbed in the back later on. Saira always tells him he needs to stop being so soft, but it is hard to do so, especially since his siblings aren't as sweet and caring like he is.

A small smile played on his lips when she finally spoke, even if it was just her name. At hearing her last name leave her lips, his eyes snapped up to her gaze and his hand stilled on her cheek. He has heard of her family before. They are well known among the kingdoms, more so his since the kingdom she lives within is allied with his. He hasn't heard of the Nirvana family in ages considering they have settled down and no longer really try to keep the peace between the four kingdoms. He wonders why they even stopped doing such a thing because, even if they failed, they still tried to make a difference and the wars wouldn't be as bloody if they didn't come.

He pulled himself out of his thoughts once more to finish cleaning her face up. "Ah, the Nirvana family." He muttered, the name rolling off his tongue with ease. His parents sometimes ask for the family's help a few times before, so he hopes that Irene doesn't recognize his name if her parents talked to her about his family. Sure, she doesn't know his last name yet and he kinda wants to keep it that way. Of course, if she asks, he will deliver. "I haven't heard that name in a while."

His brow raised when she stopped mid-sentence about why she is out in the middle of nowhere. Clearly, she doesn't want to talk about it, so he won't push her on that subject. He knows how it feels to not want to share something and people constantly pushing you for the answer to feed their curiosity about a stranger they don't really know. On top of that, it could definitely be used against someone if they spill something without knowing the person.

He was slightly startled from her abrupt turn towards him. He didn't show it on the outside that he was startled, but had her head been on his chest, she would've noticed that his heart did a little jump at that. At her question, he couldn't help the warm booming laugh that left his lips. He put a gloved hand to his mouth, trying to stifle the laughs falling from his lips since she might not appreciate him laughing at such a serious question. This is why he never brings Saira with him because she is always mean and rude towards strangers and quests that they meet. He has lost count on how many times she was close to starting a few wars.

"Of course not. I just like helping people if I can do so. Saira is, well, how do I explain this in light terms?" He pursed his lips as he stared at the blazing fire in front of him. "Let's just say if I told her to rescue you from someone trying to kill you, she would rather you die. To put it simply, she doesn't like anyone and tends to keep to herself." He said, scratching the back of his neck since he didn't really know how to explain Saira, a woman who is made out of the thickest metal, to a sweet woman. "She just speaks before she thinks, which causes... issues."

He raised his brow when she tried to hand his cloak back to him. He scoffed as he took it before leaning towards her and putting it back over her shoulders. "Keep it for now. I have another in my travel bag. If anything, you can keep it." He said, giving her a warm smile. His smile slightly flattered when she mentioned charity case again. He is definitely going to have to have a talk with that woman later. "Of course. It's what I like to do. And don't ever say that you are a charity case again because you aren't. My friend is just being an asshole like she usually is. Don't mind her when she says things like that."

He glanced at the scarf when she grabbed it to stop him from what he was doing. His brow raised once more, wondering what she is going to say to him. He nodded his head when she asked him if she can ask him something. He indeed wants her to travel with them, but that is until they get back to his kingdom. Of course, she can either go off into the city afterward or she can come live in the castle with whatever she would like to do.

"You don't even have to pay us for coming with us. There is no need for you to even do what we tell you to do." He said, his facial expression rather serious. He would never let someone pay him for something that he wanted to do. "You are free to travel with us without having to give us any sort of payment." He said softly, a small smile starting to appear on his face. "The more company the merrier." He gave her a wink before pulling his hands away from her and spreading the scarf in front of the fire to dry. Sure, it might be stained with blood, but he doesn't care and will still wear it. "It's really no big deal in helping out fellow people, even if Saira says and thinks otherwise."

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